Monday, June 6, 2011

Gunnar`s suddenly Abnormal feet growth and Crocs racing.

Today there really was a big commotion at the retirement home, it was Gunnar again, I am thinking of re-naming him Gun-Gunnar, or something, because of all the action he creates. This morning it was his Crocs, almost all elderly has Crocs, or something similar, not because they are beautiful, they just are easy to use and better than clogs, and the rubber underneath stops us from sliding all over the corridors and so on.

They are also excellent for our corridor walking rollators races, or racing rollators as we call them then, we get good grip with crocs. Last time Gunnar won, he set the official "retirement hallway 11 yards drag race record", but I strongly suspected foul play, because my brakes were on almost all the time, he claimed I was senile, and mis-braked by myself. Nobody remembers what time he had, but it was fast. We usually have these every second month, sometimes every third, I think next one is in August, or maybe July.

Anyway, I returned the suspected favor by having my grandson buy two similar pairs of his crocs, but just in smaller and smaller sizes, and the first pair went easy to switch a couple of weeks ago, and in everything that is going on, I forgot all about this, until I noticed last week that he was adjusting his feet often, and then I remembered, and I therefor changed to the smallest ones last evening, but those obviously were too small, because today he has made a lot of noise and demanded a doctor visit on the cause that something in his diet, most possibly put in there by the nurse who does not like him, (this time he claims it is not the government), has made his feet enormous. In retrospect I probably should not have popped my head in and suggested that he maybe was getting his "old 7 foot tall feet back." He was in no mood for this joke, and it did not improve the already difficult job for the nice nurse who was trying to calm him down.
I will of course change the shoes back after dinner, and I am thinking about going the other way next time, buy a pair, or maybe two, of bigger ones.

Gunnar and his crocs.

No, it is still not really Gunnar, he was in no mood to have his picture taken today.

Again, it is the small things, or sometimes people, that keeps us busy here,
Have the best of Mondays today,



  1. I think if you blame the fact that he has been eating excessive amounts of apple pie, you will be safe ;) in fact, you could offer to take his apple pie and give him your mini cabbage to shrink his feet back and it will be seen as a good deed :) then you can just switch his shoes back to his regular ones and he will think you are a hero ;)
    I'd be interested to see the next drag meeting though, perhaps it should be televised :)
    have a great day FWG and take care
    best wishes

  2. Hi Alan,

    That is a fantastic suggestion, I will see if my grandchildren can help, we need a long tape, because how strange it must sound, when you get old, slow becomes very fast, I will ask if they have a film camera. And regarding Gunnar, this is a good idea, but I still think he tampered with my brakes, so I have decided to do the big shoe thing also, but then I can maybe save him, depends on how the next race turns out.

    Best wishes from rainy Norway,

  3. I love your blog, just got it recommended on ;-)

    Keep it up!! :-)

    Knut 31 from Bergen

  4. My mum works as a nurse in a retirement home, and I have always enjoyed her stories. But, since I moved, the stories naturally have gotten fever.

    Now, with your blog, I get a new view on life in a retirement home, new stories and a new friend :) You have great sense of humour,you remind me of my grandfather (may he rest in peace).

    Have a good day!

    Janne from Bergen

  5. Hey, I just wanted to stop by and say that I really enjoy reading your blog. Its a great break when im studying for my exams :)

  6. This blog is fantastic, and so are you!

  7. Oh, so many Internet people!
    To Nr. 2
    Hello Knut!
    Really,on Dagbladet, and how did that happen, is it because I am old?
    Cane on my friend.
    Best regards

    To nr. 3
    Hello Spindelvev and Janne!
    Thank you for the kind words, it is so nice to hear one saying like you do, I am sure your grandfather was a fantastic man, remembering is a good thing! When you get old, you really appreciate a good laugh, and some people here have a great sense of seeing the humorous in situations. I am lucky to have such friends.
    And to you my new Internet friend, have a really nice Monday!

    Hello Thea!
    If you have difficult parts to study, try remembering them connected with something humorous, helped me way back when I did this.
    Anyway, best of luck to you!

    Hello Torunn!
    Thank you for the very big words, you are also fantastic!

  8. I absolutely adore this blog of yours! You have great sence of humor. Thank you for making my day! :)

  9. Hello to the last writer!

    Thank you for the very nice words my friend,
    best wishes for the remains of Monday,

  10. Dear FWG, your blog has truly made my day. Your stories made me laugh out loud! Please keep writing your stories.


  11. Dear FWG,

    I am a young person studying in Oxford, England. A friend of mine recommended your blog to me today, and now there is a whole group of us who are in love with it. Please keep writing - your stories and advice are wonderful, heart-warming and very funny!

    All the best to you,

  12. Hello NBS!

    It makes me very happy, if you allow me to tell you stories from our home and the life her.
    Really appreciate the nice words, thanks!
    I hope to be able to write here for a while longer.

    Best of Tuesdays to you,

  13. Hello NDF!

    Oxford! Everybody has heard of it, we really trust you guys and girls with our future, it is a complicated world at these times, I really wish you the best of luck! Treasure your time at such a fine place.
    And really big thank you for the very kind words,