Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A small step for people in general, but a mighty one for me, because this is my first blog entry!

Today, unfortunately Gunhild is working, she is the care taker we appreciate the least. She is always so angry, and she has some beard, beard on women is not very pretty, and at least not on women who seems to be angry. Theodor always tried to make her so irritated so she would hit him, he said he would take a punch for the rest of us. He was fun and lived 3 rooms down from me, here at the retirement home. He had a nice funeral before Christmas, even if not many of his relatives was attending it. They did not visit him often when he was alive either when I think of it.
It is hard to adjust to the meals here, they make us eat so early, it is soon dinner and the clock is only 14. At home I always ate dinner late.
Well, this was my first try here, sorry if it was not so good, but maybe I can write something more after dinner.



  1. Hi FWG,
    Im reading all your blogs backwards, starting from the most recent.. yes I know thats probably a little weird, but I do the same with newspapers. But anyway, I have to kind of admire the spirit of people like Theodor, offering to do that for everyone else.. and its a shame his family didnt visit so much, but who knows why.. but I enjoy reading your musings, especially as I am off work sick with a busted shoulder, so im kind of stuck in my house and not able to do anything, so this makes for a little light entertainment :)
    keep up the good work sir!
    have a good day

  2. Hello Alan!

    I am grateful and proud if I can help you with stories from our retirement home, while you are at home with your shoulder, hope it gets better and you I never thought that there was directions in how to read this, but now I start at the oldest ones, I think anyway you do it is probably perfect. I am not sure I have gotten any of this in any good order, so maybe it makes more sense to just read them as you do?
    Thanks for the kind words!

    Have a nice monday,
    Best regards