Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shake The Fist and Raise The Cane, something is really fishy.

We are wondering if we should have a demonstration here, (Gunnar of course wants a revolution, and has already put on his Che Guevara t-shirt, it is so old nobody really sees what the portrait is of, most think it is Darwin in his bearded period, this also because the "r" is almost gone, so he has sort of the words "evolution" on his chest below the portrait, instead of original "Revolution"), even if Gunnar does not know this, I support the way his t-shirt has transformed, and I like it better than when it was original, at least for what we fight against now. You see, every Thursday is sort of a big day for us, we get the menu for next week dinners, and to my disbelief there was no fish on the menu. I am concerned about the worlds fish resources, and pro almost all types of operations to save and preserve the diversity of fish, but for us here at the retirement home it is really sad, and I believe there is another reason for this culinary sabotage against us than the preservation of fish. It probably is a economic thing, it almost always is. Our problem is that there never is anyone who can answer our questions here, you feel almost like Josef K. in "the Process" when you try finding answers. I talked with the color blind wheelbarrow painter today, and he pointed out that I am on vacation next week and can have all the fish I want, but what about my friends? I am leaving tomorrow morning for almost a week, but if the fish situation is not fixed by the time I get back, I will buy the fish myself for us, and my son in law said he would help me. Of course we will try to see what we can do before I leave also. The good news in this, is that it for sure was not Gunnars "facts" which sabotaged the fish, because he is even more irritated than me now. This almost made me so happy so I am thinking of not telling Rolf Rolls to check his rollator before any race, I have known Gunnar longer, and Rolf Rolls really is the new guy.

Che Guevara.

Charles Darwin.


Of course Guevara and Darwin looks nothing similar on these pictures, but both the t-shirt and we are very properly used, so these two facts combined has made a new old t-shirt for Gunnar. And also I would think they both liked fish.

Anyway it seems to become some sort of "r" evolutionary Thursday here,
I wish you all an exiting Thursday, but without drama of course.



  1. Good luck with your evolution, all of you!

    Har du en e-post adresse, Finn Willy? Jeg har lyst å sende deg noe som jeg har laget til deg. Det er ikke en nymoderne brevbombe, ta det helt med ro. :)

    Med vennlig hilsen


  2. Hello Kent!

    Thanks for your support!

    I min alder er man ikke redd for bomber, bare agurker og andre skumle e-coli skurker, noe som ikke viste seg å være sant, men poenget er at vi ikke er redde for noe annet, enn og miste funksjonene vi er så heldige å ha idag.
    Jeg har en mail for denne bloggen her, som mine barnebarn laget, jeg skal be dem om å vise meg hvordan den er og fungerer, så skal jeg legge den ut til deg!

    Ha en fin torsdag, og tusen takk for at du skriver!

  3. Hi!

    I really like reading your blog! I work at a retirement home every summer, and try to make the best for the people living there! (And by the way, they get fish twice a week, EVERY week..)

    Keep up the good work :)

  4. Hello Elisabeth!

    Even if we sometimes makes fun of it, we really appreciate the work you do, thank you!
    And they are lucky to get so much fish!

    Have a nice Thursday,

  5. Hello FWG ;)
    you are right to be concerned about the disappearance of fish! I saw a documentary just the other day about the depletion of fish stocks all over the World, alarming! However, they are not likely to entirely die out any time soon, so do not feel that you have to refuse to eat fish. And Norway does of course have some of the best fish and fish, especially Salmon, so, just enjoy it :) Hope you enjoy your trip to Demark over the next few days and that you have better weather than has been in Oslo for the last week!
    take care and best regards
    Alan (the broken shouldered one)

  6. *best fish and fishing, that should have said.. :)

  7. Hei Mr Gilbert.

    Ah, for en vakker blogg du har.
    Jeg har kost meg glugg i kveld, og humret for meg selv og lest høyt til mannen min. Leste spesiellt høyt OMG's fashion tips, siden han kunne trenge å høre det fra en som kan det =)

    Jeg syns det er uhorvelig trist å høre om hvor lite fisk dere får!
    (Og selv savner jeg norsk laks or ørret, siden jeg flyttet til australia der fisken er feit!!)
    Jeg håper i grunn at Gunnar og du setter i gang en odentlig revolusjon og får fiksa dere fisk igjen!

    Jeg tar på meg min Che T-skjorte i solidaritet helt her borte. På mandag. Da skal jeg møte en haug av nybakte mammaer og de kommer HELT sikkert til å spørre. Og om noen spør hvorfor jeg har den på skal jeg saktens gi de svar også =)

    Du har veldig god engelsk!!! Jeg ble usikker på om jeg skulle skrive på norsk eller engelsk, men ramlet på norsk i kveld.

    Jeg ser du skal ha fri en uke. Kos deg masse!
    Gleder meg til å lese mer når du kommer tilbake.
    Mvh Karianne

  8. Hi Alan!

    I am worried about your shoulder, hope it really heals fast and that it does not hurt too much, such things can ruin good nights sleep. I agree on the fish, and they even had fish at the buffet at the ferry.

    All the best wishes for you and your shoulder,

  9. Hei Karianne!

    Så veldig snille og gode ord, tusen takk, jeg er sikker på at din mann er en flott mann, siden han har en som deg ved sin side, og både norsk og engelsk er hyggelig og skrive på. Vi ser mye på nyheter her og Australia er ofte rapportert fra, neste gang skal jeg fortelle de andre at jeg kjenner en derfra, igjen, takk for dine pene ord.
    Ta vare på din mann og han på deg, og ikke minst de nye mammaene!

    Vennlig hilsen