Friday, July 22, 2011

Fashionably Cocktailing The Rainy Friday Away.

Hello Friday People,

It is raining, and it will be raining most of the weekend I read, so I thought why not maybe make a cocktail?
In the old days we often celebrated Fridays with a cocktail, of course some celebrated more than others (same as today I believe), but if you do it with both style and some moderation, it should be perfectly fine, and also, again, it is Friday, and it is raining, so here it is, old style of course.

First you should change from your working clothes into something more relaxed and proper for drinks, maybe take a look at Humphrey Bogart. When you change your clothes often your mood follows. (Not that I say your mood is wrong, it maybe is just not in the correct cocktail Friday mood.)

Humphrey Bogart in the correct clothing, and hopefully mood.
(He is really ready for a drink here I think, at least properly dressed for it.)

Then you of course have the actual cocktail, here you can make "The old fashioned", it is a very decent and proper cocktail for both rainy and hot summer days, it is also very easy to make, just muddle some dissolved sugar with bitters, and then add some jenever, whiskey or brandy, and a slight twist of citrus rind.

The actual old fashioned cocktail.
It should be presented in a short round glass, same as the picture above.

The you are ready to enjoy some nice conversations and cocktailing time with your friends, it really does not matter then that it rains, but even if this is a good and decent suggestion, in places as Norway, it is not advised that every rainy day becomes "cocktail day", just some days, with the perfect amount of moderation.

Enjoying cocktails with friends.
This is of course from a very famous movie, and I hope you see the movie, maybe on a rainy Friday when you are not having cocktails with friends, or perhaps you can combine the two.

Big Gunnar properly dressed, and in always the correct mood, having a cocktail.
Cocktails can of course also be enjoyed on sunny days, but please also then with decency and moderation, here Big Gunnar has a strawberry cocktail, he actually had two that day, that is fine within his decency limits, he is of course always decent, and yes, he can also drink something cool when the situation is suitable.

So maybe you should make the "Old fashioned" today? Then you need:
40 ml of spirit,
1 sugar cube,
2 dashes of bitter (angostura),
1 splash of water (can use something else if adventurous, maybe same as Dr. Livingstone.)

Anyway, some Fridays should be used for just having a good time, life goes fast and suddenly you do not have these possibilities any more, so enjoy your rainy Fridays, have a decent cocktail in the spirit of Humphrey Bogart and Big Gunnar!

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