Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A woodpecker and the weeds of Woodstock.

I asked my grandchildren to take some pictures of me, and my home away from the retirement home, and they took some of me, here I sit in the garden.
I wonder what they are thinking when they see me sitting this way, they sometimes come over and interrupt me, probably to check that I have not had a stroke. They need to learn that old people sometimes enjoys sitting completely still, you become sort of an expert on this when you get old.
So what I am doing here is just being old, watching a woodpecker eat, there has lived a family of woodpeckers in my garden for several years now. I give them roasted bread, and turn the bread when they have eaten one side, so they can eat the next side also, they always come back after I have turned the bread, so I think they appreciate me doing this, even if some people maybe will find it a strange thing to do, I am their waitress when I have the possibility with pleasure.

My oldest daughter is now in charge of my house, or we cooperate in taking care of it, I am more of a modern consultant which is not being heard in my opinions. One thing we always have discussed is the length of the grass on the lawn. She thinks it looks best when it almost grows freely, but I have always kept it military short, same as my hair. As I have gotten older I have obviously become more open minded to some changes, so this spring she got her wish, and I must say, it looks really nice! There are small strawberries and different flowers spread in between the grass everywhere. I am sure the woodpecker family also appreciates it.
My hair though I will keep short, there is a fine line at my age between being open minded and becoming a hippie, and I am too old and it is too late for the hippie style to really work for me.
Anyway, if I can give one advise related to this, it would be, find a middle way for your garden, let it run "amok" (not sure if I spelled it correct.) under some guidance, and it will become more beautiful than you ever imagined.  



  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your blog. It is nice to see someone older contributing to the internet. It is really interesting to read something from someone with a different perspective and life situation than all the other people who write about their views and thoughts on everyday things.

    Last christmas me and my siblings bought a computer (iPad) for my grandmother and she has started to investigate the internet a bit, mostly reading the papers. However it is quite difficult to get used to a completely new thing in your eighties.

  2. Hello ├ůsmund!

    Thanks for the kind words, I enjoy very much writing here, makes life seem bigger and more fun, we sometimes miss fun in everyday life, but when you look around and observe there is much to be happy about, almost everywhere around us.
    Anyway, I like that you guys gave a computer to your grandmother, we, old people, still enjoy learning new things, but sometimes we are afraid that we will use too much time learning them, so we say we are not interested, to spare irritating anyone from trying to teach us. It is difficult to explain better, but if she finds out the possibilities in the computer and gets comfortable using it, she will find a new form of communicating that I think she will appreciate.
    I only wish more of us could use these things, we have often so much time to both read and write. And think how much history is in her mind, and if it could be written.

    Please wish her the best of luck from me, and tell her it is really worth it!

    Best regards

  3. Hi
    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to read the whole blog later this evening!

    Best regards

  4. Hello Per!

    Thank you for the nice words,
    Have a nice evening,