Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Internet people friends nr 3

Hello new Internet people friends, I this time want to say hi to new:
A. Pettersen, Alexander and for!
I see the small windows and hope you are all well!

Best regards


  1. Hello, Old man Finn! I think it's great that you write a blog. I just stumbled upon yours when I was looking for a picture of Dr Livingstone. :)
    Your English is very good. I live in Melbourne, Australia and we are having a cold winter here for us anyway. btw I don't understand any Norwegian but there are always those online translators now. :)

  2. Hello Jenny and Hello Melbourne!

    Thank you for those kind words!
    Let me know if you anytime need help with any Norwegian text, I can translate for you!

    Have the best of weekends,