Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Failed Escape Conundrum.

Hello Internet People!

Today, the talk has been heated here at the home, because everybody was expecting an escape attempt from Busk yesterday, (or today, it should have been friday when I think of it.) Rolf Rolls is said to have been giving him tips and training on how to best handle his rollator at the turn by the mailboxes, "Corner handling and Obstacle avoidance" is what Rolf Rolls calls his newly started and usual classes, I think Busk also must have got some private lessons, the braking around corners has according to the rumors been Busks Achilles heel all along, but no more now.

Achilles and his "heel".
Well, at least a statue of him, it was called something with both his name and heel, but I beg your pardon for the picture, and its nudity, I would have given this statue a different name, "Achilles moon" or something, but again, that would probably demand a completely different story behind it, and also I do not think Achilles was actually naked when the arrow hit him? Still this is a sort of a statue of him.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes, Busk really had planned the escape this time, watching series, and old movies, and today it was on, he had even made his bed with a watermelon as head under the duvet (Dyne in Norwegian, a cover for the body when you sleep, it is cold in Norway, even sometimes in the summertime, I found duvet, and hope this is the correct word.) So that the caretakers would think that he was sleeping late, and not notice his escape until later on the day.

Norwegian "Dyne", or maybe an English Duvet.
But something with the plan went totally wrong, because somebody had taken the watermelon, and therefor his escape was sort of blown before he managed to really get out the doors, they immediately understood that he was going to make a run for it, remember he is almost famous for this, and this time they then stopped him before he even reached the door.

The theories have of course been many, and different conspiracies have been debated all day, (I am only happy I did not have T-shirts printed this time), nobody claims to have any knowledge about who took the melon, and thereby ruined Busks master escape plan. Big-Gunnar claims also to have no knowledge about the disappearance of the watermelon, he has held long speeches to all listeners within ear hearing radius (I know sight is most common to use, "ear sight", but that really makes no sense.) about the caretaker he does not like, and how she has probably taken the melon, I first tried to explain to him that she was only pregnant, but then I gave up, his mind seemed to be set on raising a small havoc about this.


He also claims he has preformed some sort of a test run of some kind, for "something big" he is planning, and that the test went well, he calls it "The Ingenious Diversion Heist". I am always fascinated of the modest names he uses for whatever he does.

Everybody seems really busy for the time being, I am also, I am waiting for something my grandchildren calls a scanner, I think they have those at airports, so I can make drawings into digital pictures, I really have no idea how they will bring it to me, but I highly anticipate its arrival, (and I have started to make space for it in my room), so I can share more stuff with you people.

Have the best of weekends, and eat lots of summer fruit! (But not others fruit, unless you are invited of course, that can lead to complications.)

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