Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Little Bit Of Buddings Device, It Is The Nr 1 Choice, But Wacky Weeds Wins And Then A Little Shouting.

Hello Modern Internet People,

Something more happened last weekend when I visited my house together with Big Gunnar, we were doing some normal gardening. I have let my garden grow freely this summer, or my daughter has let the garden grow freely, and it has been looking really beautiful, but now it was time for at least mowing the lawn. Big Gunnar claims that a decent plan is always needed for any operation, no matter how common and normal the task we are about to begin is, so he decided that first we needed to check the grass, and then decide who would operate which gardening tools.

Big Gunnar inspects the grass.
I am not really sure what he inspected, but I guess it must be the length and thickness and such.

Afterwards he wanted to choose what gardening instrument he would operate, he said that guests always has first choice, and I really felt I could not argue with him regarding this.

Big Gunnar considering the use of lawn mower versus the use of the wheel barrow and rake.
I tried a couple of times to tell him that this in fact was the wheel barrow and my rollator, but when about to make decisions Big Gunnar is very focused, and "one must follow the gut, not just the facts", at least that is what he answered, (I think maybe he just was a little embarrassed when he answered for having spent almost half an hour deciding between my rollator and wheel barrow).

Big Gunnar nevertheless decided that the lawn mower was his choice. "The lawn mower is a much more modern invention than the wheel barrow" he proclaimed. "The lawn mower was invented in 1827 by Edwin Beard Budding, while the wheel barrow is rumored to be from China around 100 AD, or maybe even from ancient Greece 406/407 B.C." Big Gunnar knows a lot about a lot, and then also about Budding.

Buddings lawn mower.
I do not think this one was Buddings first lawn mower, but it is at least very similar to this.

A Chinaman and an old wheel barrow.
I am not sure how old this wheel barrow or the Chinese gentleman are, but Big Gunnar is correct when he says that the wheel barrow is the oldest invention.

Big Gunnar very confidently went to work with the lawn mower, but also very soon hit what he later would refer to as "the wacky weeds", he actually tried to shout at the lawn mower before he started calling the grass names. "It worked with Johnny Weissmuller." He explained to me.

Johnny Weissmuller.
(This is maybe after he shouted, because he looks very healthy.)

I said: You mean Tarzan? "No, Tarzan was not in the hospital bed, it was Johnny Weissmuller, but he shouted as Tarzan." Big Gunnar answered. "So I was Johnny Weissmuller being Tarzan, ergo, mostly Johnny Weissmuller." I tried to say that to compare Johnny Weissmuller with a modern model of Buddings inventions, or an old model of his inventions for that sake, really was not sensible, and that nobody shouted at Johnny Weissmuller, he did the shouting himself. "It was nevertheless worth a try." Big Gunnar answered. "Or else we would never had known if you were wrong." I really could not argue with that either.

Big Gunnar shouting at the lawn mower after it had run into the wacky weeds and stopped.
Of course it did not help to shout at the lawn mower, it just would not co operate and start again.

We decided it was hammock time instead with maybe a small conversation about Christoforo Colombo, and that the lawn mower maybe just was tired and also needed to re-charge its batteries, it should have a solar panel for such, but this did of course not exist in Buddings time, but could have been added later, or maybe if the Incas had invented the lawn mower it would have had solar panel, they were great inventors, if Budding had any relatives from Peru I do not know.

Look out for wacky weeds, they can sort of be everywhere,
and have a really nice Tuesday!

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