Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Attenzione Romana Rock E Grande Gunnar.

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Big Gunnar always draws some attention to himself, especially from the women, and this day was no different, and one woman really was staring at him as she passed him by. We were visiting the building "to every god", or by the more known name Pantheon.


We were drinking coffee before we were going inside, when Big Gunnar saw the sphere shaped rocks in front of the building and decided he would see if they were sphere shaped or maybe really more of an oblate shape, same as the earth, it was then that he received some attention.

Big Gunnar getting some normal attention from a passing woman.
"La mia cara donna, non sono mai avete visto una roccia molto grande prima?" Big Gunnar asked her. This roughly translates into: "My dear woman, have you never seen a really big rock before?" (Big Gunnar of course speaks many languages partially fluently.)

He continued to impress and baffle the young lady with his reenactment of the stone scene from the famous movie Raiders of the lost ark with famous movie big screen star Harrison Ford.

Big Gunnar reenactment of famous scene from famous movie.
"Dai razziatori film dellàrca perduta! Dadadada-dada-dada!" He shouted almost Tarzan style and elegantly ran towards the entrance of Pantheon. (Again roughly translated this means: from the raiders of the lost ark dadadada-dada-dada.)

Famous movie actor Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in famous movie Raiders of the lost ark.
It almost seems as the same scene, but it really is not. Famous actor Harrison Ford is Big Gunnars favorite actor among the young ones, he of course would have preferred Tarzan or rather Johnny Weissmuller in the role as Indiana Jones, " But Harrison Ford will do, he has after all a very good and strong last name, same as the automobile." Big Gunnar always says.

Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan.
"Anyone who can play Tarzan that believable can play anything better than almost anyone." says Big Gunnar.

A Ford automobile.
This of course is the very nice T Ford, but its creator Henry Ford was not related to famous actor Harrison Ford as far as my knowledge goes. It still is a really nice car, and the actor Harrison Ford is a good actor.

Anyway, Big Gunnar took the lead, towards and into the Pantheon we went.

Big Gunnar elegantly towards Pantheon.

Big Gunnar inside the Pantheon.
This was a very nice Italian gentleman Big Gunnar discussed the ceiling of Pantheon with. "Signore dobbiamo sempre guardare quando nel corretto roma?" Big Gunnar politely said. The gentleman of course understood nothing because he was an American, but when this was clarified they both agreed that "one always should look up when in Rome", and the American was a very nice gentleman even if he was not an Italian gentleman.

The ceiling of Pantheon.
Both Big Gunnar and the American gentleman are correct, in Rome one should always look up, there is so much incredible architecture everywhere you look.

If you ever visit Rome, visit the Pantheon, the building really can not be described the way it deserves only by my words. It has been rebuilt several times, and it somehow feels all its layers of old, and you can feel its history by touching the walls and columns. So put your hand on it and respectfully feel all it has witnessed.


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