Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Colosseum And Maximus Gunnarus.

Hello Rainy Wednesday Internet People!

"Look ! I am Maximus Gunnarus." Big Gunnar, or for the time being, Maximus Gunnarus pronounced as we came up to the entrance of the Colosseum.

Maximus Gunnarus pronouncing.
A young lady and a gentleman passed him on their way to the Colosseum. "I miei amici ! Questa non è una gara di Formula 1, questo è il Colosseo è il Sono qui dal 72DC, quindi non c`è bisogno di correre." of course they were Americans so they understood nothing of what Maximus Gunnarus said to them, but after this had been sorted out, they really found the tone together and I almost felt left out, and inside we all went, led for the occasion by Maximus Gunnarus. (What Maximus Gunnarus tried to say to them was something about this being Colosseum and not a Formula 1 race, and also that the Colosseum had been here since construction started approximately in 72 AD, so there was no need for any haste.)

Formula One racing car.
This of course has nothing to do with Formula One racing, but it sure is a nice car. They have maybe changed a little since this Alfa Romeo 158 from 1947, the same year Formula One was formalized. Anyway, we were inside the Colosseum, and suddenly inside history.

Inside with Maximus G.

Just imagine all that these walls have witnessed, our advice is to buy a good travelling book and not be persuaded to join any tourist groups when you visit, take your own tour in your own tempo and touch the walls with respect and care as much as possible. They tell their own history, all the way until recent history with their claw marks from animals, bullet holes and graffiti names. "Just think how Russel Crowe suffered and won here!" Maximus Gunnarus said. This of course made the Americans very involved in all the history.

Russel Crowe being very Gladiatory.
I might not need to mention how much better Johnny Weissmuller probably would have been in the role? Even if Russel Crowe did a decent portrait of a gladiator I think. (Gladiator means a swordsman, it suits the title that he is carrying a sword here.)

Johnny Weissmuller.
Johnny Weissmuller seldom wore a sword, but this obviously did not make him any less popular. Just see how popular he was, probably telling tales of great swinging and monkeys that really were chimpanzees. 

"They sure are concerned about the safety here." Maximus Gunnarus said. "Just check out how tall fencec they have put up all around the places you walk. Things sure has changed regarding how people treat each other and take care of each other inside this place over the years."

A really tall and safe safety fence.
"Maybe such starts in the worst places and expand in time also to the outside world, that people will take as much care of each other there also in time?" He said. I took his beginning of philosophy as a clear signal that it was soon lunch time and therefor suggested we went for some lunch, maybe dumplings.

Dumplings lunch.
These of course are Italian dumplings, excellent for both lunch and dinner, and why would they not be? 
They are after all made from our friend the potato. 

We took one last look at the Colosseum from the outside and went for lunch.

One last look on the Colosseum from the outside.
We concluded that it was not half bad in the outside world either, even without safety fences and the general concern of people for people. "Did you notice the great balls of support inside?" Big Gunnar now renamed on the outside asked me. "Beg your pardon?" I answered, concerned we may be much more late for that lunch than I originally had thought. "I will tell you about them later, lets go for lunch." He said, and then: "I am concerned we are late for it, since you obviously have reduced attention skills."

So we went for lunch, and so should everybody who is hungry.
Have a nice Wednesday!

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