Thursday, June 2, 2011

A mouthfull of dentist and Iscream.

No, I did not scream, but today I was at the dentist, it is not a working day for people today, but I have had the same dentist for so many years now that I actually have been inherited from him to her at the office, first I had her father and now I have her, his daughter as my dentist, they were nice enough to have me today. I chose her father very carefully based on the fact that he had small hands when I first chose a dentist. A dentist really should have small hands, at least in the old days when they did not have so much small equipment to work with as they do now, before they used to have both hands inside your mouth.
I remember wondering if my mouth had shrunk or gotten smaller after going to her father for a period, but found out that he had started playing tennis and therefor had gotten bigger hands, I guess more muscle or something, at least it felt like that, I was sort of happy he had begun playing tennis because his waistline had grown and he probably needed the exercise to come closer to his customers when working and so on, and even if the hand growth scared med a little, I continued going to him because he always offered candy to all his clients after their dental visit, no matter what age they were, and this he of course did to keep his business active, and I, if nothing else, respect a real business man.
Anyway, now I go this his daughter who has taken over his business. I think she maybe also plays tennis, or maybe it really is just the genes and that my mouth has gotten smaller with my age.
They are nevertheless nice people and extremely accurate in their work, so it took two hours, but I am happy my teeth have been fixed and the sun was shining, and after the dentist, my daughter and my grandson who accompanied me at the dentist bought me ice cream and strawberries. We stopped by my house, so I could eat them in the garden before returning to the retirement home.

I am back at the home again, and I will smile extra wide (or at least as wide as I can now) tonight when we have tv time, and see if maybe Gunnar gets jealous on my newly fixed teeth.
My grandson took this picture with his mobile, he said it was cute, I think it is more cool than cute.

Take care of your teeth and Have a nice evening,


  1. This is one of the most coolest and spiritual blogs I have ever read. It is an orginial idea and I wish you the best. Substance is the keyword. I admire your wisdom, rock on.

  2. kommer til å bli fast leser

  3. Hello to nr 1!

    It is really just about getting old, life keeps being humorous if you just let it. I am not sure it is any wisdom here, but so many elders still have a life and history in them, and maybe it is easy to forget.
    I thank you for the kind words nevertheless, cane on to you!

    Thank you very much, it is really nice to hear, and have a nice weekend,


  4. Og til nr. 2,

    God lørdag!
    Det er hyggelig å høre, rart å få nye Internett venner på denne måten, jeg ser på dere som det.

    Vennlig hilsen


  5. Jeg kommer fra Cuba, Havanna, men har bodd i Norge i rundt 5 år. Jeg kom bort til bloggen din helt tilfeldigvis og jeg likte det med en gang jeg begynte å lese. Humør, visdom, ydmykhet, varme, kjærlighet og mye mer. Takk for det og for å inspirere så mange mennesker.

  6. Heisan!

    Beklager jeg fant kommentaren først nå, så jeg svarer sent, det er selvfølgelig ikke meningen!

    Helt fra Cuba, trives du i Norge? Jeg ville tro arbeid og økonomi er bedre her, men ville nok selv savnet klimaet og sikkert menneskene fra et sted som Cuba, uansett håper jeg du trives!

    Tusen takk for de veldig snille ordene, vil så gjerne dele litt fra gamle menneskers liv og syn på ting, om noe av det er litt interessant er det veldig hyggelig å få høre.

    Håper Norge alltid vil vise deg sine gode sider,
    vennlig hilsen