Monday, July 18, 2011

The Mystery Of Fluctuating Prunus Avium.

Hello new Internet week!

On Saturday Big Gunnar and I visited my house, we where sitting in the garden eating cherries, and probably watching the big and small birds, I have these really old cherry threes which now has a lot of cherries on them, and we (mostly me of course, they grow on threes) had picked some of them to enjoy while we sat there.

Big Gunnar and me relaxing and eating self picked cherries, and probably watching big and small birds.

But then Big Gunnar noticed that even if my cherries are very tasteful, they are much smaller than the ones we can buy, and all things that differentiates in size interests Big Gunnar. I said I only thought this was because they were of different types of cherries, but Big Gunnar is much more concerned regarding information and explanations than me, so he stood up and talked about his concerns regarding the size dilemma to me, and that we really needed to find out about this.

Big Gunnar standing and discussing the complete cherry question with me.
I was just eating the cherries, but he really did not seem to be satisfied with my explanation, so I did what I always do when Big Gunnar gets an idea in his head, I supported his newly found interest in getting to the real cause of this matter.  After some talk he decided he would make some telephone calls and see (or rather hear) if someone had any explanation regarding the cherries and their fluctuations in how they present themselves.

Big Gunnar making some calls regarding the cherry situation.
He was on the telephone quite a while so I guess he made some important national calls regarding this.

My basket of small but very tasteful cherries.
As you hopefully can see they are not so big.

Bigger cherries, and probably just as tasteful.
(I really feel sorry for not having my cherries in a better basket or bowl when I see how nice they look on this picture, next time I will at least change and have the cherries on the plate, and the stones in the basket, not the other way around, Big Gunnar was my only guest, so I am sort of thankful he was so preoccupied with the size question, instead of my presentation of the cherries.) It is maybe difficult to see the size difference on the pictures, but it really was quite big.

When Big Gunnar returned he told me of what he had found out, and that was that the number of berries on the three, and of course the size of the three itself, had something to say regarding the size of the berries, and also of course what type of cherry it was, but what really got him going was that he had heard that some of the cherries might have been manipulated with.

Big Gunnar back together with me, explaining all what he had found out regarding the cherries and their size fluctuations.

This took of course most of our day, as normal is when Big Gunnar gets involved in something, and I just know that he will follow the cherry mystery further, because whenever he hears the word manipulated he goes into conspiracy mode, and most often there then is a government connection, and to be truthful I am a bit interested in this myself, I am not sure I am against or pro whatever is the main reason this time, if it helps without any negative long term effect it might be a good thing, but if the opposite is the fact, then...anyway, I know Big Gunnar is on this case, so I am bound to learn something new, or at least learn about cherry size fluctuations.

Have the best of weeks, and eat tasteful summer berries!
(But give them a proper washing first, just to be on the safe side.)

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