Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Thrill Of The Kill Of The Krill.

Hello Internet People,

This is all about life, because I read in the papers about the harvest of the Krill, again, and as I have earlier said I am very supportive of the preservation of the diversity of our planet beings, and therefor the hunt and killing of Krill by humans is for me something very sad, the Krill is at the bottom of the food chain, that does not mean that they are not advanced beings, and their importance must not be neglected, they are food for so many larger animals, they eat the plankton and by that becomes eatable food for the other animals, they do a job that nobody else can, and by decreasing their numbers we jeopardize a big part of the oceans future, and then also the planet.


Their ancestors are thought to be approximately 130 million years. (Makes me of course feel very young.)

For me, humans should not harvest from what they can not reproduce themselves, Krill is as far as my knowledge goes, something we can not control, or produce, and we should therefor enjoy and harvest something else, something we do not risk a butterfly effect from.

Sorry for saying this, I sort of told myself I would not write about such negative opinions here, an old mans grumpiness and such, I do not know if it is just that I am old, but things often get more black and white for me when it comes to my opinions, and if this is the case, then also please forgive me.

For the generations to come, take care of the Krill. ( If for nothing else, just to keep on the safe side, this really is one of those things humans do not need to do, and that we do not know enough about.)

It is Thursday, and they are especially good for learning something small about our environment. (At least I think so.) So if you have the possibility, maybe you can read about the Bering sea in 1998.

We have fish for dinner today, and I appreciate it twice as much!
Gunnar has also something going on, he has seemed very secretive lately, wonder what it is.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lost In The Beautiful Bewilderness Of Gardens.


When I was home yesterday, and had my small epiphany regarding my things and house, I forgot to give an update on my garden, which now grows freely. My daughter told me that she had heard on the radio that the castle (Norway is a Kingdom) had decided to let the gardens attached to them also grow almost out of control now, I just want to point out that I did this before them, but I, after having seen my garden again, totally support their decision.

The garden now looks better than ever. ( At least that is my opinion.)

It almost feels as I can suddenly run into Dr. Livingstone in it. (Of course the nature itself was very different where he was, and my garden, but the feeling of wilderness is there.)


Again, my garden.

And the wheelbarrow still looks very decorative I think, and no, it has not fallen, it is just turned sideways because of the rain, still I must remember to have my son in law paint the hammock.

Since we are friends, Big Gunnar also briefly visited and took a small stroll in the garden.

Gunnar strolling.

"Dr. Gunnarstone I presume?"

(He of course could not see much, but he claimed to also like it, he also has got his own photo album here, somewhere, I am not sure completely where, but it is here, only it is partially lost, same as Dr. Livingstone was.)

It is Tuesday, allow your Gunnars to have a stroll in your gardens, or wherever you have something that can make someones day a little more interesting!

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Time Capsule Epiphany.

Hello Internet People,

I was visiting my house again today, long story (how can it not be) because I was also visiting "Miss. Tennishand" (my dentist), but this is not what I wanted to write about, I want to just share an observation I sort of suddenly had, almost a small epiphany. I have always tried to keep my house in a decent state, changed items as they got old, and regularly bought new things, but somehow as I have gotten older, so has obviously the things around me, there have been more and more things that I just did not change, some things I just liked too much I guess, and some things I did not change even when they looked really old because they still worked perfectly, and then it suddenly struck me as I now visited my own house, it has almost become a time capsule, a place where some rooms have been seemingly unchanged almost in decades, and this sort of have just happened around me, with me in the middle of it, without any real consciousness about it, and then I remembered having the same sort of feeling when I visited my grandparents homes when I was young, and now, it sort of has happened to me, maybe this in different degrees happens to everybody?

My home phone.
 (Everybody says that this is not supposed to work, but it does, it really does, I think even Antonio Meucci , the father of telephones, would have been impressed by this, and I really like my telephone corner.)

My telephone is an perfect example of this. Still all of these things, that I so much enjoy and appreciate, makes my house seem as a time capsule, and I suddenly saw it the way I guess visitors, and guests would, and I felt a sort of melancholic happiness, not sure I can describe it better, but all in all it was a good feeling, everything is so familiar, and since I have not changed anything, it must mean that I and my things had really sort of found each other, and found our almost perfect cohabitation's formula.

Anyway, best of rainy Mondays to you all,
and treasure your belongings no matter how old they are!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Chronic Human Reclamation Obsession.

Hello Internet People, of all sizes, shapes, and types!

Please forgive me for this, I seldom write anything regarding current events, but there are so much talk about diets and fashion in the world today, at least it seems to occupy much of this Blog Internet World, and I just wanted to say "take it easy", or something similar. It is not my intent to pass any kind of judgement, or to say that things were better in the old days, in fact they were not, they were just different, and times will always bring changes, but some things have stayed more permanent than others through time, and that is humans obsession with our own bodies. What may have changed a little is how easy it is to complain about faults on almost everything today, in the old days you had to send a letter, and people often lost their spirit to do this just because of the handling time it took to receive an answer, but humans have always complained about their looks, I believe this has been the same since dawn of time, whether that was some big bang, or something religious, there probably always have been some sort of obsession with our human bodies.

Adam and Eve.

I am too old to want to have any nudity or similar on my page, but maybe even the first humans on earth were not satisfied with their bodies.

Then if so, and if I did believe in God I would probably forgive him for not coming forth and participating in the human lives, just on the cause of all the reclamation's God would have to handle regarding our human bodies. It often surprises me how much time we humans use complaining on our bodies, even if they work fine and all functions are completely operational, we still use a lot of time to find errors with ourselves, and unfortunately often on others too, and then think if there suddenly was someone that humans could send their complaints to, and with the amount of focus the object has (the body), I believe more people would send letters regarding some body part than even what Santa receives regarding Christmas wishes.

Pile of letters:
Santa probably gets even more than this.

If I were to have any opinion regarding this difficult matter, the shape or style of the human body, it would be:
Choose your own style, and your own clothes, base it on the person you are, and the figure you have, believe in the uniqueness of your mind, and perhaps soul, do not follow blindly what others teach, simply because they are not you, and you are not them.
Just make sure you are clean and proper, and that you feel comfortable,
common decency is not a style, it is a way of life.

When you get older you will appreciate that you chose your own way, and found your own style, so Internet People,
Choose yourselves, and have a nice weekend,

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gunnars Tooth Fairy Conspiracy.

Hi everybody,

There is this old woman living down the hall, she is very cute and a really nice woman, but partially senile, and therefor she leaves her teeth, (the complete dentures, I hope this means "gebiss"), under her pillow every night, she has the idea that the tooth fairy will give her a lot of money, so she can buy something nice to her grandson on his birthday, but every day she seems more and more sad because nothing happens, and her grandsons birthday is coming up next week or something.


Gunnar has of course presented the theory that this will not happen since the tooth fairy probably is a government employee, and therefor does not care about the elderly, he really is the agitator at the retirement home, and if we all were on the Bounty he would be the one that lead us against Captain Bligh.


Anyway, me and Gunnar will of course put the 500 kroner she wants, where her teeth are at our first possibility to do this without getting caught, but we are discussing a lot of things for the time being, the wheels for our rollator, and now, what to do with the teeth when we have made the switch. I suggested that we left both with a nice note from the tooth fairy, but he said I should take the teeth since I sort of will have bought them, and because I have some problems with my own teeth. Of course her teeth will not fit me, and I would never consider doing such a thing towards any lady, and I also suspect Gunnar of just trying to drive me partially crazy, but anyway, we discuss what to do with the teeth. We really want her to have both, but we need to do this elegantly, and I still think a nice note is the way to do this, maybe the tooth fairy can say that she has collected something similar as travelling miles when you fly? And therefor has a bonus she gets?

Tooth Fairy:

As I wrote earlier I have some difficulties with my own teeth, and because of this and all else we are doing it almost seems as time flies by faster than usual, but I will try to follow up all things going on and write them down here, my grandchildren will help me with the computer this weekend, so I at least get to show the drawing and such.

Maybe you can do a small thing for someone that both confuses and makes them happy?
Have the best of Thursdays!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Semi Senile Sausage Nightmare.

When I was sitting in Copenhagen, in Nyhavn, something really scary happened to me, my family and me were having lunch after a really nice tour with the water bus, and since it has been so long since I visited Denmark, I was eating a danish hot dog, I seldom eat hot dogs, but the Danish ones are sort of famous, so I feel I should have one when I visit, anyway, what happened was that I suddenly lost my hearing when I was half way into the hot dog, I could see my family talking and laughing, but there were almost no sounds, I got sort of really scared because I thought it was the hot dog that was to blame (understand that old people are very easily influenced by the media, and all the news regarding murderous cucumbers etc lately had probably put some thoughts in my head), I was about to take my journal and write some S.O.S message to my family when I realized it probably was the batteries in my hearing aid, and the fact that my two grandsons also ate hot dogs and seemed to hear without problems, saved me from blaming a completely innocent Danish hot dog. I wrote that I suspected my batteries to be dead, and my daughter had brought the spare apparatus so after a quick change I could eat the rest of my hot dog without any more physical errors, I am nevertheless still a little curios to what was being said around the table, while I was captured in the silence, next time I will remember to have the batteries changed I think, maybe.

Danish water bus:

Danish sausage:

Norwegian old man hearing aid:

Well, this is of course not my hearing aid, this one does not need batteries, mine is much more advanced and much smaller.

I sort of miss eating the Danish hot dogs now, because I have trouble with my teeth again, I think maybe the repairs were too hastily done last time, actually a bit scary thought, but I will get help with them tomorrow, also I am hearing excellent, so I am happy, and today the weather has been fine and we have all just been sitting outside looking at everything and nothing for hours.

What can I say, appreciate your capabilities (such as hearing, and having teeth), and do not blame innocent food without investigation and proof, and have a Danish hot dog when you visit Denmark (of course only if you like hot dogs).


Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Vintage Design Dilemma.

Hello Internet People on a Sunday,

"Big"-Gunnar (after my joke with the coffe-hat I have promised to call him this for a period, I do not know for how long this period is, and I sometimes wish he was just a little more senile so I could pretend everything happened long ago allready) where was I, oh, yes, he and Rolf "Rolls"  have finished the drawing of the rollator while I was in Denmark, I thought it looked really nice, but I wanted some headlights added, and we still argue a little regarding the wheels. "Big"-Gunnar wants, among some other things, wooden wheels. I agree that this would look pretty ancient and perhaps stylish, but do not agree with him that they should be all wood, or wood combined with metal, they should have rubber for comfort at least.

thoughts regarding wooden wheels:

So I argue that they can look old, but still be modern and functional,  sort of the same as him, I really think he both understood and appreciated this, but he still is a very stubborn man, as old men often are, and I therefor must let him have some time to agree on this, and then, sometime later, hopefully we can finish the drawings again, and for the last time, in the mean time I am thinking of calling "Big"-Gunnar for "Medium"-Gunnar, at least until he appreciates my arguments of pure logic and comfort.

Please keep yourselves occupied with whatever makes you happy of small, or big projects, and have a really nice Sunday!


Keep on rolli`n.

There are so many types of rollators, but the ones we usually use are the following types:

1. Most normal one as far as we know:
As I earlier have said, it looks too modern, and brakes very hard, and the sizes of the basket, and the design of the dashboard is not very clever, also lacks cup holder, and lights.

2. And then you have the one with a seat, either for relaxing when you get tired, or driving miss Daisy.
It really has all the same errors as number 1 rollator, except it has the seat.

3. The fold in - fold out version, we have very little to say about this one, we believe it is the same as a fold in-fold out bike, it does the job, but nothing more. A similar type we actually saw in a commercial (they have special ones for old people, but they call it "information tv" or something, but really, they are just commercials). Anyway, on the "information tv" they showed us it could fit under a bed. I am not sure what they had in mind when they decided that this was a sale argument, it would make more sense showing how easy it would fit in a car. Gunnar of course connects all such things to his theory about the government, and the space sat aside for old people. Therefor he calls it the racist-rolly. He really means nothing bad by that.

In Denmark I even saw one without wheels in the back, it only had wheels in the front and sticks with rubber at the end in the back, an old woman used it and it looked very heavy and difficult to use, the sticks at the back kept getting stuck in the tiles at the boardwalk, I suggested she got a new one, but she insisted it was easier because it never rolled away from her when she went down hills, I wanted to talk more to her about this, mostly because from what I know Denmark do not have so many hills, but rather a lot of tiled roads, but the womans granddaughter probably mistook my interest in her mother, and of they left, but of course very slowly, and with small stops at every tileboarder.

Denmarks mountain, Himmelbjerget:

Tiled road:

Anyway, I hope we can present our drawings really soon, Gunnar and Rolf have worked on them while I was away, we have, among others, a small discussion active regarding design versus user friendly.

Have the best of weekends please, and always look for improvements where you can,


Friday, June 17, 2011

The Hat Philosophy.

My grandchildren bought a hat for me, because I had forgot my summer hat, and I really appreciate a good hat, they found one I really like, and one day when we were sitting drinking coffe I thought about Gunnar and felt sorry he was not on vacation, so I wanted this picture taken, Gunnar on cafè, it almost felt as if he was there, I will show him the pictures later, of him having coffe with us, I think he will find this funny even if he will continue arguing that he is way taller, (which he really is not).

Gunnar on cafè:

 If this makes him happy, I will from now on always make sure to take pictures of Gunnar, and maybe make him a photo album for Christmas or something, I have asked my grandchildren to help, but they unfortunately do not wear hats, I wish more people would wear a hat, because when you find one you like, it really sort of  almost makes you feel more kindhearted and relaxed, you seldom see people with hats fighting or arguing, I can nevertheless agree that they should not drive cars.

Consider wearing a hat, or something that makes you feel kind,


New Internet People Friends nr. 6, and The petite dashboard.

Hello Internet People,

This bothered me while I was in Denmark, to not be able to say hello to new people, forgive me for being so unpolite, the small computer my son in law had, just had too small a dashboard for me to operate, but I took some notes in my journal almost every day. There is just so much I want to share with you Internet People after my vacation, please allow me to maybe be a bit unorganized in how I tell, because I just need to start somewhere, and hopefully I will not bore you too much, one of the good things with this sort of writing is that I can read it and maybe avoid repeating myself too much.
As I have earlier said, I hope you all forgive me if I somehow forget to greet anyone, or maybe say hello twice to others.

A sincere hello to:

Hanne Rivrud Nansen
Stig Pettersen
Bente Irene
KArianne Pettersen
Tom Klev
kjersti skar
marit gaustad
Kristine Vintervold
Barabas Discosaft
Lyndsay Michelle Vogel
Bjørn Skogmo
Oda Rivrud
Camilla Falch
øye blikk
Maria �hman
Taale Kjøs
Camilla Bendixen
Anne Gjelsvik
Miss Sunshine
Aslak Sørgaard
Christian Sæterhaug
Christian Hossmann
Jac Simpson
Grace Potter
Janne Helen
Kamilla Andersen
Eirik Strandabo

All the best new wishes to you all,


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Evolution Commenting.

Hello Internet People,

I am back from Denmark, both happy to have been on vacation and of coming home, it may sound strange, but both has their nice sides, the thing is that I am really too tired to write anything here today, still, I just want to write a little about evolution seen thru old and maybe a little tired eyes. Gunnar`s T-shirt becomes more and more suitable for my thoughts, I believe in the good in people, because we all share one common main wish, and that is to have as much fun as possible in our lifes, this just increases when you get older, and you will only want connection with  people in your life that are positive and humorous, and well wishing towards each other, trust me this just gets more important with age, and therefor I for one choose not to have any confrontation with narrowminded and negative people, I am sorry to say that our species evolution still has some evolutioning to do, I am not here to argue with anybody, or do I feel the necessity to prove anything to anyone, I am too old for such, and actually too evolved. I will do this the old style. For those who are my new Internet Friends here, I will continue as I have done, and probably somewhere in the process, tell and show more and more, but now, for the moment, I follow advice given to me after reading what some commented to me, and therefor to comment will not be so easy from now on, I feel sorry for the negative Willy`s out there, and that evolution did not teach you commen curtisy, and I hope you find your positivety and tranquility somewhere in the future, just not on my site, anyway, still all the best to you.


Also this makes me think of a quotation by George Bernard Shaw:
"I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it."

Ps: I am very happy now, just tired after the journey and a little because of lack of evolution, but will be more sharing about my vacation tomorrow.


Friday, June 10, 2011

The Danish Statue Of Liberty.

Hello Internet Friends!

Sorry for this short text, but I am being picked up for Denmark in a very short while, I just wanted to wish you all the best of weekends! It has been a long time since I visited any other countries, except Sweden, so Denmark almost feels very exotic, and I look forward to seeing for example the little Mermaid again among other things.
If I have the possibility I will try to write to you on the Danish Internet!

The Danish Mermaid Of Liberty.
No, this really is the little Mermaid, I have known the story behind it, but forgot it again, and then remembered it, but just now forgot again, but on this vacation I will for sure learn it again, you can always learn just a little when you travel places. (Even if you later forget it, you still sort of have learnt something, and at least for us this counts.)
Ps: I have a new hat I received from my granddaughter that I really look forward to using, I packed it on Monday, to make sure I did not forget it!

So, the best of Weekends to the Internet People,
and if you have the possibility, travel and learn some!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shake The Fist and Raise The Cane, something is really fishy.

We are wondering if we should have a demonstration here, (Gunnar of course wants a revolution, and has already put on his Che Guevara t-shirt, it is so old nobody really sees what the portrait is of, most think it is Darwin in his bearded period, this also because the "r" is almost gone, so he has sort of the words "evolution" on his chest below the portrait, instead of original "Revolution"), even if Gunnar does not know this, I support the way his t-shirt has transformed, and I like it better than when it was original, at least for what we fight against now. You see, every Thursday is sort of a big day for us, we get the menu for next week dinners, and to my disbelief there was no fish on the menu. I am concerned about the worlds fish resources, and pro almost all types of operations to save and preserve the diversity of fish, but for us here at the retirement home it is really sad, and I believe there is another reason for this culinary sabotage against us than the preservation of fish. It probably is a economic thing, it almost always is. Our problem is that there never is anyone who can answer our questions here, you feel almost like Josef K. in "the Process" when you try finding answers. I talked with the color blind wheelbarrow painter today, and he pointed out that I am on vacation next week and can have all the fish I want, but what about my friends? I am leaving tomorrow morning for almost a week, but if the fish situation is not fixed by the time I get back, I will buy the fish myself for us, and my son in law said he would help me. Of course we will try to see what we can do before I leave also. The good news in this, is that it for sure was not Gunnars "facts" which sabotaged the fish, because he is even more irritated than me now. This almost made me so happy so I am thinking of not telling Rolf Rolls to check his rollator before any race, I have known Gunnar longer, and Rolf Rolls really is the new guy.

Che Guevara.

Charles Darwin.


Of course Guevara and Darwin looks nothing similar on these pictures, but both the t-shirt and we are very properly used, so these two facts combined has made a new old t-shirt for Gunnar. And also I would think they both liked fish.

Anyway it seems to become some sort of "r" evolutionary Thursday here,
I wish you all an exiting Thursday, but without drama of course.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Ice cream truck Named Desire.

I was sitting on my bench thinking, when a ice cream truck passed the retirement home on its way to a kindergarden up the street, I wished it would stop at the retirement home also, I have money, even if my family has inherited most of it, (I enjoy to see them have pleasure with it while I am alive), but if the ice cream truck would have stopped here, I would have bought for all of us, or of course the ones who want ice cream, (almost all elderly likes ice cream). But now the story moves away because of the thoughts of ice cream. What I originally thought was that if I had the possibility I would have bought an ice cream truck, and had it driven around to retirement homes offering stuff that old people need, for example, there is this one shop down at Majorstuen (in Oslo Norway), I cannot remember the name, they sell a lot of stuff that really helps old people, my family often brings me gifts from there, and they sell tables to have in the bed for your news paper when you read, and some sort of extendable arm to pick stuff you loose up with (so you do not need to bend over), among much other things, and we never get to go to one of those places to buy things we need our self, so to have a sort of old style ice cream merchant truck come by every month, or something similar, would have been great, an very exiting..instead, not even the ice cream truck stops by here. But I am happy the children gets ice cream!

Ice cream truck.

I have no blues regarding this, it is just a fact, and of course we can walk to the nearest shop to buy ice cream, but it melts before we get back, so we can not bring to the others.
Again, when you get old, and have a lot of time, you sit and think, maybe that is what especially Wednesdays are for when you get to be a senior?

Still the best of Wednesdays to you, and maybe have a ice cream,

Some lost and found and lost again drawings, and a Rolf Rolls.

Hello Internet People,

Remember that we were going to do some brake and handling tests of the rollators? Well we did the tests yesterday, and we found out that the brakes are way to strong for us old people, they could probably stop a pack of elephants on a stampy (not sure how to write it, but when they run wild in a pack), and therefor the rollators will lock the wheels with almost the slightest touch, and so we crash. It really is way too high tech for us. We have never thought about this before, but when we found out that this was the reason, everybody agreed on the conclusion, of course half forgot what they agreed on, and Gunnar thinks one third of the rest don`t know what we talked about when we presented our report in the tv room in the evening, but again, we all agreed on this at the home. Rolf really knows how to handle a rollator, after a couple of tests runs, he just set of down along side the lawn, and at the precise same spot as Kari he fell of the rollator, if you saw him you would almost think he also was a fan of Sonia Henie growing up, Gunnar very exited gave him a 9,5 for the crash, while I was busy sorting out if he was really hurt, he was not, just a small bruise, we tried to take some pictures that I hope we can post here when my computer works properly again. Rolf is now just called Rolf Rolls, (because of how he "rolls", I probably did not need to explain that), and he is already a favorite in front of the next rollator race, something that I suspect annoys Gunnar because he immediately tuned down Rolf Rolls character for the crash, to a "5 something", and could not really remember if it was nicely executed or not, and I think I have to give Rolf a short message to check his rollator before the race.

Anyway, we have found and lost our drawings of the new old rollator at least three more times, but they did look better and better, and soon I hope we can show them to you. I have asked my grandchildren if they can come a little early, when they come to pick me up for the Denmark vacation, so I maybe can get a little help from them with some computer related things.

It is Wednesday, and Wednesdays are often the most quiet day of the week when you get old, all people are busy and in the middle of everything, a quiet day beside Sundays often helps in many ways, I hope you all have a nice and quiet day today, so enjoy your Wednesdays please,


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sad salmon, a crashing Kari, a TestRolf and a gentleman's suggestion.

God morgen!
(Norwegian for Good morning.)

Gunnar woke up today and found that his crocs fitted nicely again, he took all credit for this himself, it was, according to him, because he had "his talk" with both the nurse and the doctor yesterday, and they obviously had understood "the facts", again according to himself, regarding what had most likely caused this to happen to him, he spent most of the day explaining "the facts" to them, and really everyone else who came in contact with him, I,  among others, overheard him even explaining "the facts", to a instrument repair guy who was lucky enough to work in one of the rooms Gunnar passed on his way thru the building, on one of his many walks of the day to find suitable fact recipients .
I on the other hand noticed that we did not have salmon for dinner as was planned yesterday (Mondays often is fish day), I have not asked him if this was a result of his "facts", but I really hope it is not, I like salmon. Anyway, he is happy and today I think we will continue with the below. ( Not the fish, this we did not have, but the text, I still hope the fish next Monday again though, or else I really need to speak with Gunnar about nutrition.)

Norwegian Salmon:
We did not have this for dinner.

Instead we had Swedish meatballs.

I like both, but the salmon is best.
Anyway, we all were happy and satisfied after dinner.
(I use pictures for illustration because I have learned this from looking at others blogs.)

I mentioned earlier a rollator incident that we had in the garden, what happened was that Kari, one of the really senile old ladies at the retirement home, crashed with her rollator, and it was not one of those old-people-fall-over-crashes, this was more of a movie-action-crash, all that was missing was an explosion. Before I continue I must tell you that she did not get hurt, she landed quite elegantly, probably because she thinks she used to be a figure skater, and they have experience falling, ( she never was, her family told us that she was a big fan of Sonja Henie growing up, to be senile can maybe help sometimes). But what happened was, she came down along the path that runs by the grass in good speed, but just when she was to turn into the sitting area on the side of the building, she sort of jolted over the handlebars of her rollator, almost as good as a really pro bicyclist. Gunnar and me watched it happen from our bench, and it was his remark afterwards that made us want to do a small test of the rollators, because he said it just looked as if she locked the wheels before crashing. Gunnar and me, we have seen air crash investigation  programs on tv, so we feel we know how to do a investigation properly of the incident, to try to solve what happened. Gunnar of course says that we need to use one of the seniles to make it as close to the original incident as possible, and he also claims that it would be the easiest to have one of them do it, because they will not remember it, and therefor not get any trauma, in case something goes wrong during the tests. I understands his arguments, but we are gentlemen, so of course we will not do this. We will use the new young guy at the home, Rolf, he is 70something, and he really wants in on the next rollator race. This will be a perfect test of his skills. I will of course inform you Internett people on how the test goes, and what we conclude with.

We are also trying to draw a rollator now, we are being professional at our approach to this, so first plans were discussed on what the rollator should have of equipment, and then we started to draw,( a nice gentleman here commented and suggested it, thank you for the good suggestion), we will put head lights, cup holder, umbrella attachement (so we can have it up when it rains), and of course height adjustable handles and a working dashboard, also one handle will be attachable, so it can come of as a cane, think of it as a small escape pod from the mother ship, and best of all, it will look old style.
At least we hope it will, if we can find our drawings, and then manage to finalize them, without loosing them again, nevertheless, we have high hopes for this project.

Eat fish while you can! (and if you like it of course.)


Monday, June 6, 2011

Gunnar`s suddenly Abnormal feet growth and Crocs racing.

Today there really was a big commotion at the retirement home, it was Gunnar again, I am thinking of re-naming him Gun-Gunnar, or something, because of all the action he creates. This morning it was his Crocs, almost all elderly has Crocs, or something similar, not because they are beautiful, they just are easy to use and better than clogs, and the rubber underneath stops us from sliding all over the corridors and so on.

They are also excellent for our corridor walking rollators races, or racing rollators as we call them then, we get good grip with crocs. Last time Gunnar won, he set the official "retirement hallway 11 yards drag race record", but I strongly suspected foul play, because my brakes were on almost all the time, he claimed I was senile, and mis-braked by myself. Nobody remembers what time he had, but it was fast. We usually have these every second month, sometimes every third, I think next one is in August, or maybe July.

Anyway, I returned the suspected favor by having my grandson buy two similar pairs of his crocs, but just in smaller and smaller sizes, and the first pair went easy to switch a couple of weeks ago, and in everything that is going on, I forgot all about this, until I noticed last week that he was adjusting his feet often, and then I remembered, and I therefor changed to the smallest ones last evening, but those obviously were too small, because today he has made a lot of noise and demanded a doctor visit on the cause that something in his diet, most possibly put in there by the nurse who does not like him, (this time he claims it is not the government), has made his feet enormous. In retrospect I probably should not have popped my head in and suggested that he maybe was getting his "old 7 foot tall feet back." He was in no mood for this joke, and it did not improve the already difficult job for the nice nurse who was trying to calm him down.
I will of course change the shoes back after dinner, and I am thinking about going the other way next time, buy a pair, or maybe two, of bigger ones.

Gunnar and his crocs.

No, it is still not really Gunnar, he was in no mood to have his picture taken today.

Again, it is the small things, or sometimes people, that keeps us busy here,
Have the best of Mondays today,


New Internet people friends nr 5, and Denmark, and a little about yesterday and today.

Most important is to say hello to:

Annah, Leisha Camden, Line, Marite, Anders Chri Jakobsen, Flaadd Mygg, Bjørn Henrik Johansen, Øystein Aarset, Eirik Strandabo, Marvin.Andersen, Edward Refsnes! I hope you are happy here on the Internet, it is a nice place!

Secondly, I am very happy because my family will take me on a vacation to Denmark this weekend, I have not been there for many years, not since I visited it with my wife, and I really look forward to this! The colorblind wheelbarrow son in law, has told me that he will bring a small computer, so maybe if I am lucky I get to write on the Internet in Denmark also! This will maybe make me more professional on everything.

Third, I had to tell about Gunnar yesterday, because of a suspicion about maybe some small commotion I had about today, and I was right.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

The incredible shrinking of Gunnar.

I do not know if I have told this, but my friend here at the home, Gunnar, wants us to call him Big-Gunnar, he really is one of the smallest people I have ever known, and I thought at the beginning that he was being ironic, but he claims that he was about "7 feet tall, at least" not too long ago, and that it probably is something in the food at the retirement home that has caused him to shrink, and that the government is behind this, as their plan is to make us, old people, use as little space as possible in todays society when we get old. When he first told us this, he suspected the mini cabbage to be the source, and for the next couple of weeks, the ones of us who still can think, (and therefor do not completely believe Big-Gunnar), ate all the mini cabbage we wanted. I have asked him if he next time can blame something else, maybe the apple pie.

Mini cabbage.

Apple pie.


Well, this is not Gunnar, it is his shoes and summer hat, he was sleeping when my grandchildren visited me, so we will try to take a picture with him in it next time, he is also much shorter in reality than this.

Anyway, we all shrink when we get older, that is just a fact,
Have a nice Sunday!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

The respected Font Backlash incident.

Hello computer experts,

I started to feel like almost an expert her, on both the Internet and on the computer, when they both showed me I am not. I do not know which of the two started this, or if maybe they both are in on it. I have respect for both of them, they are amazing. But my text, in the small boxes, changes their size as they find suitable by them self, and also their colors. I am without prejudices, so this does not bother me, but things go much slower for me when I write and simultaneously try to solve this. Gives me something to do on the positive side, and even if I forget what I find out, I still will claim that I am learning. I think maybe it is because I write my text in word, and then paste and glue it onto the box? I do this because I like the paste and glue function, it is incredible.

Anyway, I am learning,


The color blind wheelbarrow painter.

Remember how my silver wheelbarrow turned out to be red instead?
Anyway, I have been thinking about this, and how much fun my son in law probably had doing this (he really is a great guy, a good husband to my daughter, and he makes the nicest half-model copies of old sail ships in frame for wall decorations, so he is skilled and some what of a handyman I think). But I sort of want to return his joke, and I will therefor ask him to paint the hammock red also, "since the wheelbarrow turned out so nicely", and that "I never would have thought about this had he not painted it red instead." I look forward to telling him this.
See how the hammock seems to be almost without color compared with the wheelbarrow?
Fashion for old people is really just color, and a lot of it, beside the fact that we appreciate a certain touch of style and class of course.

The thought makes me smile, maybe I will follow up later with saying that now the cushions no longer goes with the new color?
Have a nice weekend and make some fun where you can,


New Internet people friends nr 4. A dash of secret whiskey, and a small meltdown.

Hello Internet people!

First I want to say sorry for not writing yesterday, there was just such a warm day, I think the warmest we had so far this year, and we sat in the garden of the retirement home almost all day.
Much happened, among them a rollator incident that I will get back to, but first me and Gunnar has to run some tests here. There was also a big ice cream melt down, which sort of resulted in one of the caretakers (nurses seems so dramatic) having a small sympathy meltdown with the ice cream.
Gunnar also has this cane with a secret compartment in it, and he use this for whiskey, so we had a couple of them in the evening, I believe our caretakers knows about this, but I play along with the secrecy because it is more fun that way. I will try to take a picture of his cane, or find a similar picture for those who do not know what I mean.
There has also moved new people into the retirement home, and some of them seem as they are "awake", some of us older residents here will change around their room numbers sometime during the weekend, just to see how they handle this. It usually produces some memorable moments, except here nobody really remembers it, which makes it even better, it is then easy to do it again and again.

Most important is to say hello to:
Clark, Soran Hajo Dahl, Gunnar H, Lissand, Kat-Sand, Ann-Selje, Best hello to all of you!

I will write some more this evening I think.
Forgive me if I forget someone or write the same name twice,
I am old, and of course therefor elegantly forget sometimes, even if I try to keep track of things.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

A mouthfull of dentist and Iscream.

No, I did not scream, but today I was at the dentist, it is not a working day for people today, but I have had the same dentist for so many years now that I actually have been inherited from him to her at the office, first I had her father and now I have her, his daughter as my dentist, they were nice enough to have me today. I chose her father very carefully based on the fact that he had small hands when I first chose a dentist. A dentist really should have small hands, at least in the old days when they did not have so much small equipment to work with as they do now, before they used to have both hands inside your mouth.
I remember wondering if my mouth had shrunk or gotten smaller after going to her father for a period, but found out that he had started playing tennis and therefor had gotten bigger hands, I guess more muscle or something, at least it felt like that, I was sort of happy he had begun playing tennis because his waistline had grown and he probably needed the exercise to come closer to his customers when working and so on, and even if the hand growth scared med a little, I continued going to him because he always offered candy to all his clients after their dental visit, no matter what age they were, and this he of course did to keep his business active, and I, if nothing else, respect a real business man.
Anyway, now I go this his daughter who has taken over his business. I think she maybe also plays tennis, or maybe it really is just the genes and that my mouth has gotten smaller with my age.
They are nevertheless nice people and extremely accurate in their work, so it took two hours, but I am happy my teeth have been fixed and the sun was shining, and after the dentist, my daughter and my grandson who accompanied me at the dentist bought me ice cream and strawberries. We stopped by my house, so I could eat them in the garden before returning to the retirement home.

I am back at the home again, and I will smile extra wide (or at least as wide as I can now) tonight when we have tv time, and see if maybe Gunnar gets jealous on my newly fixed teeth.
My grandson took this picture with his mobile, he said it was cute, I think it is more cool than cute.

Take care of your teeth and Have a nice evening,

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A woodpecker and the weeds of Woodstock.

I asked my grandchildren to take some pictures of me, and my home away from the retirement home, and they took some of me, here I sit in the garden.
I wonder what they are thinking when they see me sitting this way, they sometimes come over and interrupt me, probably to check that I have not had a stroke. They need to learn that old people sometimes enjoys sitting completely still, you become sort of an expert on this when you get old.
So what I am doing here is just being old, watching a woodpecker eat, there has lived a family of woodpeckers in my garden for several years now. I give them roasted bread, and turn the bread when they have eaten one side, so they can eat the next side also, they always come back after I have turned the bread, so I think they appreciate me doing this, even if some people maybe will find it a strange thing to do, I am their waitress when I have the possibility with pleasure.

My oldest daughter is now in charge of my house, or we cooperate in taking care of it, I am more of a modern consultant which is not being heard in my opinions. One thing we always have discussed is the length of the grass on the lawn. She thinks it looks best when it almost grows freely, but I have always kept it military short, same as my hair. As I have gotten older I have obviously become more open minded to some changes, so this spring she got her wish, and I must say, it looks really nice! There are small strawberries and different flowers spread in between the grass everywhere. I am sure the woodpecker family also appreciates it.
My hair though I will keep short, there is a fine line at my age between being open minded and becoming a hippie, and I am too old and it is too late for the hippie style to really work for me.
Anyway, if I can give one advise related to this, it would be, find a middle way for your garden, let it run "amok" (not sure if I spelled it correct.) under some guidance, and it will become more beautiful than you ever imagined.  


New Internet people friends nr 3

Hello new Internet people friends, I this time want to say hi to new:
A. Pettersen, Alexander and for!
I see the small windows and hope you are all well!

Best regards