Thursday, July 14, 2011

Feeling Tall When Helping Low,

(And Thoughts About Some Chains.)

Good Morning Friday Internet People, Polar bears, and friendly vegetables!

I do not mean to be philosophical or very thoughtful here on a friday, but I noticed the other day that one of our residents here at the home seemed a little down (sad), Big Gunnar immediately took action and sat down (or maybe stood up) with him, and shared a basket of strawberries, and suddenly his mood was high spirited again, so nothing to worry about there, but it got me thinking about how, sometimes everybody can feel a bit low, no matter what height they are, even Big Gunnar sometimes feels a bit low ( and he really sees himself as almost the tallest one most of the time). One day, not long ago during a visit at my place, Big Gunnar wanted to feed the birds, but he had one of his own rare low days.

Big Gunnar wants to feed the birds, but is having one of his rare low days.
You can really see the height challenge he had this day, and even if Big Gunnar is the type of guy who can achieve anything he normally sets his mind into (and that is a lot), he just this day needed a little help from a friend.

I am truly happy and lucky to be this friend!

Me being happy and lucky helping to feed the birds.
I am always happy the times I can help Big Gunnar, because very often to help him includes helping others again, in this situation it was the birds, almost like a chain of help.

It can be difficult to see when friends have their low days, and therefor maybe need a little help from someone feeling taller, but if you pay attention you might just be the lucky one who can add the little extra height that day, and then again maybe more small birds will get dinner? Or something equally "chainly" nice.

Maybe if all your friends feel tall and happy, and the birds are fed, then maybe one could adopt a polar bear?

A very adoptable Polar Bear.
And this one has its kid with it, I do not think you can have two for the prices of one, except maybe if the one you adopt is pregnant? Anyway, to adopt just one is a great thing to do, we are after all the top of the food chain (and that brings responsibility concerning the ones below us), even if rumors earlier this year said that suddenly cucumbers where killing people.

An earlier this year suspected cucumber.

(I do not think this cucumber was involved, it just looks too decent and friendly, also it turned out it was not the cucumbers at all I think. Anyway a vegetable, even if it did kill people..would maybe not challenge our place at the top of the food chain, or at least not adopt any Polar bear..or maybe it would?)

I really do not know, but maybe you can loan a little height to a friend who is feeling low? Or adopt a Polar bear? (I think WWF is the organisation to contact.) At least eat a cucumber, they are healthy, and maybe still below us in the food chain.

Be part of a good chain, and have a great weekend!

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