Friday, July 22, 2011

Unintelligible Cruelty.

Hello Oslo.

What happened in Norway is awful, now the unintelligible cruelty has reached this country.
I do not understand how people can preform such fierce actions, but sadly it has been going on around the world since the dawn of mankind, we resolve into the use of arms towards each other, we do it as individuals, or as groups together, it is a total disgrace to our species. Nations fights violence with violence and thereby receives violence back, and it is all done in the name of peace.

I wish I was more surprised by what happened, but instead I am only surprised by the pure cruelty of it.  

Please, do not conclude with anything before all facts are visible, time always reveals who is behind, whether they want to or not, whether it was a single or a group act, and they will be judged.

And do not be afraid, just take precautions, such as stay away from government buildings, embassy's and places where people crowd together, just until the situation is clarified.

Take care,


  1. Hello Old Man Finn.
    That of course made me very sad to see this announcement on the news. Not Norway! But as you say the madness is everywhere. Unfortunately, if someone wants to do a lot of damage and hurt a lot of people all at once it seems easier these days with our sophisticated weapons etc and it is the repercussions of these actions which are felt and like a ripple in a pond, the waves of sadness continue on. How much better to send out waves of happiness into eternity. I don't know much about Norway, but this is not how I wanted to learn more about it. :(
    Jenny from Australia

  2. Hello Jenny,

    I agree with all you say, how very awful this is, one mad ruined mind did all that.
    There are unfortunately parts of the humankind, even if they are blissfully few, that I cannot understand, and I will not understand.

    All best wishes to you,