Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nothing About Any Senile Noses, But Something About Disoriented Cutlery.

Hello Internet Sunday,

In the retirement home we of course have some senile "guests". To be a guest gives the impression we are only passing through here, and that is sort of a both comforting and a scary thought. Anyway, the senile are senile in many ways, very seldom are they aggressive, most often they just seem to have disconnected themselves from the rest of us, they just keep on being and not at the same time. It really is worse for the families and friends, I will maybe write about this later, and make it more political correct, but for the moment that is difficult, because this really is about Gunnar, and nothing can then really be political correct, just sometimes political, and this is a little part of his involvement regarding two senile here.
We have two of what Gunnar calls the G-S senile here (the Great senile). They both really makes no big thing out of themselves, but they have one thing in common, they both, when they sit at the dinner table, drive parts of the cutlery around their plates, around the salt and pepper shakers, and so on, and when they do this they make sort of a car noise, "brrrr" they say, it almost sounds so that they make the noise through their noses. They live on two different floors, but Gunnar, which is a very social person, gets around and knows all that is to know about almost everyone here.

Big-Gunnar being social.
(Here he is social with his friends, yes they were planning something, but something of course totally different.)

Anyway, what Gunnar now wants to do, he wants to put the two of them together, so he can start having "Grand Prix Cutlery Senile Breakfast Races", "since they stop us from having the rollator races" he says, "old people also should have races", (he really means nothing bad by this either, even if he always insists on having such modest tittles), he thinks they both might trigger something in the other of them, by this being held, and by having them sit together. He also hopes they then will have sort of a race between themselves and the plates, (he has drawn a racetrack with obstacles and everything) and he argues that this will make both them, and the rest of us, maybe, happy and excited. "We, and them, have nothing to loose, and it should be totally safe, as long as everybody stays behind the safety line." I have tried to say something about that maybe being just a bit over the top, and also that it might not be very respectful towards them, Gunnar then just asked me "if I looked down my big nose ( sort of being patro-nosing maybe)(his is of course very small) on normal racers and entertainers, and, if I did not, I should stop being a racist towards people of other intellectual color", sometimes he can be such a potato to talk with, also I am not sure this would not be classified as gambling eventually, because I know he has already started to take small bets regarding who is the favorite and such, and there is a list going around where people can place "donations" to the winning team.

A big nose.

(This gentleman has a really big nose, I do not think it is a senile nose, but he has a mustache, and a mustache, when maintained properly, really can be a great asset in the face. I really do not mean to offend anyone with big or small noses, or without mustaches, I am a big pro, regarding almost all noses.)

And then some Cutlery.
(This is of course much nicer cutlery than we have at the home, and also then what they will be racing with, if the race ever will happen. I found the picture on the Internet, same as the nose, the knifes should have been polished and cleaned better, people sort of put pictures of everything on the Internet it seems, without looking at how proper and clean it is, the nose looks better maintained, but maybe one are more conscious when it comes to body parts here on the Internet than cutlery?)

Anyway, this all of got a bit strange, but when Big-Gunnar is somehow involved it always does, and it is raining again, so maybe strange things can be a little entertaining? Also the sun will shine again really soon.

Have a small, and perhaps political correct, and safe, strange Sunday race if you can, or of course only if you want to,
Best of Sundays to you all,


  1. Thank you for smiling!

    Have the best of days,

  2. Good Gilbert,

    You make my day!

  3. Thank you for those very kind words, and I am happy to be part of your day!