Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One more "rollated" thing.

This is my own personal one, I have one inside and one outside, as you can see I have my journal on the one inside, but the dashboard (as I call it) where my journal is laying is both to low and to small really for this use.
At the retirement home we have tried to decorate it with a vase and a pot of flowers, we even once hung wonderbaum on Stinky`s rollator (his real name is of course not Stinky, but some call him this, and I tried to help him with wonderbaum and so on.), (that is another story, back to ours), what I mean is we have tried to use the dashboard for almost anything and nothing really fits having there, except pills and them we just eat, we do not carry them around for show.
There is not even a beer cup holder for long walks down the hallway or nothing.
And again, we want something to drive Miss Daisy in, not transport E.T home, no matter how charming he is.
Thanks for listening.



  1. Hi FWG, how about designing something? I for one would be very interested to see what you'd prefer to use. If you have the time ofcourse ;) Anyway, great blog, will be following.

  2. Hello Øystein!

    This I absolutely will do, my grandchildren told me they could take a drawing and make it into a picture, so I can put it here. This will be a fun project for some of us.

    Thank you for all the kind words,
    Best regards,