Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Contemplating The Time That Goes By.

Hello Internet Gentlemen and Madame,

We were having a small conversation after dinner, mostly due to the fact that it has been so long since I did any writing here. I felt sorry for this, but lack of time combined with unreliable internet access was mostly my defence against my own judgement on this. So I turned to my friends for help in hopefully feeling better.

Big Gunnar of course was conversingly present.
( I know conversingly is not a proper word, but it sounded so nice and decent.)
Anyway, above he is present in whatever form one chooses.
( I choose conversingly because this best describes his presence.)

I very shortly presented my dilemma for my friends.
"How to apologize for being absent for period that was too long to ignore, but at the same time too short to really be important when compared with our age in general."

Big Gunnar leaned forward to give me what I hoped would be a full and satisfying answer.
Big Gunnar leaning forward, and then he said:

"This obviously is to blame the politicians and how their system treats the elderly. You can also claim we had no internet for almost two months. Both are obviously the politicians faults."
"That is not true." I said. "We only had no internet for one month. I do not want to lie."
"Yes, but the Madams and Gentlemen of the Internet do not know that, and if the perception of time controls how we see it, then I see it more as two months, since it felt as at least five months, and thereby you actually make an understatement instead of lying." Big Gunnar said.
I wanted to see it from Big Gunnars point of view, but it somehow felt wrong.
"It is the same with the elevators." Rolf Rolls suddenly contributed by saying, and then continued: "They have stolen those too, same as they did with the internet."
"I think nobody can steal the internet? And who are "they"?" I asked.
"The politicians." Big Gunnar said and looked at me as I had the slowest mind in our retirement home, or maybe any retirement home. (Something you really do not want to have.)
"And by the way, nobody stole the elevators, they just hid them from Busk so he would not escape anymore. It was nevertheless probably on orders from the politicians. Come on I will show you the elevators Rolf." He said.

I walked with them pondering what had happened with them helping me with my dilemma, and if I really had got any answers, and if I maybe was one of the slower ones at our retirement home and therefor could not see the solutions to my feelings.

The hidden elevators.
(You can see how our caretakers have put a piece of paper to cover the switches and thereby fooled some of us into not finding the elevators anymore.)

"So the elevators are there?!" Rolf Rolls happily exclaimed when Big Gunnar showed him, and then he said: "I must show Busk, he will be so happy. He feels he has been trapped here for years since the elevators was stolen." "They have only had the paper covering the switches for a couple of weeks.." I said.
"You see? It is the perception of time, not time in reality that counts." Big Gunnar smiled happily at me while Rolf allready was gone looking for Busk. "Your friends at the internet might not even have noticed your absence and then you feel sorry for no reason at all. Also, same as with Busk and the elevators, the most important thing is to re-appear."

I would never call my friends geniuses, but sometimes they are, at least for me.
Hope you have some genius friends, maybe even without knowing it.