Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big Gunnars Cool And Slightly Confusing Advice For Hot Days, "The Aqueous Solution".

Hello People, not just the Internet!
(I know this makes no sense, but it is nice to greet all, and not discriminate anyone.)

It is Wednesday, and almost a warm Wednesday, so I thought I would pass on one of Big Gunnars advice, actually I sort of had to do this, (he has advice's for almost anything, and then of course for anyone, and everyone). (Some of them can be a bit confusing, but I will try to walk you through this one.)

First we start with Big Gunnar.

Big Gunnar.
( Even if known, a decent introduction is always appreciated.)

Then we have the sun, because this plays a part in really everything, at least everything about being warm on a sunny day.

The sun.
This is really warm, on the surface it is approximately 5505 degrees Celsius. ( The information book said this, I think it sounds pretty accurate to just be approximate, at least the last 5 degrees.)

Anyway, the sun is our source when we have warm days, at least when the position, and our local weather permits it, and when it is warm, Big Gunnar says to drink warm is the best for having a good hydration. I said that I think to not have any hydration is better, because then everything is in balance, I was partially trying to make a joke, but as a result, I now have to write all of this, please try to keep up.

As I wrote, Big Gunnar says to drink warm, "at least room temperature", is what he says, "because the camels etc always drink room temperature", and they very seldom experience dehydration. (Dehydration is the bad result of not good hydration.)

A camel.
I must admit that this camel looks very comfortably hydrated.

Big Gunnar always has more arguments, and he normally says that really cold liquids are more dangerous, because of what happened to, "among others", "the Titanic".

The Titanic.
The RMS Titanic struck an iceberg and sunk.

I have tried to say that to have ice in ones beverage on a really warm day really cannot be compared with anything related to what happened to the Titanic, but Big Gunnar then always asks "if any hot cups of coffee were involved in the incident?" Which they of course were not, or at least not as I know of, and if they were, they probably had nothing to do with the ship sinking.

A hot cup of coffee.
You can see the coffee being warm from the steam rising, it would probably be vise to let it cool just a little before you drank this cup, but maybe drink it before it reaches room temperature.

Anyway, Big Gunnar thinks that a cold drink passes through the system faster than a slightly warmer drink, also it causes shrinking of blood vessels and such, while the slightly warmer drink helps the system to be more fluid and so on. I am really not sure about this, but Big Gunnar made some coffee for us on Saturday, when it was really warm, and it tasted excellent and refreshing, so maybe he is correct after all.

Big Gunnar making coffee on a warm Saturday.
To make the coffee took a while, so I guess it had the perfect temperature, for any day really, when we drank it.

I am a bit confused about everything myself now, but I guess the advice is to drink something, cool or hot, when you feel thirsty.

Have the best of Wednesdays, and stay cool.


  1. I totally agree with Big Gunnar, but I thought I was the only wise enough to understand the meaningfullness of hot beverages on hot summer days!
    Go Gunnar!
    HIlsen Mari

  2. Hello Mari,

    Big Gunnar will be happy you agree, and then he also agrees with you, and then everybody maybe are happy! Have the best of weekends!