Big-Gunnars Photo Album.

Big-Gunnar always brings much happiness to people around him.
Here are some pictures of him, while he goes about his business. 

This might be the best bench I have ever been on!
Let us just sit for a while and wait for the snow to start falling. Big Gunnar said to me.

The statue pose.
"Bet you I can hold the pose longer than the other guys !" Big Gunnar said. "Maybe not the guy with the lazy sleep pose, but at least that other chap." When it eventually got dark, I walked home and the next morning he claimed the statue gave up and had moved just a little before he also went home. I am not 100% sure about this, but as always I had no proof saying otherwise. 

Confession time.
For someone as decent as Big Gunnar this is mostly done by just saying "hello".

The big birthday happening!
Balloons stay great no matter what age is celebrated. 

Big Gunnar finding the perfect kind of automobile.
"Just think how much cargo we could transport with such an automobile." He said when he found it.

Big Gunnar posing by la grande pietra rotonda outside Pantheon.
It really turned out to be almost a perfect sphere shape and not an oblate one.

Big Gunnar strolling inside the Vatican.

Big Gunnar on his way to check the gasoline prices.

Big Gunnar and maybe The Fountain Of Old.
No, this is just a normal, but very beautiful small pond for maybe pondering moments in life, he really is in the picture, behind some plants and flowers. 

Big Gunnar considering three climbing.
It was all about a cherry thing.

Big Gunnar and his tampered with potato.

Big Gunnar and the mowing hollyhocks.
Or the "Gypsy rose" as Big Gunnar calls it. (He of course means no offense, they are just nomadic, and there is, as it always is with Big Gunnar, a story and explanation behind it.)

Big Gunnar and the Hammock.
I think he has fallen asleep, probably after sharing the interesting "story of the hammocks", this of course is just a regular garden hammock. 

Big Gunnar studying the silver wheel barrow and the rollator.
It of course took a while to decide which was the most silver of them.

Big Gunnar taking one of his strolls in the garden.
It had been raining (sometimes it does this in Norway, even in the summertime), so he got a bit wet, next time he will probably wear more suitable shoes to keep dry during his stroll.

Big Gunnar and the silver lawn mower.
You cannot hear, but if you look closely at the picture you can almost see him shouting at the lawn mower for not preforming with any kind of particular expected decency.  

Big Gunnar and his Crocks.

Big Gunnar and his shiny shoes.

Big Gunnar comes on a visit.

Big Gunnars Strawberry Daquiry.
(It is almost as a blueberry juice, just with strawberries and a little alcohol. 

Big Gunnar having a cup of coffee.

Big Gunnar just relaxing.
(Notice that the couch and hat seem to come from the same producer?)

Big Gunnar planking.
(Gunnar is wise in the ways of life, so this of course is preformed with focus on the safety.)

Big Gunnar with his driving hat.
(I think it is a sort of driving hat, and also he really needs to polish those shoes.)

Big Gunnar`s crew.
(I guess there might be something behind Gunnars conspiracy theories after all, nevertheless friends often turn up to be the same height when they grow up together, or at least I think I heard so, but it really makes no sense when I think of it.)

Since we are friends, sometimes Gunnar comes with me when I visit my house.

Big Gunnar obviously admiring my Silver wheelbarrow.

Big Gunnar just taking a stroll in my garden.

Big Gunnar keeps on strolling.

Big Gunnar just visiting.

Big Gunnar feeding the birds, woodpecker did not come when he was feeding, but small sparrows and a pigeon, the pigeon has a name, but I forgot.

Big Gunnar also tested my home-rollator, but he was not impressed.
(It really should have adjustable handles.)

Big Gunnar also tested my outside rollator, it was raining, but he borrowed suitable clothing so it went fine.
(Of course since they are similar rollators they both should have adjustable handles.)

Big Gunnar with family.
( I am not sure, but I think maybe Gunnar is in the middle, and posing with his parents when he was much younger, makes me wonder about his height theory.)

Big Gunnar, probably dressed for some very cold Norwegian day.
(This sort of makes me want to also give him a really short cane for Christmas along with the photo album.)

Big Gunnar and his crew again, obviously up to something.
(Maybe a big and complicated heist of some sort. I hope it involves fish, or at least something fishy.)

Big Gunnar just posing.
( He can be such a show of.)

Big Gunnar resting in the quiet, formal and noble corner. (each garden should have one of those.)
(He of course reads about Henry Ford, the only type of car he really approved of.)

Big Gunnar thinking about the shape of the Earth.
(It really is more of an oval shape than round as he claims, he will agree sooner or later.)

Big Gunnar demonstrates warm footwear for a very very cold day.
(Must be a very cold day to wear those, but on the upside they make him kind of taller, so maybe they are just for a day with much deep snow.)

Big Gunnar and myself just relaxing in my garden.
( We are probably watching the birds.)

Big Gunnar testing my "silver" lawn mower.

Big Gunnar making a telephone call.
It was probably an important national call, and maybe about size of berries.

Big Gunnar cab cruising.
Old people mostly enjoy sitting in the back, sort of cruising the driving Miss Daisy style.

Big Gunnar operating a vehicle.
Big Gunnar driving, he can of course do this with excellence, he just prefers the back seat. 

Big Gunnar grinding fresh coffee at my house.
(My coffee grinder was very modern ones.)

A small advice is to take pictures of whatever makes you happy, some day, maybe it is raining, and you will remember and have a look at them, and they will put a smile on your face, anyway, all the best to you photographers.