Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lost In The Beautiful Bewilderness Of Gardens.


When I was home yesterday, and had my small epiphany regarding my things and house, I forgot to give an update on my garden, which now grows freely. My daughter told me that she had heard on the radio that the castle (Norway is a Kingdom) had decided to let the gardens attached to them also grow almost out of control now, I just want to point out that I did this before them, but I, after having seen my garden again, totally support their decision.

The garden now looks better than ever. ( At least that is my opinion.)

It almost feels as I can suddenly run into Dr. Livingstone in it. (Of course the nature itself was very different where he was, and my garden, but the feeling of wilderness is there.)


Again, my garden.

And the wheelbarrow still looks very decorative I think, and no, it has not fallen, it is just turned sideways because of the rain, still I must remember to have my son in law paint the hammock.

Since we are friends, Big Gunnar also briefly visited and took a small stroll in the garden.

Gunnar strolling.

"Dr. Gunnarstone I presume?"

(He of course could not see much, but he claimed to also like it, he also has got his own photo album here, somewhere, I am not sure completely where, but it is here, only it is partially lost, same as Dr. Livingstone was.)

It is Tuesday, allow your Gunnars to have a stroll in your gardens, or wherever you have something that can make someones day a little more interesting!


  1. Are those dandelion tops ready to pluck and watch as children blow nature's bubbles on their merry way?

    By the way,my daughter introduced me to you through your blog so I count myself among your followers.


  2. Hello Lillian!

    Yes, they are dandylions, and yes, I miss when my grandchildren was younger and did that, maybe I can ask them to do it nevertheless?

    Thanks for reading,
    and have the best of Wednesdays!

  3. Well written and wise, your blog is. Truly inspirational for us that do not have as many years in our backpack. And for those who have, I suppose. Thanks

    ps. I will put your webadress in the mailbox of my neighbour who is a "pensjonist" and always complaining about everything and nothing.

  4. Hello to the last writer!

    Thank your those very nice words, and I would be honored if you told your senior neighbor about my blog.

    Best of weekends to you,

  5. Åhhh...jeg får en glad følelse inni meg av å lese bloggen din! :) Jeg er selv en som opplever at to gamle foreldre er i ferd med å "gli ut av" livet...synes det er så trist, spesielt for min far, som fremdeles har så mye å by på. Jeg har prøvd å overbevise ham om at det finnes en verden der ute for ham, selv om beina svikter, men motstanden mot "cyberspace" har vært for stor. Du derimot er tilbake i den store verden...etter å ha seilt den tidligere...og er til stor glede for oss andre som er så heldige å snuble over denne bloggen! Med vennlig hilsen Liv...ha en fin dag!

  6. Hei Liv Lyng Hauge,

    Det er vanskelig å forklare, men man blir noen ganger mett, man er fornøyd og tilfreds, det er egentlig en veldig fin ting. Jeg tror vi alle går litt våre veier etter våre behov, og det er det som er viktig. Jeg mener ikke å mene noe om noe, men om man ikke vil, er av og til en som sagt fin ting.
    Ta vare på hverandre, som dere allerede gjør og ha en skikkelig fin sommer,
    Takk for dine pene ord!