Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Internet people friends nr 4. A dash of secret whiskey, and a small meltdown.

Hello Internet people!

First I want to say sorry for not writing yesterday, there was just such a warm day, I think the warmest we had so far this year, and we sat in the garden of the retirement home almost all day.
Much happened, among them a rollator incident that I will get back to, but first me and Gunnar has to run some tests here. There was also a big ice cream melt down, which sort of resulted in one of the caretakers (nurses seems so dramatic) having a small sympathy meltdown with the ice cream.
Gunnar also has this cane with a secret compartment in it, and he use this for whiskey, so we had a couple of them in the evening, I believe our caretakers knows about this, but I play along with the secrecy because it is more fun that way. I will try to take a picture of his cane, or find a similar picture for those who do not know what I mean.
There has also moved new people into the retirement home, and some of them seem as they are "awake", some of us older residents here will change around their room numbers sometime during the weekend, just to see how they handle this. It usually produces some memorable moments, except here nobody really remembers it, which makes it even better, it is then easy to do it again and again.

Most important is to say hello to:
Clark, Soran Hajo Dahl, Gunnar H, Lissand, Kat-Sand, Ann-Selje, Best hello to all of you!

I will write some more this evening I think.
Forgive me if I forget someone or write the same name twice,
I am old, and of course therefor elegantly forget sometimes, even if I try to keep track of things.



  1. Hi Gilbert,
    thanks for your blog, im laughing so hard at this that Im in pain!! (ok, so I just came out of hospital after an operation for a broken shoulder while playing rugby, but you get the point ;))
    I hope everyone can keep the same humour and bright outlook on life that you have, and that I can be like you when I reach your age :)
    take care and keep up the great work!
    best wishes

  2. And im guessing you are wishing people would get your name right? my apologies, FWG, I blame the drugs ;)
    take care, Alan

  3. Hello Alan,

    I have all three names, so you cant go wrong there, and it probably is me to blame since I use the last one first in the name here? Anyway, really hope the shoulder gets well, and take care you too,


  4. Hi Gilbert! I love your blog!

    Thanks for taking the time to write to us -- it means a lot. Have fun with the pranks ... but switch the nametags back eventually, hahaha :)

    very best wishes,

  5. Hello Rachel!

    Thank you for being so nice!
    And yes, we always try our best to set things back in order afterwards, it makes it easier to do something new,or in retirement style, just repeat it, and everybody thinks its new.

    All the best wishes to you too,

  6. Hi Gilbert :-)
    Fantastic blog!! Your grandchildren definitely did the world a favour teaching you how to take control over the internet! I've been laughing out loud (almost without coughing ;-) over and over while reading it all. If I ever move into a retirement home, I sure hope there's someone there in their right mind who will pull the room-switch-prank on me ;-) ..and off course offer me a cane-drink after! Keep it coming, I almost never read blogs, but you've just got yourself a new fan! I hope Denmark treats you well :-) Nina

  7. Hello Nina!

    That was the kindest words, and yes I also hope that you will experience good pranks and well meaning jokes thru out your life, it makes everything richer and better, I am happy you do not cough!

    Best wishes,