Sunday, June 10, 2012

Finn Willy Gilbert Wicklund 1915 - 2012

F.W.G.W reached the end of his life last week, quietly, peacefully, and most of all with the greatest decency, he left.

This blog has sort of been about him.

He was one of the most real persons in every way you can imagine, he was only 97. Even if I tried to catch some of his personality and spirits, he of course was so much more, his attitude in life in general was for us something unique and totally special. No matter how the situation was he always seemed to be totally stabile, you could trust how he was and still he sometimes surprised us. He certainly was a different generation.
He also had a peculiar way of looking at life and even if he had an accident and had to go to the hospital and later a carecenter, he would request clean shirts, shaving equipment and a comb, because he always wanted to be presentable and decent, no matter if he was 96 or 97 years young or where he was. To have the spirit to try to fight for decency at a Norwegian carecenter is something worth a lot of respect, and I hope you never have to witness it. Decency is not a word we proudly can use when it comes to how we take care of our elderly.
If he ever had a friend like Big Gunnar I do not know, but I sort of hope he did, and to try to describe all the things, small and big, regarding him, would be absolutely impossible, but we are nevertheless for ever thankful for it all, and foremost for the teachings regarding how to handle life, and of course of the common decency.

It will be a little less of everything now that he is gone, but he is impossible to forget. The footprint he left is there for ever. Same as with our other grandparents, of which he was the last. Same with all grandparents in one way or the other.

I wish all grandparents would have had a blog, so their spirits and stories could be with us, to teach us, and maybe guide us when we are a little lost.

Thank you for having read F.W.G
Take care of your grandparents please, because the Norwegian welfare system for our elders is a totale disgrace even if the people working there are fantastic and doing their best.

Best wishes to you all.