Friday, July 8, 2011

The Invisible Modest.

Earth on Friday,

I am not sure how much I have succeeded in this, but I have always tried to give to the ones who deserve, to give to those less fortunate when I could, and when I sat and thought about this the other evening, I had a another small epiphany, I have always sort of chosen the ones who were modest, almost invisible you can say, an example is I have always given money to the beggars who sat out of the way, the ones who seems as they really do not want to beg, not the ones coming up to me begging and then telling me they do not want to beg, I hope this does not make me sound very hard or ignorant, it is just that for me, the ones who makes the least of themselves, even when you know they struggle, they are the ones I really wanted to help, I have no idea if this is in any way the correct way of handling this, or even if there is a correct way, but it got me thinking about modesty in despair in a general view, and there are so many things we have in our life that really suits this description, I guess the most important one is our own planet.

Our own planet the Earth.
It should be rewarded in any little way you can, I think the world really has come to a period where it needs it, and our planet, even if we get the occasional periods of bad weather and storms, really is one of the most modest things we get to know in our life. I hope the ones living on the other side also sees how fantastic this planet is, and does some little thing for it occasionally.

Relax, I am old, but I am not that old, I know it is round, or even more the shape as an oblate spheroid.

The more correct, but still just as modest, planet Earth.
Of course this also is not any oblate shape, but it is nevertheless more correct.

Then, just to make it even more correct,
Earth in oblate shape.
Maybe, in a world obsessed with shapes and figures, and their sometimes loud presentations, it is more important than ever to remember and take care of those that quietly, modestly are in any kind of despair.

It is Friday, and Fridays are sometimes days to make a friend more conscious about almost anything, so today I will try to convince Big-Gunnar that the world is an oblate spheroid, he is stuck on the round shape of course, but content is king, I know he will come around to the oval, because the shape does not really matter, just the condition it is in.

Maybe you can reward someone, or something, who modestly deserves it?
And have a really great weekend Internet world, no matter what shape you are,

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