Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One more "rollated" thing.

This is my own personal one, I have one inside and one outside, as you can see I have my journal on the one inside, but the dashboard (as I call it) where my journal is laying is both to low and to small really for this use.
At the retirement home we have tried to decorate it with a vase and a pot of flowers, we even once hung wonderbaum on Stinky`s rollator (his real name is of course not Stinky, but some call him this, and I tried to help him with wonderbaum and so on.), (that is another story, back to ours), what I mean is we have tried to use the dashboard for almost anything and nothing really fits having there, except pills and them we just eat, we do not carry them around for show.
There is not even a beer cup holder for long walks down the hallway or nothing.
And again, we want something to drive Miss Daisy in, not transport E.T home, no matter how charming he is.
Thanks for listening.


"Mars rollator"

Hi manufacturers,

(I write this to the manufacturers of rollators.)
I still have no working teeth, so I eat soup, soup takes longer time to eat, so I have time to sit and study things around me while I eat, and today I sat and looked at the rollators at the home.
And I have a question for you manufacturers:

When you have old people,
people who like this:

And this:

How do you come up with a design like this:

Who do you think you produce this for?

When you look a 100 years old, and feel 200 years old, you do not want to get behind and drive something that looks like it is going to warp, or transport you into the future, or maybe even into space.
I can draw something we old people would enjoy to use, and that would look much better at any retirement home, based on the two top pictures, if you need help?
If I have understood the Internet correct, almost all information is available to anyone, so I hope this reaches the manufacturers and I get an answer.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Gone Planking.

Hi again,

I am back at the retirement home, think I will write no more today, because the dentist could not help me with my teeth today and it has been a lot of traveling and so on. But I read some news papers at home, and there was a lot about planking, so I made myself a new note   "Gone Planking",  to hang on the door to my room when I am out, or if I do not want to be disturbed. I will use it for a period instead of my old "Gone bootlegging". I am still modern, even if stuck at a retirement home. By the way, I do not support stupidity, but is this not as so many other things, just a matter of doing it with a little sense? We did a lot of weird stuff when we where young also, except nobody had camera's and even if they did, nobody could hold a posture long enough for any picture to be taken because the camera`s where so slow.
Anyway, here is my new sign on the door. I think I will be planking for the remains of the today.


Free Willy 88

Hi Internet people!

My weekend home is over and it is back to the retirement home, I am waiting for my grandson now, he will drive me, I am always happy to see my family, but it feels sort of like waiting for a prison transport, especially since we first have to go to the dentist to have my teeth fixed, he also has a very small audi-something which is difficult to get in out of sometimes, but again, I am happy to spend some time with him!
I have put on my Free Willy t-shirt, that my granddaughter gave me when I first was put in the retirement home.
I will give an update on teeth and everything later today I think.
Not to sound all negative, I of course look forward to meeting my friends, Gunnar and the others, so going back is not all bad, and hopefully I get to visit my home again one weekend soon.

Have a nice monday,

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I now eat Gazpacho fluently.

Because of the tooth incident I have eaten soup this weekend, here my oldest daughter ( she is a very good daughter, but maybe not the best cook, or at least today ) (married to the color blind wheel barrow painter) serves me "Gazpacho", which in my days we called "tomato soup that was served too late", or just "cold tomato soup", she probably calls it something fancy to cover for the fact that is was cold. Anyway, it tasted surprisingly good and I will maybe start eating my warm tomato soup cold from now on.


My "silver" lawn mower and snow-something.


My newly painted silver wheelbarrow!

It looks magnificent don’t you think? 
It was of course my son in law who painted it for me. 
And now you want to say: “Great story Grandpa, it does not look very silver?” 
Relax, I am not senile just yet, I have noticed it is very red instead. I should have expected it, or something similar at least, but I have to admit, I now really like it in red, and it goes well together with my lawn mower and snow-something, they are all red. But I am a bit concerned because I have asked him to paint some other stuff for me as well.


A homie update and then some pictures.

Hi Internet people! I have really enjoyed my weekend home, no matter the fact that I have no teeth and that it has rained and stormed almost all the time. Tomorrow morning it is back to the retirement "castle", after a visit at the dentist of course. But as other bloggers do, here are some pictures of my weekend. My grandchildren took this one of me when I first saw again my garden and the new painted wheel barrow. I am just pondering and drawing in the hole picture, think I stood there for many minutes.
Life is good!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Toothless exitement.

Something both good and not so good happened today. As I have told earlier I am going home to my house for the weekend, in about two hours from now I think, was it 17.00?, I cannot remember exactly, but I do not want to be late for when my daughter and grandchildren pic me up, so I have been ready since approx 12 o`clock today. When, in the morning, I packed my things, the bad thing happened, I am really looking forward to this, going home, so I was sort of rushing things into my suitcase, and in the commotion my teeth fell out and I stepped on them, so they broke in two. They have broken before, so this normally is easy to fix, but it is Saturday and my daughter have called every dentist possible to help me repair them,( because they could not at the retirement home), and the one place that said they could, was out of glue to repair with when she arrived (I can make temporary repair with the glue myself),  she called me and told me. So now I have to eat soup until Monday, but it really does not matter,
because I am happy, it will also rain according to the news all weekend.
But I will be home! Sit in my garden, in the hammock, it has cover against rain, have soup and perhaps a little red wine, and look at the threes and flowers, my dog will be there, and complete silence, remembering my wife and all the years we had together. Life can be at the best, even when bad things happen.

So the best of weekend to us all,

Friday, May 27, 2011

New Internet people friends nr 2 and a little more.

Internet is strange for me, it makes me feel both very lonesome and together with others at the same time.
I want to say hello to the small windows here!
So, Hi to Isabell, Halvgud, Mari, Ingerid, Dre, Sten, Åsmund !
and R. Avis I know from before, but a warm Hi also to you of course.

I am visiting my house tomorrow, and will see if my grandchildren can help take pictures of me waving to you as a hello!


Run Bush Run!

Every last weekend in the month, one of the residents living on the floor below me tries to escape, I think this was his 12. attempt or something, his name is Busk (if you could translate a name it would be Bush in english). Anyway, this now is sort of a happening here at the retirement home (maybe it sounds boring, but it really does not happen that much here) and some of us always watch his escapes from the veranda outside the dining room, he has gotten in better shape, today we all thought he looked faster than ever, and he really could have gotten much further, had not his walking chair got stuck with the mailboxes by the road, this time it really seemed to be a record attempt. So Run Bush Run! I am thinking of having T-shirts made to support him, and Gunnar has talked about buying the series about the brothers who escaped from prison to him, but no one of us can remember what the series is called, so for the moment he has to be satisfied with us supporting him by shouting when he dashes down the front alley towards freedom at the end of each month.

Oh, I forgot, the reason we find it extra humorous is because Busk sort of looks like Forrest from Forrest Gump when he runs with his walking chair, first we thought about shouting: "Run Hump Run", because of his humping running style, but Busk works fine. We are at least three people who laughs of this here at the home, I hope more will join us at his next attempt.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Retirement Fashion

The hair thing, and looking at other peoples blogs, they all give fashion tips, made me want to make my own, so I did, but now I cant find it on my page, but my grandchildren probably will help me when they visit tomorrow.
Anyway, I hope it helps someone.


New Internett people friends

Oh, sorry, I did not mean to be impolite, I saw I had two new small pictures following me, at least I think that is what they are doing, so
Hi to the both of you! Difficult to shake hands here, but nice to see you Internett people.

Vennlig hilsen

A shiny shade of green relief.

My daughter, I have two, the oldest one cuts my hair for me, I appreciate being and looking proper even the days when nobody visits me, I normally have plenty of time for grooming so there really is no excuse not to do this. Where was I? Oh yes, lately, I have been a bit worried because I thought my hair had started turning green. It has been silver, sounds better than grey, for as long as I remember, but never green, so I thought maybe I had some disease or maybe I had got Glaucoma or something.( we call it grønn stær in Norway, green starling in english..but I think that makes no sense, and really, it was a joke.) Anyway, to my relief it turned out to bee my shampoo, it made my hair a shiny shade of green. Now that I know what it is, I just wear it with pride, and try to make the other old folks here believe I am hip and trendy. Maybe it will catch on and everybody will start to color their hair, think, a retirement home full of old people with pink,purple, yellow and green hair. That would have been a welcome change.


Poker parking.

Yesterday evening was poker night, the parking was working fine, but I think next time we should have some kind of system when it is over, there was some arguing and small crashes, when everybody left at the same time.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A breakfast mooning.

I had elegantly forgot to put on my braces ( I think you call it this in english, looks like belts that go over the shoulders to keep the pants up ) in all the commotion this morning, so I unfortunately dropped my pants in the middle of the room, in front of all the ladies during breakfast. Of course everybody now says this was the plan from my side, to show of the legs, but really, I had just forgot the lousy braces. Gunnar is thankful nevertheless, it took away most of the focus on him for loosing his room earlier, now everybody makes fun of me instead. They all L.O.C ( laugh out coughing), but I do not care, I am happy for whatever makes them happy, and I heard that I this weekend get to go home to my house for a couple of hours, I will sit in the garden and look at the birds and flowers, also I really look forward to see the new painted silver wheelbarrow.


Room 212 is stolen and Good morning.

Today I woke up to some noise, one of the neighbors down the hallway, Gunnar, was accusing the caretakers of having stolen his room, and of course all his things. The arguing was very loud and some of the other seniors here started to get afraid that this might also happen to them. So they rushed to their rooms to stand guard. I was not afraid because I was still in bed, and therefor also in my room, and then pretty sure it was still at its place, because I had not felt it being moved.
Anyway, it turned out Gunnar was in the wrong end of the hallway, and his room was found with all his things after some investigation, and we could all start breakfast without any more drama.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Old man river.

I have read a lot of blogging, when you get older you read almost everything, twice, and what I learned from you young Internet people is that you share a lot with your readers, sometimes too much for my old taste.
But now I will try that also, push my borders, and share with you.
Now I had to get up to pee, when you get really old you have to do this often, especially at night, at least it feels like more often then.
There, I shared, I will lay awake trying to sort out how it feels.


A room with a view.

I am lucky to have a room with a view, I can even see some tree tops above and behind the big factory across the street. And there is some moonlight coming in the window, beautiful and extremely irritating at the same time, because the walls are so white here, and the curtains does not cover them, so the moonlight plays all over the wall and it keeps me awake for hours in the night. Also the night nurse here is a reason to stay partially awake. We call her Shrek because of her good looks, rumors has it she will strangle you if you snore too loud and therefor interrupts her soaps on nigh time tv. I try to punch the computer keys really soft and low while writing this.


By the wheelbarrow way.

I still have my house, even if I now live in a retirement home, and I have asked my son in law to paint my wheelbarrow fresh silver! It used to be this, but over the years it has gotten all rusty and old, sort of like me. I look forward to visiting my house and garden, and to see the wheelbarrow now! I know, do not laugh too hard of me, some day maybe you too will find pleasure in the small weird things.
Anyway, it really is my daughters house now, but it is still mine also, she lives in another house, so I can still be boss of it, and then again, of course also of the wheelbarrow.


Hi again internetpeople!

I was thinking while I had dinner, we got two pieces of toast with sardines on, I think they think I am on a diet?
Anyway, I did not want to be rude without any picture on Internet, so I had my grandchildren take a picture of me, they insisted of me having shades on, makes me look kind of cool.
I want to say something more before this gets all everyday-like, I really miss my dog, now my grandchildren have it, and it is happy, but I really miss him, I am not allowed to have a dog at the retirement place. He is always sleeping like this , little Ferdinand, the picture above.


A small step for people in general, but a mighty one for me, because this is my first blog entry!

Today, unfortunately Gunhild is working, she is the care taker we appreciate the least. She is always so angry, and she has some beard, beard on women is not very pretty, and at least not on women who seems to be angry. Theodor always tried to make her so irritated so she would hit him, he said he would take a punch for the rest of us. He was fun and lived 3 rooms down from me, here at the retirement home. He had a nice funeral before Christmas, even if not many of his relatives was attending it. They did not visit him often when he was alive either when I think of it.
It is hard to adjust to the meals here, they make us eat so early, it is soon dinner and the clock is only 14. At home I always ate dinner late.
Well, this was my first try here, sorry if it was not so good, but maybe I can write something more after dinner.