Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Somewhat Senile But Good Intention Conversation.

Hello Christmas Internet People !

We were having lunch here the other day, or we actually have lunch every day but this happened some other day, or actually the same day that we were having lunch that day.
Rolf Rolls had brought rullekake to our lunch and a group of us were sitting together talking about how little snow it is this year. Some were claiming it on global warming, and then someone had read about a snowmen protest against global warming. "That makes sense. They are of course among the first ones to notice the impact of lack of snow." Big Gunnar said.

Snow men protesting.
"Hundreds gathered to protest against global warming." I am sure there are some snow women there also.

"I guess them, the snow women and snow men, are not the only ones really affected by the lack of snow." Rolf Rolls said, he continued: "I am thinking of polar bears and how they will suffer as the amount of snow gets reduced. You know, we can do something, we can adopt a polar bear."

A very adoptable polar bear.

They of course normally live in the wild, in the snow, but this one just looked extra adoptable.

Polar bears, also very adoptable.
They maybe are thinking about joining the snow men`s protest or maybe they are just waiting for more snow. I think they nevertheless still look adoptable also when they are grown up.

"Polar bears are cool." Big Gunnar said.
"No, their body temperature is almost same as ours, 37C." Rolf Rolls said.
"Then they are hot in cool." Big Gunnar said.
"They can swim continuously for 100 km." Rolf Rolls continued.
"I have never tried, but I probably can too. I am an excellent swimmer." Big Gunnar replied.
"They do it in temperatures that can go as low as -37C !" Rolf Rolls almost shouted.
"I remember the winter of 1942 and again in 1966, back then I..." Big Gunnar calmly continued before I offered him some more rullekake. I really do not know what rullekake is in english?

They can be very delicious and made Big Gunnar change his conversation with Rolf Rolls, slightly.

"In the winter of 1966 it was so cold that all cakes was classified as ice cakes. In 1942 they would obviously have been classified the same, but we of course had no cakes that year or maybe some had some made of bark." He happily continued talking while eating rullekake."

There was nothing more I could do to help Rolf Rolls in his conversation but to try to ask Big Gunnar something else. So I asked " Have you got any special plans for Christmas Gunnar?"

"I will build a snow man that can join the protest and adopt a polar bear." Big Gunnar said, then: "And by the way, rullekake is called a swiss roll I think. Maybe there was someone in your family Rolf who baked the first one? Are someone from your family from Switzerland Rolf? I mean your last name and everything."

Rolf could nothing else than to get in a good mood, and we continued our nice lunch.

(Link to adopting a polar bear:

Maybe you can build a protesting snow man or adopt a polar bear? The polar bears are great gifts also!
Have nice and decent day before the day before Christmas!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Rights Of The Round Table ?

Hello one week from Christmas Internet people and especially caretakers at retirement homes !

It is soon Christmas and this often includes being more social for many people, so also at our retirement home. Forgive me for making some jumps in my text to reach what I want to explain. We have several round tables at our home in the dining room.
Here it goes.

I remember when I was very young in kindergarten and at school, the teachers used to seat us next to other kids we did not know, so everybody could get to know each other and nobody would feel lonesome. Then everybody could be like " Hello stranger you want to play with my awesome new firetruck ?!"

This firetruck once was very new.

Anyway, dear caretakers. The need to be seated sort of changes as you get older, when you reach eighty and perhaps eighty-nine and sometimes almost a hundred years old, you really want to spend the social time you have together with people you choose. There are no new firetrucks we can show each other or maybe not a new doll if you are female and we have accumulated enough social skills our selves to see if anyone are lonesome and needs attention or someone to sit together with. So why do you choose to place us at tables and seats we do not want to sit in? I would much rather sit with Big Gunnar and talk with him and my friends than to sit at a table with people I normally do not socialize with. He is my friend here and also the other guys and ladies at other seats at the other tables. Not the ones you put me together with. I am sure both the men and the women here are capable of finding conversation partners on their own. I again got seated at a all women table and they talked about knitting. Suddenly everybody around me where Bubba from company Bubba Gump from famous movie Forrest Gump and all they talked about was the different types of knitting. "You have flat knitting versus circular knitting."" You have felting knitting."" You have needle felting knitting." There are obviously hundred of ways to combine knits and purls from different designs to make a nice and almost everlasting knit, witch of course is great!...if you are interested in knitting.

Bubba Gump company partners.
This of course is a very good movie. They might be talking about shrimps.

 I am sure she really knows a lot about knitting.

I could hear Big Gunnar telling the tale of the first man made object to break the sound barrier and other interesting tales at the other table, while I was stuck listening to the women at my table talk about the final episode of Glamour or something when they finished up talking about knitting. I will start learning a little about knitting so I can join the conversations next time, but I do not think there is time to start watching the TV soaps.

Have great days until Christmas and spend social time with your friends and family, or maybe get some new ones if you prefer! By the way, the first man made object to brake the sound barrier was the whip.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Old Men Ramblings, Something Stylish And The Imaginary Connoisseur .

Hello Internet pants wearing art loving people and our forests !

This started with Big Gunnar and me taking a small walk, or rather a decent stroll, we wanted a cup of coffee and maybe see some threes. We had gotten no further than across the street from our home before Big Gunnar had to help a young gentleman up on the sidewalk. "My dear friend ! What is wrong with you ? Do you need medical help ?" Big Gunnar said to him and gave him a hand so he could climb up from the street and onto the boardwalk. There was a 30 cm height difference between the street and the boardwalk that the young gentleman obviously could not manage to get up on his own. The bus was coming and Big Gunnar just managed to help him out of the street in time before it passed us. "You are Johnny Weissmuller." I said to Big Gunnar, saving life in the urban jungle on a average Monday during a walk."  "Huh?" The young gentleman said and looked at the both of us. "I have no medical condition, I am young and fit and stylish, this is the style of today grandpa." "He obviously is no fan of Mr Thurston." I said to Big Gunnar. "Huh?"  The young gentleman said as goodbye and then left us very slowly, almost walking only from his knees and down.

Young gentleman stylish style.
"Now, why would he buy long pants if he really wanted short ones ? Big Gunnar asked me as we saw him very slowly leave us. "It is the style, he is stylish." I answered him. "And on the positive side we know he is a decent person because he cannot possibly run from authorities and others in such stylish pants." "I still think the Bogart pants period was more decent and functional. " Big Gunnar said and we continued our walk looking for threes. "Hope somebody helps him at the next crossroad." He said.

Bogart and his pants.
"How does the young gentleman reach his pockets, when he needs to get something from them or just when he needs to do a pose when he sees a young decent lady he wants to impress?" Big Gunnar said. He obviously was still concerned regarding the young gentleman. "He is stylish." I said again, "he maybe does not need to pose and maybe he has his things in his breast pockets?. Let us focus on our own walk and take in the beauty of the wood and threes here, they will soon be replaced by art and style." This was of course not the correct thing to say and I take full criticism for it.

A three.
Very normal three in Norway called gran. We were walking in a place called Ekeberg just outside of Oslo. I wanted to walk here because I had brought with me an article with information regarding a new sculpture park that is being placed there.

Style and art or maybe just one of the sculptures.
"What is that?" Big Gunnar asked me when I showed him one of the pictures of the sculptures bought for the park. "Please do not show me the rest of the pictures, let us just look at the threes and listen to the birds and pretend we did not know about this." "He who does this towards the forest must really hate threes and green places." He continued. "No, I just think he loves himself more." I said.

We decided to not have coffee at the sculpture owners restaurant, but instead continue the walk among the soon to change forest.

"I bet you he wears modern stylish pants." Big Gunnars said. "Maybe at home but not on pictures I have seen." I answered. "We are probably nevertheless not the group meant to understand and therefor not the ones to appreciate any of this." I said. "To cut down threes for such is nothing more than promoting vandalism for his restaurant, if he wanted them so much and claims he wants to share them he could have placed them on his parking lot or maybe at Henie Onstad art centre." Big Gunnar just answered.

I agree with Big Gunnar on this, the legacy of this man will not be what he believes he has bought.
Take a stroll in a forest and help stylish people if they need assistance because of their stylishness, and have a really nice week! Forgive any seriousness and remember personal opinions are personal even when they are 100% right.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An Echo Of Morphic Resonance Through Retirement Walls ?

Hello Understanding Internet People!

This is about Albert and Rupert because of suspenders.

Suspenders is a great invention to keep the trousers up. The first "modern" types of suspenders is credited to the probably brilliant mind of Mr. Albert Thurston, he introduced them approximately in the year 1822, but they have in some way or the other existed almost in 300 years.

Big Gunnar wanted to be in the picture because it is his supenders. "You can see they are adjusted for a person with good posture. Almost the same good posture as famous movie big screen actor John Wayne." Big Gunnar said to me when we took the picture.

Good posture famous movie big screen actor John Wayne with suspenders.
There is no arguing with Big Gunnar regarding John Wayne having great posture. If he is wearing Albert Thurstons brand of suspenders I do not know, but they are clearly of the modern type.

"You know, old man, it is strange, we are experiencing an almost morphic resonance here at the retirement home regarding the use and wear of suspenders." Big Gunnar said to me, and continued: "I mean we almost simultaneously discover their use and greatness without talking with each other or actually paying attention to each individually style here, but suddenly almost everybody wears it." Big Gunnar is talking about Rupert Sheldrakes theory of memory in nature. The idea of an almost telepathy like interconnection between organisms and of collective memories within species.

Mr. Rupert Sheldrake.
He is probably thinking about his theories.

Mr. Rupert Sheldrake was once stabbed with a knife in the leg by a Japanese Mr. Kazuki Hirano, during a lecture he gave in New Mexico because Mr. Kazuki claimed Mr. Rupert was using mind control techniques on him. I am thinking there is something wrong with the theory of Mr. Kazuki. If Mr. Rupert were using mind control techniques on him, the last thing he would have made Mr. Kazuki do would probably have been making him stab his own leg? Mr. Ruperts theory on morphic resonance is nevertheless very interesting.

Mr. Kazuki Hirano.
I guess the picture was taken after the stabbing of Ruperts leg. I hope both gentlemen are doing well now and that they can continue the rest of their lives without any more drama or stabbing.

"Do you think me winning the bluetooth competition and then having to eat more pie as the winner has made me fat?"
"No of course not Big Gunnar, you are as athletic as you always have been."
( Sorry, I was interrupted by Big Gunnar, as a gentleman he is sometimes concerned with how he looks.)

Anyway, most of us are now discovering the use of suspenders here at the home, or maybe re-discovering them. It might also just be that we have seen Big Gunnar using them and that we then are influenced by the fashion guru here.

What can I say?
Keep an open self controlled mind to theories and have an enjoyable week everybody!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Blue , But Happy Connection.

Hello Everybody, at least all the internet people!

Today we had pie for lunch and this of course resulted in a small lecture on the subject, or rather all other subjects from Big Gunnar. You see we had blueberry pie, or you cannot see this, but I will tell you about it here.

A blueberry pie.
I will talk about berries another time, but there are actually only one of all the types of blueberries is a berry by botanical definition. This is of course a very interesting fact and also great story.

Anyway, all our teeth of course got blue after eating pie, both the normal ones we have grown ourselves and the ones we have had installed later, Big Gunnar calls them bling-teeth but that is also another story, maybe not great but it is an ok story. To demonstrate and compare who had the bluest teeth Big Gunnar removed one of his later installed teeth and put it in his piece of pie. I of course know that it came loose while he ate, but he says it was all planed to win the compatition "the bluest teeth", or rather as Big Gunnar called it: The bluest tooth. "I obviously win !" He exlaimed and pointed at the blue tooth in the piece of pie.

A tooth.
This is of course a drawing, but I chose it because it looked so decent and happy, same as Big Gunnar when he won and also it is kind of a light colour blue.

"You all see my bluetooth ?" Big Gunnar asked us and of course everybody confirmed seeing it, exept maybe  Rolf Rolls, he can almost not see anything, but he trusts Big Gunnar and therefor took his word for just how blue the tooth was and that he was the obvious winner. "We are all now connected thru the bluetooth around the table in our conversations and almost in a royal presence !" He continued. " I could see this was starting to be a bit hard for the other pie eaters around the table to comprehend, so I asked the obvious question: Are you calling your tooth your Majesty now Big Gunnar ? " "Of course not." He answered, I have just named after the modern device connecting people and therefor also after the famous Danish king Harald Blåtann and allow me to explain. It of course starts with Harald Blåtann."

Harald Blåtann.
(It was kind of hard finding a picture of him, he lived somewhere in the year 958-987.)  King Harald Blåtann tried to connect all of Denmark with some success and Norway with a little less success in the period he reigned. (If he had a blue tooth or enjoyed pie I could not find out, so I guess he just had a name or maybe a medical dental condition.) "The point is that he tried to connect and gather the country or countries, he used the church name to try this, not his tooth as I do now around this table." Big Gunnar said. "If he would have had more luck doing it in the name of the tooth I really do not know."

This was the initials of  famous king Harald Blåtann.

Big Gunnar drew them on his napkin, and then he continued to draw the symbol for modern device bluetooth.

Logo for modern device bluetooth.

"Very interesting." Rolf Rolls said. "But what does this have to do with pie?"

Anyway. it was interesting for us and it was our lunch, so we are lucky.
Hope you all have interesting lunches during the week and all the best to you all!"

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Legacy Of EEHRR.

Hello Internet people!

Many things have been going on and this is one of them.

Last week our retirement home received a "new" guest that was in fact old. It is seldom we use the term old here, but when we use it, it really is regarding something very old. He was very old. We do not know how old or actually much about about him, but this is for later.

We met him first time at dinner, he was brought in and seated at the table between Big gunnar and myself.
Perhaps this was because the caretakers knows Big Gunnar easily starts a conversation with "new" people. "Hello old timer !" Big Gunnar immediately said, and: "What is your name? I am Big Gunnar and this is OMG !" (Big Gunnar calls me this, he says just to pretend being punched in the stomach and the pronunciation will be perfect.) Anyway, the "new" old guy answered very politely: "EEHRR !" followed by dropping dead face down in his soup.

Since it has been a while since I wrote, I should do some introducing.

This is my best friend and expert conversationist Big Gunnar.
And this is soup.
Actually fish soup, we are lucky who can sometimes have such fine food. Nobody knows how much fish is left in the seas.

As you probably know this is a retirement home, so when these things eventually happens it really is not that dramatical. Nobody ate any more soup, but this was mostly due to Big Gunnar and his thoughts about "EEHRR". "He probably looked to healthy and troublesome so the caretakers poisened his soup." The only ones who continued eating at our table was Ellen, because she really likes fishsoup and Rolf, because he can almost not see or hear anything. Big Gunnar said it was sort of sad that we knew so little about "EERHH", other than the fact that he was very polite. "After all he tried to answer me all the way down into the soup. Young people today would probably know everything about anyone in a similar situation. They can just look up on the persons diary face books and such." He continued.  "EEHRR`s generation and our ones are probably the last generations were we actually tell our stories to grandchildren and each other, later generations will sit on their grandparents lap and get a powerpoint introduction on some widescreen flatscreen of all their own postings on the web since they started in kindergarten. While "EERHH" here hopefully left some pictures and a notebook or some family behind with his stories, but we will probably never know."

So I am thinking. Take care of your diary tales on the net, remember that what might seem apropriate at the time writing it, may not be what you want representing you later in life.I believe Big Gunnars thoughts are correct, as always, but there are considerations to changes in how one presents one selves one should be aware of. We knew "EERHH" as a polite gentleman, for us that is sufficient.

Have an informative and great Wednesday everybody !

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Important Nothingness Of Everything.

Hello Internet People Friends!

Let me introduce you to the book.

This book, or rather the picture or drawing of this book is very important. Because this book has no writing in it and this makes it then have the potential to be a book of great importance. Big Gunnar claims it might be the most important book not yet written.

Big Gunnar.
"These books all are important" he claims, "all books are, even the really bad ones, but they have all showed their potential, and it is obviously in the stories not yet told that the importance lays." I of course agreed with him. There is difficult not to agree when Big Gunnar claims the obvious.

Or at least that is where I stood when I decided to take a picture of me. I am not as fast as I used to be when I was young, but hopefully more clever or at least more knowledgeable. Or when I now see the picture maybe not. Anyway, back to the book not written yet.

The maybe most potentially important not yet written book.

Big Gunnar really got the idea this summer. "Old man." He said "Have you thought about all the stories not being told? The important ones. The ones about nothing but that explains everything? The ones already written are already out there, but think of all the ones not written. We should really do something about this. If we focus first on the nothingness of the importance we will surely have time enough, then we can see if we have time for more later !" When my friend knows best is always, it is just that sometimes he knows more the best than other times, and this time was one of those times.

And so we are, that is why I write here more seldom, I still will, but somethings are important, if for no one else, then just for ourselves.

Hope everybody has the best of weekends and maybe discovers the stories not yet told?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A little Blues , A Howdy Partner, Some Smelly Art And Glockenspiel.

Hello Sunday Internet People,

Big Gunnar of course got a little depression on our home coming.
He was laying on the couch staring at the ceiling. "I can not believe the vacation was over so soon" he said. "I was just getting into my art mood when we suddenly were going home again."

To see Big Gunnar this down and depressed is of course not tolerable, so I suggested to him we go for a small walk to lift his spirit. "Maybe we even can find some art along the way? I know of some almost smelly art that might help in rising your your mood." I said to him. "Old man, we are to old to appreciate that kind of humor." He answered me. "Art." I said. "I said art." "You really must start to speak more understandable." He answered. "We have been home for weeks, so maybe we should start speaking Norwegian again?" I said. "Acceto." Big Gunnar answered.

Anyway, we went for a walk so I could show him that we also had art suddenly around us here in Norway also, maybe not the same as in Rome, but still the same, sort of same same but different. "Look at all the colors." I said. "Howdy partner !" Big Gunnar suddenly said, he had obviously found a lonesome cowboy or rather cowgirl, or maybe cowmadame or just something with a cowboy hat, that just suddenly stood in front of him.   

Big Gunnars "Howdy Partner Friend."
"What`s up Doc? She has lost her feet." Big Gunnar said to me. The Cow Madame was not in a very chatting mood it seemed, so Big Gunnar and me continued our quest for the everyday everywhere art and left here doing what ever cowboy or cow madame thing she was doing.

Then Big Gunnar suddenly stopped again and I knew he had seen it.
"Now, this really is a work of modest art and funny you wanted to remind me of them, because I of course know quite a lot of interesting facts about them." Big Gunnar said. Even if they are beautiful in Oslo, they are almost more beautiful in Trondheim.

A manhole cover from Trondheim.
"The invention actually came from Rome. I do not know how much weight they need to be able to carry there, but in Norway they must be able to support approximately 40 tons. I am not sure of other types of art so small, so neglected, that needs to preform in such a scale." Big Gunnar continued.

After a very short walk while Big Gunnar continued his lecture about neglected but beautiful art. We stopped once more.
"Here you have two things !" Big Gunnar said. "You have the manhole cover and listen, the church is having a Glockenspiel concert. They are playing from famous German composers." 

His mood was high again, and we found a bench in the autumn rain where we could sit and think about everyday art, while we listened to the remaining of a famous Glockenspiel concert, such a small effort and life is good.
"Maybe next time I will teach you about church bells." Big Gunnar said and smiled at me. The light rain just made the day more shiny.

Find whatever makes you happy!
Have a nice Sunday and coming week,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Pregnant Frog Files .

Hello Internet Amphibious Friends,

This is of course really not concerning pregnant frogs, but pregnant humans. Still I thought today would be a good day to learn just a tiny bit about our amphibious life on this planet, so it is also regarding frogs.

We start with a human.

A human.
Or this is rather how man developed, the evolution, but you people are clever and understand the point so far.
Somewhere at the last link of this chain we developed a bigger conscience, and this included regarding our own reproduction, so to know if we were in fact pregnant, we started to use frogs.

A frog.
Humans injected them with their urine (pardon the language, but I found no better word) and this resulted in the frogs reacting the day after, approximately 8-12 hours. ( There is a lot to learn about this when you read here on the internet, for Ladies and Gentlemen who wants more information.)

Xenopus Laevis.
I do not think this frog is reacting on just that, but it still has a Latin name, and this one was popular as a pregnancy test. (They managed to break free from one facility where they were kept.)

The frogs were used until late 60`s when more modern methods were invented. But all this might have resulted in a devastating crises in the amphibious world, the frogs had received different sicknesses from humans and brought this out to the rest of their species and then other species again, and today there is a really big crises going on, almost world wide. We might see an extinction of several species of our amphibious friends.

Most stories are about kissing frogs, I know, but I still think this one is worth being told.

Have a great Thursday and weekend people, threat our friends the frogs with respect.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fading Light Turn Feeling Bright.

forgive my absence, we have all been quite busy being old.

It was our last day in Rome.

"...Here`s looking at you, kid." Big Gunnar said to me. He was of course Bogarting me. "That is kind of a female drink you are having there, Rick?" I answered him. (Rick was Bogarts name in Casablanca where Big Gunnar stole the line from.) "I am like any other man, only more so. So I can pull it of." "Rick" answered me.

As the day light both slow and fast faded away, as it usually does on those kind of places on this oblate shaped earth, we just sat still and watched how the surroundings changed with the growing absence of sun light, and the growing of human made light. We sat at a place with an old nice bridge, I will perhaps tell more about the nice bridge later in life. We just sat there, a little old together, among objects much older than us, and much younger, all changed but stayed the same while lights came of and on.

The nice old bridge.
The sun light faded both slow and fast away, almost same as our life's.
The man made light dominates the bridge, it changes, but is still the same, still beautiful.
A newer bridge, but still old, with new light.
And yet another bridge, with its copy in the water.
"See the difference between the man made objects being unnatural, and their natural reflections ?" Big Gunnar finally asked me. I could see it, they where the same but still totally different, both beautiful nevertheless. "We have a new camera taking old pictures." He continued. As always I both agreed and not, but decided we needed no more words regarding this. 

Have the best of Sundays and coming weeks please, notice changes that stays the same.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Colosseum And Maximus Gunnarus.

Hello Rainy Wednesday Internet People!

"Look ! I am Maximus Gunnarus." Big Gunnar, or for the time being, Maximus Gunnarus pronounced as we came up to the entrance of the Colosseum.

Maximus Gunnarus pronouncing.
A young lady and a gentleman passed him on their way to the Colosseum. "I miei amici ! Questa non è una gara di Formula 1, questo è il Colosseo è il Sono qui dal 72DC, quindi non c`è bisogno di correre." of course they were Americans so they understood nothing of what Maximus Gunnarus said to them, but after this had been sorted out, they really found the tone together and I almost felt left out, and inside we all went, led for the occasion by Maximus Gunnarus. (What Maximus Gunnarus tried to say to them was something about this being Colosseum and not a Formula 1 race, and also that the Colosseum had been here since construction started approximately in 72 AD, so there was no need for any haste.)

Formula One racing car.
This of course has nothing to do with Formula One racing, but it sure is a nice car. They have maybe changed a little since this Alfa Romeo 158 from 1947, the same year Formula One was formalized. Anyway, we were inside the Colosseum, and suddenly inside history.

Inside with Maximus G.

Just imagine all that these walls have witnessed, our advice is to buy a good travelling book and not be persuaded to join any tourist groups when you visit, take your own tour in your own tempo and touch the walls with respect and care as much as possible. They tell their own history, all the way until recent history with their claw marks from animals, bullet holes and graffiti names. "Just think how Russel Crowe suffered and won here!" Maximus Gunnarus said. This of course made the Americans very involved in all the history.

Russel Crowe being very Gladiatory.
I might not need to mention how much better Johnny Weissmuller probably would have been in the role? Even if Russel Crowe did a decent portrait of a gladiator I think. (Gladiator means a swordsman, it suits the title that he is carrying a sword here.)

Johnny Weissmuller.
Johnny Weissmuller seldom wore a sword, but this obviously did not make him any less popular. Just see how popular he was, probably telling tales of great swinging and monkeys that really were chimpanzees. 

"They sure are concerned about the safety here." Maximus Gunnarus said. "Just check out how tall fencec they have put up all around the places you walk. Things sure has changed regarding how people treat each other and take care of each other inside this place over the years."

A really tall and safe safety fence.
"Maybe such starts in the worst places and expand in time also to the outside world, that people will take as much care of each other there also in time?" He said. I took his beginning of philosophy as a clear signal that it was soon lunch time and therefor suggested we went for some lunch, maybe dumplings.

Dumplings lunch.
These of course are Italian dumplings, excellent for both lunch and dinner, and why would they not be? 
They are after all made from our friend the potato. 

We took one last look at the Colosseum from the outside and went for lunch.

One last look on the Colosseum from the outside.
We concluded that it was not half bad in the outside world either, even without safety fences and the general concern of people for people. "Did you notice the great balls of support inside?" Big Gunnar now renamed on the outside asked me. "Beg your pardon?" I answered, concerned we may be much more late for that lunch than I originally had thought. "I will tell you about them later, lets go for lunch." He said, and then: "I am concerned we are late for it, since you obviously have reduced attention skills."

So we went for lunch, and so should everybody who is hungry.
Have a nice Wednesday!