Saturday, June 18, 2011

Keep on rolli`n.

There are so many types of rollators, but the ones we usually use are the following types:

1. Most normal one as far as we know:
As I earlier have said, it looks too modern, and brakes very hard, and the sizes of the basket, and the design of the dashboard is not very clever, also lacks cup holder, and lights.

2. And then you have the one with a seat, either for relaxing when you get tired, or driving miss Daisy.
It really has all the same errors as number 1 rollator, except it has the seat.

3. The fold in - fold out version, we have very little to say about this one, we believe it is the same as a fold in-fold out bike, it does the job, but nothing more. A similar type we actually saw in a commercial (they have special ones for old people, but they call it "information tv" or something, but really, they are just commercials). Anyway, on the "information tv" they showed us it could fit under a bed. I am not sure what they had in mind when they decided that this was a sale argument, it would make more sense showing how easy it would fit in a car. Gunnar of course connects all such things to his theory about the government, and the space sat aside for old people. Therefor he calls it the racist-rolly. He really means nothing bad by that.

In Denmark I even saw one without wheels in the back, it only had wheels in the front and sticks with rubber at the end in the back, an old woman used it and it looked very heavy and difficult to use, the sticks at the back kept getting stuck in the tiles at the boardwalk, I suggested she got a new one, but she insisted it was easier because it never rolled away from her when she went down hills, I wanted to talk more to her about this, mostly because from what I know Denmark do not have so many hills, but rather a lot of tiled roads, but the womans granddaughter probably mistook my interest in her mother, and of they left, but of course very slowly, and with small stops at every tileboarder.

Denmarks mountain, Himmelbjerget:

Tiled road:

Anyway, I hope we can present our drawings really soon, Gunnar and Rolf have worked on them while I was away, we have, among others, a small discussion active regarding design versus user friendly.

Have the best of weekends please, and always look for improvements where you can,



  1. Heia du, velkommen fra ferie og velkommen hjem igjen ! Ønsker deg også ei riktig fin helg :))
    Hilsener fra Lisbeth

  2. Hei Lisbeth!

    Takk, og jeg håper du får en ordentlig fin søndag!
    (jeg fant kommentaren nå, men selvfølgelig gjaldt dette lørdag også.)

    De beste hilsener,