Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Positive Way To Handle Grey.

Hello Wednesday!

We were sitting and talking about the weather here, (yes, old people sometimes do this), and since it is another partially cloudy and grey Wednesday, I want to share some thoughts we were discussing, with you Internet People. In the old days we always also hoped for nice weather, but we did not have the information flow that is today, (this of course does not only concern the weather, our information was less almost regarding everything), and therefor I think we had a more relaxed approach to what type of weather we got, I will try to walk you all through how we in the old days checked, and related to the weather. It normally was a 3 stage operation.

First the actual checking to see that there was any weather at all, Big-Gunnar demonstrates.

Big-Gunnar checks the weather at my house.
Gunnar of course not only checks the weather this way because he is old fashioned, but also because he believes the government may be involved in the meteorology, and then that they predict nice weather, so old people will wear too little clothes and so on, (Gunnar really has softened a lot when it comes to his opinions as he has gotten older).

The second stage in the old days involved to open a door, or a window, (NB.this was after the visual checking), and feel how the temperature actually was, not just how it looked, (looks can sometimes deceive).

Big-Gunnar preforms the double check, and feels the actual temperature.
After these two checks were preformed, most of us are usually ready to go out, of course, as you get older you start to not only feel the temperature but also enjoy the moment of just standing completely still (as I have earlier told you about), so these moments can last a while today.

Then, thirdly, you have the actual "going out moment" related to the weather, the good thing then about having looked at the weather through the windows, and then felt the temperature in for example the doorway, is that you then can dress accordingly to the two above correct information's, some are of course always on the safe side no matter how it looks.

Big- Gunnar demonstrates unnecessary safety, and warm clothing.
(This of course is a little too much, even for a Norwegian summer, but again, it is only a demonstration.)

You are nevertheless ready now to go out and enjoy the weather, no matter what type it is.

Big-Gunnar is going out, to enjoy the weather no matter how it is.
Windy with a possibility for rain must have been his conclusion, (or with Gunnar it really is now way of telling what he might have thought).

Anyway Internet People, here on the computer it is always sunny, but the weather is unpredictable, and I think it always will be, we at the retirement home are just happy when the sun is shining, and happy that we can be happy expecting the sun to shine sooner or later when it is not.

Hope the sun will shine on you all, if not today, then tomorrow, or the day after!



  1. You are a really good writer. Keep it up the good work.

  2. Hello Miriam!

    Thank you for those kind words, I am honored by you reading and commenting me!

    Have the really best of weekends on the oblate spheroid shaped world,