Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Vertigo View On Beauty In Rome.

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"Have you seen all the small chimneys on top of all the buildings, made in shape of small houses?" Big Gunnar asked me. I just knew I was about to step into one of his wisdom traps. Big Gunnar is an expert on this, he asks a simple question about a simple topic, and then he lectures you when you give the wrong answer. Since I knew this I just kept my mouth shut and gave a half nod and shake of the head at the same time. (Old people sometimes do this, and we normally get away with it as just a small movement error.)


One of Big Gunnars small house chimneys.

Same chimney, but just greatly zoomed picture. (This was taken before we had the chocolate ice cream incident with the camera and could no longer preform zooming.)
"It is really high up is it not? Almost at vertigo height." Big Gunnar said to me. I of course agreed on this, but pointed out that after all that is where a chimney is supposed to be, on top of the building, and by saying this I of course stepped into his trap and he could explain what they really are to me. By the way vertigo really means dizziness not fear of heights, but I still take the liberty to call it vertigo here because some people, among them Big Gunnar, sometimes feels a small dizziness when up on heights. Vertigo is of course also a very famous big screen movie directed by famous Alfred Hitchcock, the movie is from year 1958 based on a story from 1954, same year as Tarzan "Cannibal Attack" with Johnny Weissmuller, I do not think Johnny Weissmuller ever played in a movie by Alfred Hitchcock, but if he had I am sure it would have been great.

Alfred Hitchcock.
The gentleman sure had a very distinct profile.

Johnny Weissmuller, the only true and believable Tarzan.
Johnny Weissmuller of course also had a very great profile.

"They are not chimneys they way you think of chimneys." Big Gunnar explained to me. "That is a common error in the perceptions of them. They are for ventilation, and they are one amazing invention for houses situated in warm countries. Just look at this one, how amazingly beautiful it looks! Almost as a small castle on top of the building, fit for a king of birds, or someone very small not suffering of vertigo."

Big Gunnar looking at the amazing ventilation castle.

We could still zoom, and this is a zoomed picture of it. (This was all before the chocolate ice cream incident.)
"Incredible!" Big Gunnar exclaimed. "Must be nice to learn something new at your age." He also said. I of course totally agreed with this.

They really look amazing.
Some of them can of course also be used as regular chimneys. (I just did not bother to argue this with Big Gunnar, because when looking at things of great beauty and art one does not need to argue, they are what they are no matter what they actually do.)

Keep your head up when in Rome.

"Enough about things high in the air.It almost gives me vertigo light just talking about them, and my neck gets kind of stiff by looking at them, we should go and have a stroll in the Spanish Steps, vamos!" Big Gunnar said to me, and of we went again.


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