Monday, December 5, 2011

Old Men Ramblings, Something Stylish And The Imaginary Connoisseur .

Hello Internet pants wearing art loving people and our forests !

This started with Big Gunnar and me taking a small walk, or rather a decent stroll, we wanted a cup of coffee and maybe see some threes. We had gotten no further than across the street from our home before Big Gunnar had to help a young gentleman up on the sidewalk. "My dear friend ! What is wrong with you ? Do you need medical help ?" Big Gunnar said to him and gave him a hand so he could climb up from the street and onto the boardwalk. There was a 30 cm height difference between the street and the boardwalk that the young gentleman obviously could not manage to get up on his own. The bus was coming and Big Gunnar just managed to help him out of the street in time before it passed us. "You are Johnny Weissmuller." I said to Big Gunnar, saving life in the urban jungle on a average Monday during a walk."  "Huh?" The young gentleman said and looked at the both of us. "I have no medical condition, I am young and fit and stylish, this is the style of today grandpa." "He obviously is no fan of Mr Thurston." I said to Big Gunnar. "Huh?"  The young gentleman said as goodbye and then left us very slowly, almost walking only from his knees and down.

Young gentleman stylish style.
"Now, why would he buy long pants if he really wanted short ones ? Big Gunnar asked me as we saw him very slowly leave us. "It is the style, he is stylish." I answered him. "And on the positive side we know he is a decent person because he cannot possibly run from authorities and others in such stylish pants." "I still think the Bogart pants period was more decent and functional. " Big Gunnar said and we continued our walk looking for threes. "Hope somebody helps him at the next crossroad." He said.

Bogart and his pants.
"How does the young gentleman reach his pockets, when he needs to get something from them or just when he needs to do a pose when he sees a young decent lady he wants to impress?" Big Gunnar said. He obviously was still concerned regarding the young gentleman. "He is stylish." I said again, "he maybe does not need to pose and maybe he has his things in his breast pockets?. Let us focus on our own walk and take in the beauty of the wood and threes here, they will soon be replaced by art and style." This was of course not the correct thing to say and I take full criticism for it.

A three.
Very normal three in Norway called gran. We were walking in a place called Ekeberg just outside of Oslo. I wanted to walk here because I had brought with me an article with information regarding a new sculpture park that is being placed there.

Style and art or maybe just one of the sculptures.
"What is that?" Big Gunnar asked me when I showed him one of the pictures of the sculptures bought for the park. "Please do not show me the rest of the pictures, let us just look at the threes and listen to the birds and pretend we did not know about this." "He who does this towards the forest must really hate threes and green places." He continued. "No, I just think he loves himself more." I said.

We decided to not have coffee at the sculpture owners restaurant, but instead continue the walk among the soon to change forest.

"I bet you he wears modern stylish pants." Big Gunnars said. "Maybe at home but not on pictures I have seen." I answered. "We are probably nevertheless not the group meant to understand and therefor not the ones to appreciate any of this." I said. "To cut down threes for such is nothing more than promoting vandalism for his restaurant, if he wanted them so much and claims he wants to share them he could have placed them on his parking lot or maybe at Henie Onstad art centre." Big Gunnar just answered.

I agree with Big Gunnar on this, the legacy of this man will not be what he believes he has bought.
Take a stroll in a forest and help stylish people if they need assistance because of their stylishness, and have a really nice week! Forgive any seriousness and remember personal opinions are personal even when they are 100% right.


  1. Dear Gilbert,

    To destroy a beautiful forest and replace the trees with modern sculptures is crazy. No doubt, the nature itself makes much better sculptures than any man. Lucky they can’t put sculptures in my old working environment, at the sea or in the air.

    Neither would those kids pictured on your page be employed onboard my tug or my plane. Onboard my boat, they would not be able to move around. In my cockpit, they would not be able to pull back the control stick in order to pull the aircraft into the air.

    Since we both belong to the silver age generation, our only consolation is: We are soon leaving this valley of misery and will never have to live with neither the sculptures nor the kids.

    Sincerely Captain Propeller

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog very much. I'll be back, so please keep writing!