Monday, June 6, 2011

New Internet people friends nr 5, and Denmark, and a little about yesterday and today.

Most important is to say hello to:

Annah, Leisha Camden, Line, Marite, Anders Chri Jakobsen, Flaadd Mygg, Bjørn Henrik Johansen, Øystein Aarset, Eirik Strandabo, Marvin.Andersen, Edward Refsnes! I hope you are happy here on the Internet, it is a nice place!

Secondly, I am very happy because my family will take me on a vacation to Denmark this weekend, I have not been there for many years, not since I visited it with my wife, and I really look forward to this! The colorblind wheelbarrow son in law, has told me that he will bring a small computer, so maybe if I am lucky I get to write on the Internet in Denmark also! This will maybe make me more professional on everything.

Third, I had to tell about Gunnar yesterday, because of a suspicion about maybe some small commotion I had about today, and I was right.


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  1. Oh my god you are so cool writing a blog i have already spend a lot of time on your page reading about stuff that I would never have thought about... Thank you for blogging. My own grandfather is 94 years old and i am sure that he would also blog if he still had his eyesight. Lots of greetings from Århus Denmark ///Thomas