Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fading Light Turn Feeling Bright.

forgive my absence, we have all been quite busy being old.

It was our last day in Rome.

"...Here`s looking at you, kid." Big Gunnar said to me. He was of course Bogarting me. "That is kind of a female drink you are having there, Rick?" I answered him. (Rick was Bogarts name in Casablanca where Big Gunnar stole the line from.) "I am like any other man, only more so. So I can pull it of." "Rick" answered me.

As the day light both slow and fast faded away, as it usually does on those kind of places on this oblate shaped earth, we just sat still and watched how the surroundings changed with the growing absence of sun light, and the growing of human made light. We sat at a place with an old nice bridge, I will perhaps tell more about the nice bridge later in life. We just sat there, a little old together, among objects much older than us, and much younger, all changed but stayed the same while lights came of and on.

The nice old bridge.
The sun light faded both slow and fast away, almost same as our life's.
The man made light dominates the bridge, it changes, but is still the same, still beautiful.
A newer bridge, but still old, with new light.
And yet another bridge, with its copy in the water.
"See the difference between the man made objects being unnatural, and their natural reflections ?" Big Gunnar finally asked me. I could see it, they where the same but still totally different, both beautiful nevertheless. "We have a new camera taking old pictures." He continued. As always I both agreed and not, but decided we needed no more words regarding this. 

Have the best of Sundays and coming weeks please, notice changes that stays the same.

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  1. Lovely pictures. I really enjoyed the visit. Big Gunnar is a kick!! I'll be back to see what else you have posted. Shelley from California