Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Ice cream truck Named Desire.

I was sitting on my bench thinking, when a ice cream truck passed the retirement home on its way to a kindergarden up the street, I wished it would stop at the retirement home also, I have money, even if my family has inherited most of it, (I enjoy to see them have pleasure with it while I am alive), but if the ice cream truck would have stopped here, I would have bought for all of us, or of course the ones who want ice cream, (almost all elderly likes ice cream). But now the story moves away because of the thoughts of ice cream. What I originally thought was that if I had the possibility I would have bought an ice cream truck, and had it driven around to retirement homes offering stuff that old people need, for example, there is this one shop down at Majorstuen (in Oslo Norway), I cannot remember the name, they sell a lot of stuff that really helps old people, my family often brings me gifts from there, and they sell tables to have in the bed for your news paper when you read, and some sort of extendable arm to pick stuff you loose up with (so you do not need to bend over), among much other things, and we never get to go to one of those places to buy things we need our self, so to have a sort of old style ice cream merchant truck come by every month, or something similar, would have been great, an very exiting..instead, not even the ice cream truck stops by here. But I am happy the children gets ice cream!

Ice cream truck.

I have no blues regarding this, it is just a fact, and of course we can walk to the nearest shop to buy ice cream, but it melts before we get back, so we can not bring to the others.
Again, when you get old, and have a lot of time, you sit and think, maybe that is what especially Wednesdays are for when you get to be a senior?

Still the best of Wednesdays to you, and maybe have a ice cream,


  1. Hi there Old Man Gilbert!

    I hope your family will bring you some ice cream soon, as the truck didnt stop this time either. I found your blog today, and haven´t read through your posts yet, but I am already very impressed by your computer and English skills.

    I might stop by your blog on a regular basis from now on, I might pick up some good tips from an experienced guy. As for now, I need to go out to find an old ice cream truck to start my new business. :)

  2. And just so you dont get angry with me, as I appeared as anonymous, and you like to keep track on your new friends, my name is Kent.

    Have a wonderful trip to Denmark!

    Det er dejlig å være norsk i Danmark vet du!

  3. Enklere Liv heter den butikken du tenker på. De har filialer andre steder enn Majorstua også, ganske mange steder faktisk. Superbra butikk, de har utrolig mange smarte ting. De har nettbutikk også, Ganske god forretningside du hadde der forresten. ;-)

  4. Hello Kent!

    I would love if you started the business, and you know, you could probably get help from somewhere, if you donate 10% or something of the surplus to something that involves elderly care, that would make us happy, and maybe you rich or richer.
    I am happy to have you as a new friend,
    Takk, jeg gleder meg veldig til å reise utenlands, lenge siden sist,
    Ha en skikkelig fin torsdag!


  5. Hei Leisha Camden!

    Takk skal du ha! Gunnar husket "Et bedre liv", han tok da feil, noe jeg skal poengtere snilt for ham.
    Hyggelig sagt av deg, jeg tror noen kunne gjøre noe bra ut av tanken, håper jeg.

    Ha en fin torsdag, takk for at du skriver,

  6. Hi Mr Gilbert!

    Did you happen to catch the name of the ice cream truck that went by? If possible, we'd love to call it and have it return to bring you and your friends ice cream! The kindergartners shouldn't be the only ones with yummy cones!

    As always, thanks for you posts and wise observations.

    your friend,

  7. From one fellow OLD norwegian to another (I'm already gone through 90 years!) - it's amazing to have this weird internet thing. It's opened me to the world in ways I haven't even imagined yet, and it's quite wonderful. Sure, people are assholes on the net, but you just have to take that with a smile and an active ignore button, but hey - I'm no longer bored. At all. Ever. Wow.

  8. Where I live in Oslo (Linderud) the truck name is Hjem-is.

    Contact information:
    67 81 74 50

  9. Hi again Rachel,

    Yes! Hjem-is is correct I think, of course, to call them, even maybe by mobilephone, again, we are old people, but none of us really has thought about this, I think this was a genious idea, makes one almost feel older, but many thanks!

    The best wishes, and ideas are welcome because we learn always!

  10. Hello to number 2,

    My goodness what a juicy language, have not heard such since I worked on ships, but it brings back memories and I unfortunately agree with you, thanks for your tough and still nice words.

    All the best to you,

  11. Hi Nessie,

    Amazing Internet and amazing people,
    thank you!

    Best regards

  12. Kjære herr Gilbert. Tusen takk for en vidunderlig blogg! Vi er litt på sykehjem begge vi to, forskjellen er at som du sier er dette ditt stoppested på slutten (selv om jeg mistenker deg for å være en av de som står løpet ut til langt over de hundrede år, men det er nå mitt syn), mens mitt er mitt stoppested for å få en god start i livet. Å få lære små underfundige ting av deg gjør at jeg får desto mer lyst på livet -Tusen tusen takk for det! Gode klemmer fra Ingeborg

  13. Hei Ingeborg!

    Det var jammen hyggelig sagt, jeg ble både bekymret og glad her, med det så mener jeg at jeg håper din årsak til sykehus er på bedringens vei, eller omhandler nytt liv, begge de for-nevnte kan vel gjelde det samme på hver sine måter når jeg tenker meg om. Uansett, jeg er glad om jeg får dele opplevelser med deg gjennom et slikt flott Internett! Jeg så et program om en japaner som heter Dr. Nakamats (mener jeg har skrevet det riktig) som skulle leve til han ble 140 ifølge seg selv, jeg tar hver dag og er like glad for dem alle, du finner glede om du ser etter de positive tingene, jeg garanterer det.

    Tusen takk selv, og ha en fin søndag!

  14. Hello!
    One of my friends share on facebook a link of your blog, so I have started to read it sometimes.
    There is nothing special that I want to write here,its just nice to read your opinions and so on.
    I had a grandfather, he was also so keen on new technologies,pc,phones etc. He died almost 7 years ago and I still miss him so much and I guess I will never stop. When I have read your post,for example your old fashion typs,it reminds me of him so much.

    I send you wishes from Czech Republic!