Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some lost and found and lost again drawings, and a Rolf Rolls.

Hello Internet People,

Remember that we were going to do some brake and handling tests of the rollators? Well we did the tests yesterday, and we found out that the brakes are way to strong for us old people, they could probably stop a pack of elephants on a stampy (not sure how to write it, but when they run wild in a pack), and therefor the rollators will lock the wheels with almost the slightest touch, and so we crash. It really is way too high tech for us. We have never thought about this before, but when we found out that this was the reason, everybody agreed on the conclusion, of course half forgot what they agreed on, and Gunnar thinks one third of the rest don`t know what we talked about when we presented our report in the tv room in the evening, but again, we all agreed on this at the home. Rolf really knows how to handle a rollator, after a couple of tests runs, he just set of down along side the lawn, and at the precise same spot as Kari he fell of the rollator, if you saw him you would almost think he also was a fan of Sonia Henie growing up, Gunnar very exited gave him a 9,5 for the crash, while I was busy sorting out if he was really hurt, he was not, just a small bruise, we tried to take some pictures that I hope we can post here when my computer works properly again. Rolf is now just called Rolf Rolls, (because of how he "rolls", I probably did not need to explain that), and he is already a favorite in front of the next rollator race, something that I suspect annoys Gunnar because he immediately tuned down Rolf Rolls character for the crash, to a "5 something", and could not really remember if it was nicely executed or not, and I think I have to give Rolf a short message to check his rollator before the race.

Anyway, we have found and lost our drawings of the new old rollator at least three more times, but they did look better and better, and soon I hope we can show them to you. I have asked my grandchildren if they can come a little early, when they come to pick me up for the Denmark vacation, so I maybe can get a little help from them with some computer related things.

It is Wednesday, and Wednesdays are often the most quiet day of the week when you get old, all people are busy and in the middle of everything, a quiet day beside Sundays often helps in many ways, I hope you all have a nice and quiet day today, so enjoy your Wednesdays please,



  1. Dear Gunnar,
    I have just started reading your blog, and I have to say that I am really impressed by the work you have done on this page! Hope we can see some pictures of the crash and the race soon=) good you are keeping busy.
    Ha en flott onsdag=)
    Hilsen Christer.

  2. Dear F.W.G.,
    I absolutely adore you and your blog! Det er så fantastisk at man i godt voksen alder kan lære seg nye ting, og leke seg med språk (og konvensjoner) i like stor grad som når man var yngre. Du er en inspirasjon :)

    Har brukt ei stund nå på å lese igjennom hele bloggen din, og gleder meg til å lese fortsettelsen!

  3. Hello Christer!

    Gunnar says thanks, and takes full credit for the blog, we are working on learning the computer properly here, because I think maybe we have done something, because fonts and pictures turn out strange, we are old, so we are excused, I hope.

    Ha en fin torsdag,

  4. Miss Sunshine, beautiful name, hello!

    Tusen takk for de pene ordene, og takk for at du leser, og ikke minst skriver til meg, oss.

    De beste hilsener,

  5. Hello again :)
    I've been following this problem you have with the rollators with great interest. It seems there are some considerable design flaws with them, especially when going over uneven or unsmooth surfaces. I have the same problem when I'm at work (when I am there, which Im not due to injury) as I work for Norway's main dairy company, and we delivery milk to stores using these cages that have wheels, which are only really designed for use inside. THe wheels get very easily stuck in anything, especially snow, because they are too small, which results in more work and the risk of injury. In your case, I guess the wheels will stop dead as soon as they hit a soft surface like grass on the lawn.
    It might be an idea, if you an remember, to come up with a design that has bigger wheels. Maybe not as big as the wheels on a stage coach, but maybe something like you would find on one of those old style prams with the big spoked wheels :) that way, if we can get a test model built, you should have no trouble on any surface :)
    best regards

  6. Hi Alan!

    This really makes sense, and I think what you say is obvious the way you explain it, you know, people often has made a career out of seing things where others did not, we should both try to make a change in these designs?
    Have the best of weekends!