Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Tarzan-Way Of High Cherry Picking.

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Yesterday Big Gunnar and me visited my old house. We had decided to pick the rest of the cherries, so we could share them with the other guests at the retirement home. But we soon ran into some small challenges, Big Gunnar was the first to notice our challenge, he is the most observant of us.

Big Gunnar on his way for cherry picking.

Big Gunnar being most observant and noticing our challenge.
All the berries were at the top of the three, we had probably been lazy the former times we had been picking them. "You have been lazy and picked the easiest the first times." Big Gunnar said to me, "Good thing I am here." He said. "I`ll go Tarzan on those fruits" he said.

Big Gunnar going Tarzan on the cherries.
Big Gunnar is of course excellent at three climbing, I think he has learned it from watching Tarzan movies, probably with Johnny Weissmuller. According to Big Gunnar Johnny Weissmuller is the only believable Tarzan figure on cinema, and when he ever meets an obstacle that might seem big, or at least tall, his normal solution is to go Tarzan on it.

Johnny Weissmuller, the only believable Tarzan.
 Big Gunnar always says that he enjoys his movies because of his excellent acting and good physics, "You can see that he has almost just eaten fruits and healthy food all his life!" "And probably no tampered potatoes either." He says, and Johnny Weissmuller was sort of a ladies man, same as Big Gunnar, "Almost as good a gentleman as me, the difference is I never played with monkeys and suddenly screamed all the time." He also says. (Both are true, he was very popular with women and he screamed a lot when he jumped around in the threes, at least he did so in the movies.)

Johnny Weismuller being a popular gentleman with a lady.
 (You can really see how focused he was when he payed attention to them, and it was probably why they loved him so much, and of course because of his excellent physics. But I cannot believe he was as popular when he suddenly screamed? I would have thought this would frighten a lady.)

Johnny Weissmuller screams.
This is not possible to hear of a picture, but you can see what a great actor he was, because you can very well imagine the scream, it normally was very loud and long.

Big Gunnar did not scream, or stop to play with monkeys, or help any women this day, (he would of course have helped any women if they needed, but there was none, and I have never seen any monkeys in my garden, they normally do not live freely in Norway) he just climbed and picked cherries.

Big Gunnar just climbing and picking cherries.
He of course had to show of, so he also shouted, (at least he did not scream, that might have scared the birds), but he shouted: " Look! No hands! " Big Gunnar can be such a show of, even when cherry picking. But please do not try to do it the same way as Big Gunnar does this, he is after all almost a professional at this, and an expert at Johnny Weissmuller, the only really believable Tarzan figure.

Anyway, we had a really nice day picking a lot of cherries, and I will share some (very socially) with Ellen, and the others.

Find a solution if you have a challenge, it is just the most logical way.
Best of Sundays to you all!

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