Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Pregnant Frog Files .

Hello Internet Amphibious Friends,

This is of course really not concerning pregnant frogs, but pregnant humans. Still I thought today would be a good day to learn just a tiny bit about our amphibious life on this planet, so it is also regarding frogs.

We start with a human.

A human.
Or this is rather how man developed, the evolution, but you people are clever and understand the point so far.
Somewhere at the last link of this chain we developed a bigger conscience, and this included regarding our own reproduction, so to know if we were in fact pregnant, we started to use frogs.

A frog.
Humans injected them with their urine (pardon the language, but I found no better word) and this resulted in the frogs reacting the day after, approximately 8-12 hours. ( There is a lot to learn about this when you read here on the internet, for Ladies and Gentlemen who wants more information.)

Xenopus Laevis.
I do not think this frog is reacting on just that, but it still has a Latin name, and this one was popular as a pregnancy test. (They managed to break free from one facility where they were kept.)

The frogs were used until late 60`s when more modern methods were invented. But all this might have resulted in a devastating crises in the amphibious world, the frogs had received different sicknesses from humans and brought this out to the rest of their species and then other species again, and today there is a really big crises going on, almost world wide. We might see an extinction of several species of our amphibious friends.

Most stories are about kissing frogs, I know, but I still think this one is worth being told.

Have a great Thursday and weekend people, threat our friends the frogs with respect.

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