Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Fountain Of Old Expectations.

Hello one day older,

So today I am one day older than I was yesterday, and all things around me are also one day older. That is not much when you think of it, but still everything gets older. Even the new things get older, at least from the moment they start to exists, and I think it only is our own expectations concerning the object, that has any influence regarding how fast we feel the actual aging. Today it feels that many objects gets older much faster than in the old days, except maybe people, here the expectations to how old we will get seems to have increased, the media writes about the coming of an enormous wave of old people, (Gunnar claims that this period will later in history, be referred to as "The Wrinkly Ages", I think "confused" would be a better word, but he claims future people will use the word wrinkly to describe confused because the age of the word also will come to an end, and therefor many long words will be replaced by shorter ones. (Yes, Gunnar has a lot of opinions.) Anyway to not seem completely senile I will continue what I really was trying to write, (also we cannot get one day older just while I write this), I then believe our expectations dominates when we consider something as either getting old, or just being old.

I saw this Danish TV show about a Japanese gentleman named Dr. NakaMats, he expected to reach the age of 140 years old,( he had also invented the Karaoke machine among many other things, he seemed as a very active gentleman, and this maybe explains why he had decided to live a little longer than normal expectations).

Dr. Nakamats together with Dr. NakaMats. (Approximately 80 years young.)
The one to the right is Dr, NakaMats, and the one to the left is a sort of picture poster of Dr. NakaMats, obviously one gets a little taller on a picture poster than on a normal picture.

Then the sense of age is based on productivity, but also on design, and mostly on our own expectations. (Only my old thoughts of course.)

A 40 year old Bonsai "Eurya".
Expectations regarding this probably makes us think it is pretty young, considering they can reach approximately 400 years, and the content and looks of it stays the same.

A 40 year old karaoke machine.
(I still think this looks kind of high tech and almost sci-fi), but at the age of 40 our expectations is only one of light curiosity, because both content and the shift of shapes are expected regularly.

The fountain of expectations.
It sort of is an oblate spheroid shape (same as the earth) I think, but no matter what age is occupying the shape, it still is our greatest source, or fountain if you like, to our own expectations regarding all and nothing, also then how we see age.

So maybe Tuesday is a nice day to look at the objects surrounding you, and think about expectations and their fountains?
Best of Internet Tuesdays to you all!


  1. Thank you F.W.G!

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