Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Evil Jesters, And Their Indecent Quest For A Stage.

To explain the unexplainable I will not try, even to try to write about the unwriteable I really do not want to do, but this is all about the deranged evilness of fools.

Occasionally some bad people enter the stage of humans, they seek focus on themselves through destruction, and reign of evil. To give them the "silence treatment" (as one does with small children and sometimes old people), combined with ridiculing them are the best way to handle them.

I address this directly to the evil fools.

You, the latest participant among them, you are absolutely no Knights Templar.
They would never have done what you did. The Knights Templar would not cowardly attack innocent and children in our days. (The Knights Templar were not perfect, but pure cowardly evil, they were not.)

So what are you? You are a single individual, but you do not stand alone, you share the stage with others similar to you, they are thankfully few, but still too many. A few examples of deranged fools.

Deranged fool.
A movement fool.
Deranged fool.
A dictator fool.

Deranged fool.
A fool.
Just how incredibly deranged and evil you are, I am sure you have yourself documented well, all the fools do this, and in history you all will be continuously judged, and the heroes you all so eagerly wanted to become will of course be your victims, anyone with half a brain, knows this from the humans history.

What you all are.
Evil fools, the deranged jesters.
You are the evil Jesters of our days, because you like to dress up for others and for your own amusement and entertainment, and sometimes you try to teach us through acting. This is also what the Templars would have treated you as back in their time, some of you had more power than the others, some are dead, but some of you jesters still continue your deranged charade of evilness, you are the fools, but you are also plain evil, if you had not done such incredibly awful things, you would be brought forward for amusement by the rest of the world when we needed a good laugh, and maybe so we ourselves could be reminded of true values and decency through watching you act the opposite.

The pen is more powerful than any weapon, and only true cowards and fools who lack the gift of using it, and the decency to realize this, takes to the use of arms. To attack the public to get their attention is the act of a completely deranged fool, (and unfortunately this anyone with a weapon can do), a fool with an ego that does not allow him to see that he lacks the talent, or intelligence, to be able to get any attention.

The weapon can create more immediate sorrow than the pen, but then the pen can have a long term healing effect, which any weapon cannot.

I will not write anything more about this, because I just wanted positivity on this page, but I just had to write something about this evil deranged individual. Do not give him any stage to preform on, or any public he so eagerly wants. Just let him go down in history exactly what he is, a cowardly deranged evil fool.

This of course is just regarding the evil fools, evil jesters, absolutely not regarding the ones, the jesters, who has any actual talent and are decent. Also, please do not forget the family of this fool, they might be just as innocent, and decent, as the rest of us.

Maybe we can use this to evolve just a little more, it would be the highest tribute to survivors, and all the victims.


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this terrible matter! I like your take on it, alot. btw, just want to point out that it is spelled Knights Templar, all though nights templars probably also exist as many people enjoy staying up all night for various reasons. Best Regards, Kristian

  2. You Sir are of course correct, sorry it was probably almost night when I wrote this, thank you for the correction Kristian! Nights Templar l.o.c (laugh out coughing), I agree again.

    Have the best of weekends Kristian,