Friday, August 5, 2011

Pas The Budding , Cheetas Swinging Blues And Art & Hair Healing.

Hello Internet Thinkers!
On a Friday.

This happened on Tuesday.

During dinner we had a small hearing error, Big Gunnar claims it was because Rolf Rolls spoke too low, but the rest of us knows it really was Big Gunnars hearing, he does not have the biggest ears. Anyway, Rolf Rolls asked Big Gunnar if he could "pas the pudding", which of course Big Gunnar heard as "can you pas the Budding", and I must agree with Big Gunnar, when he then of course said no. He was not being impolite, this would be almost impossible to do. "No" said Big Gunnar, "that is almost impossible for me to do, ask me something else."

Edwin Beard Budding.
There really was only drawings related to Mr. Budding that I found, here he obviously demonstrates his invention, a good demonstration is always appreciated, even if I have problems understanding what else they would have thought his invention could be used for. It would nevertheless have been difficult to pas Budding around during dinner, and also it really would have made no sense. A normal pudding on the contrary is of course more correct in a dinner setting.

A quite normal pudding.
This actually is a Christmas pudding, I do not mean to be indecent, but I am sort of happy they have the red berry decoration on top, or else it would maybe not have looked very delicious.

Anyway, Big Gunnar was sort of a little bluesy after things had been sorted out, a bit the same as Cheeta after they stopped making Tarzan with his friend Johnny Weissmuller.

Cheeta and Johnny Weissmuller.
You can see how happy Cheeta were on this picture, Johnny Weissmuller is probably telling a story of a big swing from a three he once took, or something similar interesting. But Cheeta that was used to swinging now got the blues, he started drinking and smoking.

Cheeta having blues.
Even if one wears a hat it does not mean one is happy, it just helps a little. Cheeta also made the news with some of his bad habits.

Cheeta in the news.
As you see he played the piano, and it was probably remembering all the good time with, among others, Johnny Weissmuller, that made Cheeta once again focus on positive things in life.

Cheeta probably remembering good times, and Johnny Weissmuller, the only true believable Tarzan figure.
You can see that even if probably starting to remember the good times, he still seems a bit sad, almost as if even his hairs, chimpanzees have a lot of hair, also are a bit depressed, maybe hair are influenced by chimpanzees mood.

So Cheeta started to paint, and even making money on his paintings, maybe because customers suddenly could understand why the paintings also looked as they did. (I sometimes do not understand paintings, what they are, but maybe it is easier when you know that they are expressions of a chimpanzee.)

Cheeta painting and being happy again.
It probably was good memories, Johnny Weissmuller and art that saved Cheetas good spirit.

Cheeta high spirited once again.
Being as happy and hairy as ever, with healthy fruits, Cheeta of course had no name connected with its hair, while Edwin Beard Budding had the name beard in the middle, he has no beard on any of the drawings I have seen of him, maybe he thought it would not be very clever to have a lot of facial growth when one is in the lawn mower business? It might just also be that he did not think of it, that he just did not fancy facial hair, because if he would have thought about it he might have also changed his middle name to Nobeard, or something.

A beard.

To have facial hair then probably just depends on taste, Big Gunnar is considering a mustache, but for the moment he takes a lot of effort in being properly shaved always, so I just complimented his shaving and suggested he learned how to play the piano or something, and then he was happy again. He also of course passed the pudding to Rolf Rolls.

Have a little pudding, or grow some facial hair, but maybe not combine the both without training, because you do not want pudding in your beard, even if it probably is way better than having Budding there.

Or maybe more seriously, play some piano, or make a drawing if feeling a little blue.
Have a Friday the way you prefer,


  1. Facial hair is great. Tell Gunnar that I think he should go ahead with the mustache! :)

  2. Hi Gilbert!

    Just wondering, what's the deal with pudding?
    Would you say it is popular in the retirement home?
    I had a conversation with a friend the other day about making a 3-course meal with only (no offence) "old people food". My suggestion was to start with a shrimp cocktail, then a kabaret (don't know the english word for it) and for dessert a sviske-kompott (don't know that one either). If you have any inputs it is highly appreciated... I really want to win this "competition"

    Best regards,


  3. Jeg ser du ikke har lagt ut noen innlegg på en stund... og jeg håper så inderlig at det er fordi det skjer masse masse fint som holder deg for opptatt til å klakke på et tastatur, og at du har det bra. Stor klem!

  4. Hi Bjørn Henrik Johansen!

    The vote at the retirement home is so far for a mustache a`la Poirot.

    Have the best of Sundays,

  5. Ah, hello Kristian,

    I will discuss the pudding matter with Big Gunnar, he normally knows the answers to almost all things, hope it is not to late.

    Best Regards

  6. Hei Runa!

    Ja, du er korrekt i dine antagelser, det skjer mye og ingenting på en gang, men jeg skal bli litt flinkere fremover, fikk bare så lyst å skrive noen lengre historier ned, som det ikke var plass til her og på tross av at man burde ha lært tiden tar den mer enn man tydeligvis har lært...mulig man aldri lærer nok om den.

    Håper alt står bra til,