Saturday, June 4, 2011

The color blind wheelbarrow painter.

Remember how my silver wheelbarrow turned out to be red instead?
Anyway, I have been thinking about this, and how much fun my son in law probably had doing this (he really is a great guy, a good husband to my daughter, and he makes the nicest half-model copies of old sail ships in frame for wall decorations, so he is skilled and some what of a handyman I think). But I sort of want to return his joke, and I will therefor ask him to paint the hammock red also, "since the wheelbarrow turned out so nicely", and that "I never would have thought about this had he not painted it red instead." I look forward to telling him this.
See how the hammock seems to be almost without color compared with the wheelbarrow?
Fashion for old people is really just color, and a lot of it, beside the fact that we appreciate a certain touch of style and class of course.

The thought makes me smile, maybe I will follow up later with saying that now the cushions no longer goes with the new color?
Have a nice weekend and make some fun where you can,


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