Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Ingenious Mailbox System, And Then Some Time For Bird Watching.

Hello Patent Office!

No, this time I know I can not write to anybody else than the Internet People here, not the patent office, but I really want to share with you all, also Gunnar saw my ingenious design last time he visited and thought "we would make a fortune", "we will make a big fortune!"(as often, everything that involves Gunnar has the potential to get big), anyway what he had seen was my mailbox system. You see as you get old, many common everyday things becomes almost happenings (same as very tiny New Year Eves), and I look forward to them with great expectations, and one of them is the delivery of mail, this of course changed after the Internet, much less regular post comes, but still the news paper and such are delivered every day to the normal mailbox, and I used to sit in my kitchen window and wait for the mail man, but to just sit there and wait without being able to go anywhere was sometimes almost boring, (even old people can sometimes want to change the scenery in which they sit and think), and I could hear the birds in my front garden and then much rather want to sit there, with them, but if I left my guard post at the kitchen window I would maybe miss my mail being delivered, and to walk back and from the door to the mail box to check all the time was both confusing and almost stressful (do not laugh, I am a senior), so I came up with a solution, an invention ( almost in the spirit of Dr. NakaMats), this made me able to just look out my kitchen window and actually see if the mail man had been there!

Look at how the mail has not yet arrived.
The mailbox seems all normal, and there is no way of telling if the mail has been delivered, (notice the small attachment on the left side).

Then I could go to the front garden, and watch small birds eat.

Sometimes also bigger birds, a very beautiful pigeon here.

And sometimes when Big Gunnar visited he would also feed the birds.
(You can see how he has put two pieces of toast especially for the woodpecker with family, this actually is another invention of mine, the bird toast feeder, it is perfect for feeding woodpeckers.)

All the time while I just enjoyed sitting still, and watching them all go about their business.

And then, suddenly when I checked the mail box through my kitchen window again!
See the little red round thing (this is not a oblate spheroid by the way), and how when the mail man has been there it has sort of ended up on the outside of the mail box? This then allowed me to not have to go out and check if the mail had come (when it had not), and also not have to sit guard by the window waiting for any mail man, I just see if my little red marker have appeared, very easy and useful. 

Of course here at the home we learned, at least Gunnar learned that the Americans already have this sort of design on their mail boxes, that is why I also do not need to contact any patent office, but still I think my design and solution is very easy, and maybe others can use it also?

Sometimes I miss my mail box, but now I have the Internet with Internet People, and it is very much the same, just without any red marker.

So maybe you can use my little invention, or if somebody else came up with it before me, use their invention? Or maybe invent something of your own?
Have an inventious Thursday, and the sun is really shining!

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