Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Big Gunnar Goes Epic, It Was Odyssey Time For Us.

Hello Internet People!

I have not forgotten anybody, or this place, it was just one of those things happening that interrupted my writing here. To get old does not mean you stop doing things, and this all started with Big Gunnar and me visiting Bygdøy and "Norsk Folkemuseum". There was a small bus travel from our retirement home that was arranged, so we could visit, among others, the Norwegian famous Stav church there.

Big Gunnar visiting the famous Norwegian Stav church from Gol at "Norsk Folkemuseum.
The church is very old, it has elements dating as far back as from year 1157, and is well worth a visit if you have the possibility and time, time you probably will have since it really is not going anywhere, and it has been around for almost 854 years. Of course this does not mean that you have the time, only that the church probably has the time, and will be there when you yourself find the time to visit it.

But then it all happened. Big Gunnar suddenly seemed very thoughtful and sat down on a nearby bench.

Big Gunnar being very thoughtful and sitting down on a nearby bench.

"When was the last time we had an epic journey?"
Big Gunnar asked me.
"It sure is nice enough to travel to Bygdøy and see old churches, but we still have a lot of go-time left in us, so I think it is time for at least one last epic odyssey..."

Vatican City.
"We are in luck, the line to get in is not that big." Big Gunnar said.

Big Gunnar in a lucky short line for Vatican City.

"It is go time." Big Gunnar said and continued inside the Vatican. 

"Wow, it really is quite big." Big Gunnar said, and kept on walking. "The Romans sort of constructed things in sizes I can appreciate. Think about all we can learn here, and all the places we will visit on our great journey!" He said.

Which of course was true. 
We came, we saw, we learned, a lot, and I will try to share everything with you here.

Hope you all are doing fine, remember life is a journey, an epic one, it continues as long as you yourself chooses, where ever you are.


  1. Phu! Begynte å bli redd for at du ikke var i form til å skrive. GOdt å lese fra deg igjen:)

    Hilsen Mari

  2. Hei Mari!

    Neida, jeg er bare opptatt desverre, ønsker å være mer på denne siden, men alder gjør tiden vanskelig å dele, jeg skal bli flinkere om ønsket!

    Ha en fin uke og søndag!

  3. Hei Bjørn Henrik Johansen!

    Den var vår beste og kanskje siste, så alt var helt riktig, takk for fine ord og tanker!

    Ha en fin uke og søndag!