Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sad salmon, a crashing Kari, a TestRolf and a gentleman's suggestion.

God morgen!
(Norwegian for Good morning.)

Gunnar woke up today and found that his crocs fitted nicely again, he took all credit for this himself, it was, according to him, because he had "his talk" with both the nurse and the doctor yesterday, and they obviously had understood "the facts", again according to himself, regarding what had most likely caused this to happen to him, he spent most of the day explaining "the facts" to them, and really everyone else who came in contact with him, I,  among others, overheard him even explaining "the facts", to a instrument repair guy who was lucky enough to work in one of the rooms Gunnar passed on his way thru the building, on one of his many walks of the day to find suitable fact recipients .
I on the other hand noticed that we did not have salmon for dinner as was planned yesterday (Mondays often is fish day), I have not asked him if this was a result of his "facts", but I really hope it is not, I like salmon. Anyway, he is happy and today I think we will continue with the below. ( Not the fish, this we did not have, but the text, I still hope the fish next Monday again though, or else I really need to speak with Gunnar about nutrition.)

Norwegian Salmon:
We did not have this for dinner.

Instead we had Swedish meatballs.

I like both, but the salmon is best.
Anyway, we all were happy and satisfied after dinner.
(I use pictures for illustration because I have learned this from looking at others blogs.)

I mentioned earlier a rollator incident that we had in the garden, what happened was that Kari, one of the really senile old ladies at the retirement home, crashed with her rollator, and it was not one of those old-people-fall-over-crashes, this was more of a movie-action-crash, all that was missing was an explosion. Before I continue I must tell you that she did not get hurt, she landed quite elegantly, probably because she thinks she used to be a figure skater, and they have experience falling, ( she never was, her family told us that she was a big fan of Sonja Henie growing up, to be senile can maybe help sometimes). But what happened was, she came down along the path that runs by the grass in good speed, but just when she was to turn into the sitting area on the side of the building, she sort of jolted over the handlebars of her rollator, almost as good as a really pro bicyclist. Gunnar and me watched it happen from our bench, and it was his remark afterwards that made us want to do a small test of the rollators, because he said it just looked as if she locked the wheels before crashing. Gunnar and me, we have seen air crash investigation  programs on tv, so we feel we know how to do a investigation properly of the incident, to try to solve what happened. Gunnar of course says that we need to use one of the seniles to make it as close to the original incident as possible, and he also claims that it would be the easiest to have one of them do it, because they will not remember it, and therefor not get any trauma, in case something goes wrong during the tests. I understands his arguments, but we are gentlemen, so of course we will not do this. We will use the new young guy at the home, Rolf, he is 70something, and he really wants in on the next rollator race. This will be a perfect test of his skills. I will of course inform you Internett people on how the test goes, and what we conclude with.

We are also trying to draw a rollator now, we are being professional at our approach to this, so first plans were discussed on what the rollator should have of equipment, and then we started to draw,( a nice gentleman here commented and suggested it, thank you for the good suggestion), we will put head lights, cup holder, umbrella attachement (so we can have it up when it rains), and of course height adjustable handles and a working dashboard, also one handle will be attachable, so it can come of as a cane, think of it as a small escape pod from the mother ship, and best of all, it will look old style.
At least we hope it will, if we can find our drawings, and then manage to finalize them, without loosing them again, nevertheless, we have high hopes for this project.

Eat fish while you can! (and if you like it of course.)



  1. Hihi, ser frem til resultatet av undersøkelsen !! Godt dere kan aktivisere ungdommen Rolf...
    Hilsener og klem fra Lisbeth

  2. Haha! Kan ikke være lett å være nykomlingen hos dere! :) Men som Lisbeth sier er det godt at de unge får kjørt seg litt! Gleder meg til å se resultat av rullatortegning! Høres ut som det blir litt av en doning - ikke glem å få med en tute med ekstra høy lyd!
    Forresten skal jeg ut og fiske meg noen ørreter i Glomma her. Må spise fisk mens jeg kan!
    Ha en fin ettermiddag!
    Bjørn Henrik

  3. Hi FWG

    For someone who claims to be 'old', you and your friends are as mischievous as many of the small children I know! I hope that your investigations prove fruitful and that you figure out how Kari fell - but I'm glad that she didn't hurt herself!

    I'm from South Africa, and when I first found your blog I thought that you had all of these South African followers... All of the buttons on your blog are in what I can only assume is Norwegian, and in the comments section, it says a person's name and then 'sa'. (like above, Bjorn sa). The first few times I saw this I thought that all of these people were from SA - South Africa.

    Anyway, thank you for your incredible blog. I love your stories, insights and turn of phrase! I also love Salmon :)

    All the best, and will comment again soon!


  4. Kjære FWG.

    Din blogg er helt fantastisk, jeg ler og nesten gråter av glede når jeg leser det du skriver.
    Trodde et øyeblikk at dette var en tulleblogg, da jeg tenkte at dette er for utrolig til å være sant.
    Håper alt står bra til, jeg er fra nå av en fast leser. Ønsker deg alt det beste :)
    Oda Rivrud.

  5. Jeg gjetter på at dere fikk svenske kjøttboller i går fordi det var Sveriges nasjonaldag, svenska flaggans dag. ;-) Det blir sikkert fisk igjen til uka. Laks er digg!! :-)

  6. Hei Lisbeth,

    Takk, vi kom godt igang igår, det høres jo dramatisk ut, men bremsene er virkelig altfor sterke for oss, vi har mye glede i dette, særlig når vi får tegne og holde på med ting, og det at dere er her gjør alt så mye større.

    Ha en fin dag,

  7. Hei Bjørn Henrik Johansen,

    Det med å ha med et horn er en kjempebra idè, tusen takk! Ja, fisk er godt, og vi bør glede oss over tilgangen vi har på den.
    Tusen takk for dine kommentarer,

  8. Hello Claire!

    Thank you for your comments, I really got in a good mood reading them, "sa" mens "said", I can see how this would be confusing, I let Rolf read this also, and he laughed, he has been in Africa, I have never been there, which I regret, from all I ever seen and read it sounds so very grand and beautiful! And you are correct in so many ways, as we grow older we probably get more childish in both our behavior and thoughts, but I believe that also keeps us sort of young, our imagination and our small every day adventures, anyway, so many thanks for your comment,
    and the best wishes to you,

  9. Hei Oda Rivrud,

    Den er ekte, vi må såklart forklare det vi gjør med store ord, men de er faktisk slik vi opplever dem, og vi har det egentlig ganske gøy, tusen takk for at jeg, og vi, får lov å glede deg litt underveis,
    Vennlig hilsen

  10. Hei Leisha Camden,

    Jeg er flau over å ha glemt at det var Sveriges nasjonaldag, men jeg er glad for at du skrev det!
    Takk skal du ha, jeg skal fortelle de andre det.
    Fisk er fantastisk, både som mat og livsform,
    ha en ordentlig fin onsdag,

  11. Your blog is so entertaining! You have a way with describing your life that sounds so simple, and yet so funny. I love it. Hello from the USA. :)

  12. Hello Grace, USA!

    I am happy if you allow us, me, to entertain you a little, I guess you nailed how we live, we still have fun even if its not in any complicated way.

    Thanks for reading and writing,
    the best of days to you!

  13. Hjertelig takk for at du tok forslaget seriøst, gleder meg til å se hva dere klarer å produsere ;)

  14. Hei Øystein,

    Vi får ikke så mange forslag, så det er vi som skal takke, tusen takk, vi jobber med det her!

    Ha en fin helg!