Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Tarzan-Way Of High Cherry Picking.

Hello Internet Sunday!
(This is mostly about Saturday.)

Yesterday Big Gunnar and me visited my old house. We had decided to pick the rest of the cherries, so we could share them with the other guests at the retirement home. But we soon ran into some small challenges, Big Gunnar was the first to notice our challenge, he is the most observant of us.

Big Gunnar on his way for cherry picking.

Big Gunnar being most observant and noticing our challenge.
All the berries were at the top of the three, we had probably been lazy the former times we had been picking them. "You have been lazy and picked the easiest the first times." Big Gunnar said to me, "Good thing I am here." He said. "I`ll go Tarzan on those fruits" he said.

Big Gunnar going Tarzan on the cherries.
Big Gunnar is of course excellent at three climbing, I think he has learned it from watching Tarzan movies, probably with Johnny Weissmuller. According to Big Gunnar Johnny Weissmuller is the only believable Tarzan figure on cinema, and when he ever meets an obstacle that might seem big, or at least tall, his normal solution is to go Tarzan on it.

Johnny Weissmuller, the only believable Tarzan.
 Big Gunnar always says that he enjoys his movies because of his excellent acting and good physics, "You can see that he has almost just eaten fruits and healthy food all his life!" "And probably no tampered potatoes either." He says, and Johnny Weissmuller was sort of a ladies man, same as Big Gunnar, "Almost as good a gentleman as me, the difference is I never played with monkeys and suddenly screamed all the time." He also says. (Both are true, he was very popular with women and he screamed a lot when he jumped around in the threes, at least he did so in the movies.)

Johnny Weismuller being a popular gentleman with a lady.
 (You can really see how focused he was when he payed attention to them, and it was probably why they loved him so much, and of course because of his excellent physics. But I cannot believe he was as popular when he suddenly screamed? I would have thought this would frighten a lady.)

Johnny Weissmuller screams.
This is not possible to hear of a picture, but you can see what a great actor he was, because you can very well imagine the scream, it normally was very loud and long.

Big Gunnar did not scream, or stop to play with monkeys, or help any women this day, (he would of course have helped any women if they needed, but there was none, and I have never seen any monkeys in my garden, they normally do not live freely in Norway) he just climbed and picked cherries.

Big Gunnar just climbing and picking cherries.
He of course had to show of, so he also shouted, (at least he did not scream, that might have scared the birds), but he shouted: " Look! No hands! " Big Gunnar can be such a show of, even when cherry picking. But please do not try to do it the same way as Big Gunnar does this, he is after all almost a professional at this, and an expert at Johnny Weissmuller, the only really believable Tarzan figure.

Anyway, we had a really nice day picking a lot of cherries, and I will share some (very socially) with Ellen, and the others.

Find a solution if you have a challenge, it is just the most logical way.
Best of Sundays to you all!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Understanding Of Women , And The Correct Way To Eat A Bun.

Hello Internet People of both Genders,

We have this sweet old lady living here at the home, her name is Ellen, and yesterday my grandchildren visited me and they brought with them some very delicious home made buns. So today (because it was late when they visited yesterday) I brought the buns out in our "recreation area", and wanted to share them with the other citizens here.

A bun.
This is a very normal bun without any extra on it. To just eat them this way is very delicious, but I normally like them with a little marmalade (strawberry preferably)  or brown cheese (brunost in Norwegian) on, but this is of course completely individually how one prefers them. Most people like buns, and they are very easy to understand, they are just buns to eat. Therefor the correct way to eat them is just with normal sharing, proper decency and table manners.

Big Gunnar is of course involved in almost everything that goes on, so he will demonstrate the two types of buns I like.

Big Gunnar and a bun with strawberry marmalade.

Big Gunnar and a bun with brown cheese.

Big Gunnar also likes these two variations of toppings on buns, so he ate both after the demonstration.

Big Gunnar has eaten the two buns with different variations of toppings.
(The small crumbs we save to feed the little and big birds.)

So in the recreational room I offered the now newly named "Buns of recreation" to everyone sitting there, and I had brought some strawberry marmalade and brown cheese, when I came to offer Ellen a bun, I asked how she liked to eat them, just so I could add the proper topping, and then she answered:
"I like to eat the buns alone." I found this a bit strange, but on the other hand maybe she did not want people seeing her eat, or she maybe used the bun eating time as some sort of personal meditation or something, what and how people favor to do their different types of business is not for me to judge, and I just thought I maybe should some day try to eat a bun alone also. So as the proper gentleman I want to be, I immediately offered to leave the room so she could eat a bun alone, I of course tried to have the other guests in the room leave with me by shushing them along in front of me on my way out. "Ellen wants to eat a bun! So lets give her some personal space!" I said while simultaneously shushing the best I could. Shortly after Big Gunnar found me and told me Ellen felt very lonesome in our recreation room.
I of course hurried back to her and apologized for me being so incredibly rude, after Big Gunnar explained to me why and how I had been so incredibly rude. It turned out that she only enjoyed the buns without any additional topping, and I of course totally agree that this was all my fault, but to my defense I was very busy putting strawberry jelly on my own bun, and therefor I obviously forgot how to be a gentleman. The first law of being a gentleman is to understand your fellow humans( and of course all life actually) but almost most important the ladies, and if we find ourselves in any situation where we do not completely understand (this can happen sometimes) what they want, we should always ask, but of course try to ask in a way that makes them believe we have already understood what they meant, and thereby almost gives them a compliment by asking a little more, this is nice and a help both for them and for us, and should be a continuing quest for any proper gentleman, always. I have told Ellen "next time we can eat the buns alone together".

Treat the ladies properly, and show respect for others choice of how they like to eat their pastries, but when in doubt ask at least twice, it is after all just a small part of trying to be a gentleman.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Senile Potato Invasion.

Hello Potato Eaters,

(Of course hello to the ones not eating potatoes also, even if you should eat potatoes, or maybe not if you are allergic or something.)

Last Thursday at dinner Big Gunnar had one of his moments, and afterwards there was a lot of extra potatoes for whoever wanted this, he had been reading about gene-modified food, (probably as a result from the size fluctuations of cherries), and then he obviously got one for dinner, and afterwards we all received a long and very accurate lesson in potatoes, he had even a name on all of this which comes further down on the page I hope.

I will of course try to summarize it for you good people, because to write the complete tale would be impossible, at least for me at my age.

Just to finish the age thing, this is an automobile made in 1923.
It is a Triumph All weather tourer, and it was most modern when it came, you can really see that it was prepared for all kinds of weather, I think they only made 13 or something of it, it even had a 3 speed gear box! Then to write all about the potato tale from Big Gunnar is not possible, one must choose more and more clever what to use ones respected time on, but it is, and was, a really nice automobile, but to know just how far it would drive today is impossible to guess.

Anyway, a totally decent and probably not senile potato.

The original name is "Patata", the Spanish name for it, the Spaniards brought it back from their rather rude and indecent visit to Peru and the Inca Empire in approximately the 1570`s , what the Incas called the potato I do not know.

Machu Picchu.
Sort of the home of the Patata, or Poteto, or really what the Incas called it would probably be the the most correct.

A Spanish conquistador and infamous potato collector.
This is Francisco Pizarro, he is one of the most infamous potato collectors, he and the Spaniards must obviously have been great potato lovers, because they showed no mercy during their indecent and rude visit in Peru when they, among other items, collected the potato.

If the potato came along voluntary in the 1500`s I do not know, but at this stage they were quite normal, and what Big Gunnar describes as just normal travelling potatoes, this was followed by decades of normal potato expansion, many countries started eating and growing potatoes, some even decorated themselves with potato accessories.

Marie Antoinette.
Marie Antoinette did according to Big Gunnar once use the potato flower as a headdress. She was the Queen of France for a period back in the 1790`s, she also unfortunately lost her head in the revolution, but I do not think this had anything to do with the potato flower, but maybe because of the actual potato, or rather the lack of potatoes for the people living in France at that time, and her not seeing that she should share, among other food, the potato.

a potato flower.
You can understand Marie Antoinette using them in her hair, they are indeed beautiful.

This was just a very small part of the history of the potato (at least compared to when Big Gunnar told it), now back to the actual potato and what bothered Big Gunnar.

"They have tampered with my potato." Big Gunnar said at dinner. Of course this is not anything anyone wants to hear at any retirement home, or really anywhere at all I think, at any time, so everybody listened really respectfully to Big Gunnars following "Tale of the tampered potato". It turned out that he had learned that the potatoes was target for gene modifications all the time, and he felt that the information regarding what was really done towards them was very lacking (Big Gunnar normally comes to this conclusion regarding most information regarding all and everything), but in the case regarding the potatoes he was afraid that by tampering to much with them, the humans could end up with potatoes that had forgotten their original heritage, and lost their inborn qualities, that we would end up with a more fragile and less healthy potato, an invasion of senile potatoes almost. "We will end up with senile potatoes", was what he concluded, "if they do this the wrong way", by "they" he among others, had found one specific consortium he felt took their work not serious enough.

Big Gunnar and his suspected tampered potato.
Big Gunnar of course always looks decent and classy, also when he shows of any suspicious potatoes, he claimed that both the size, and consistence was almost proof enough of the tampering, that it might had received some quality changes, most likely on a molecular level.

Big Gunnar said he would write to "The international Potato Genome Sequencing Consortium" to see if he could get any decent answers to what had happened to the potatoes over the last years, how and what they really had done towards it, and what their plan really was.

The international Potato Genome Sequencing Consortium.
(This is of course not the actual Potato Genome Sequencing Consortium, but their logo.)

I feel sort of sorry for these people, because they do not really know what they are up against, and just how accurate they must answer Big Gunnar before he is satisfied with their answers, and I am pretty sure the work they do are really meant as a help so more people can have potatoes, and maybe so no such incidents as the one where Francisco Pizzaro brutally stole the potato, and potato flower wearing Marie Antoinette lost her head happens again. Everybody really should have potatoes if they want to.

Have some potatoes, they are excellent with fish, and send a small thought to the journey of the potato.
They are still sort of travelling any way you choose to look at it.

I wish you all a calm, normal and decent week.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Evil Jesters, And Their Indecent Quest For A Stage.

To explain the unexplainable I will not try, even to try to write about the unwriteable I really do not want to do, but this is all about the deranged evilness of fools.

Occasionally some bad people enter the stage of humans, they seek focus on themselves through destruction, and reign of evil. To give them the "silence treatment" (as one does with small children and sometimes old people), combined with ridiculing them are the best way to handle them.

I address this directly to the evil fools.

You, the latest participant among them, you are absolutely no Knights Templar.
They would never have done what you did. The Knights Templar would not cowardly attack innocent and children in our days. (The Knights Templar were not perfect, but pure cowardly evil, they were not.)

So what are you? You are a single individual, but you do not stand alone, you share the stage with others similar to you, they are thankfully few, but still too many. A few examples of deranged fools.

Deranged fool.
A movement fool.
Deranged fool.
A dictator fool.

Deranged fool.
A fool.
Just how incredibly deranged and evil you are, I am sure you have yourself documented well, all the fools do this, and in history you all will be continuously judged, and the heroes you all so eagerly wanted to become will of course be your victims, anyone with half a brain, knows this from the humans history.

What you all are.
Evil fools, the deranged jesters.
You are the evil Jesters of our days, because you like to dress up for others and for your own amusement and entertainment, and sometimes you try to teach us through acting. This is also what the Templars would have treated you as back in their time, some of you had more power than the others, some are dead, but some of you jesters still continue your deranged charade of evilness, you are the fools, but you are also plain evil, if you had not done such incredibly awful things, you would be brought forward for amusement by the rest of the world when we needed a good laugh, and maybe so we ourselves could be reminded of true values and decency through watching you act the opposite.

The pen is more powerful than any weapon, and only true cowards and fools who lack the gift of using it, and the decency to realize this, takes to the use of arms. To attack the public to get their attention is the act of a completely deranged fool, (and unfortunately this anyone with a weapon can do), a fool with an ego that does not allow him to see that he lacks the talent, or intelligence, to be able to get any attention.

The weapon can create more immediate sorrow than the pen, but then the pen can have a long term healing effect, which any weapon cannot.

I will not write anything more about this, because I just wanted positivity on this page, but I just had to write something about this evil deranged individual. Do not give him any stage to preform on, or any public he so eagerly wants. Just let him go down in history exactly what he is, a cowardly deranged evil fool.

This of course is just regarding the evil fools, evil jesters, absolutely not regarding the ones, the jesters, who has any actual talent and are decent. Also, please do not forget the family of this fool, they might be just as innocent, and decent, as the rest of us.

Maybe we can use this to evolve just a little more, it would be the highest tribute to survivors, and all the victims.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Unintelligible Cruelty.

Hello Oslo.

What happened in Norway is awful, now the unintelligible cruelty has reached this country.
I do not understand how people can preform such fierce actions, but sadly it has been going on around the world since the dawn of mankind, we resolve into the use of arms towards each other, we do it as individuals, or as groups together, it is a total disgrace to our species. Nations fights violence with violence and thereby receives violence back, and it is all done in the name of peace.

I wish I was more surprised by what happened, but instead I am only surprised by the pure cruelty of it.  

Please, do not conclude with anything before all facts are visible, time always reveals who is behind, whether they want to or not, whether it was a single or a group act, and they will be judged.

And do not be afraid, just take precautions, such as stay away from government buildings, embassy's and places where people crowd together, just until the situation is clarified.

Take care,

Fashionably Cocktailing The Rainy Friday Away.

Hello Friday People,

It is raining, and it will be raining most of the weekend I read, so I thought why not maybe make a cocktail?
In the old days we often celebrated Fridays with a cocktail, of course some celebrated more than others (same as today I believe), but if you do it with both style and some moderation, it should be perfectly fine, and also, again, it is Friday, and it is raining, so here it is, old style of course.

First you should change from your working clothes into something more relaxed and proper for drinks, maybe take a look at Humphrey Bogart. When you change your clothes often your mood follows. (Not that I say your mood is wrong, it maybe is just not in the correct cocktail Friday mood.)

Humphrey Bogart in the correct clothing, and hopefully mood.
(He is really ready for a drink here I think, at least properly dressed for it.)

Then you of course have the actual cocktail, here you can make "The old fashioned", it is a very decent and proper cocktail for both rainy and hot summer days, it is also very easy to make, just muddle some dissolved sugar with bitters, and then add some jenever, whiskey or brandy, and a slight twist of citrus rind.

The actual old fashioned cocktail.
It should be presented in a short round glass, same as the picture above.

The you are ready to enjoy some nice conversations and cocktailing time with your friends, it really does not matter then that it rains, but even if this is a good and decent suggestion, in places as Norway, it is not advised that every rainy day becomes "cocktail day", just some days, with the perfect amount of moderation.

Enjoying cocktails with friends.
This is of course from a very famous movie, and I hope you see the movie, maybe on a rainy Friday when you are not having cocktails with friends, or perhaps you can combine the two.

Big Gunnar properly dressed, and in always the correct mood, having a cocktail.
Cocktails can of course also be enjoyed on sunny days, but please also then with decency and moderation, here Big Gunnar has a strawberry cocktail, he actually had two that day, that is fine within his decency limits, he is of course always decent, and yes, he can also drink something cool when the situation is suitable.

So maybe you should make the "Old fashioned" today? Then you need:
40 ml of spirit,
1 sugar cube,
2 dashes of bitter (angostura),
1 splash of water (can use something else if adventurous, maybe same as Dr. Livingstone.)

Anyway, some Fridays should be used for just having a good time, life goes fast and suddenly you do not have these possibilities any more, so enjoy your rainy Fridays, have a decent cocktail in the spirit of Humphrey Bogart and Big Gunnar!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big Gunnars Cool And Slightly Confusing Advice For Hot Days, "The Aqueous Solution".

Hello People, not just the Internet!
(I know this makes no sense, but it is nice to greet all, and not discriminate anyone.)

It is Wednesday, and almost a warm Wednesday, so I thought I would pass on one of Big Gunnars advice, actually I sort of had to do this, (he has advice's for almost anything, and then of course for anyone, and everyone). (Some of them can be a bit confusing, but I will try to walk you through this one.)

First we start with Big Gunnar.

Big Gunnar.
( Even if known, a decent introduction is always appreciated.)

Then we have the sun, because this plays a part in really everything, at least everything about being warm on a sunny day.

The sun.
This is really warm, on the surface it is approximately 5505 degrees Celsius. ( The information book said this, I think it sounds pretty accurate to just be approximate, at least the last 5 degrees.)

Anyway, the sun is our source when we have warm days, at least when the position, and our local weather permits it, and when it is warm, Big Gunnar says to drink warm is the best for having a good hydration. I said that I think to not have any hydration is better, because then everything is in balance, I was partially trying to make a joke, but as a result, I now have to write all of this, please try to keep up.

As I wrote, Big Gunnar says to drink warm, "at least room temperature", is what he says, "because the camels etc always drink room temperature", and they very seldom experience dehydration. (Dehydration is the bad result of not good hydration.)

A camel.
I must admit that this camel looks very comfortably hydrated.

Big Gunnar always has more arguments, and he normally says that really cold liquids are more dangerous, because of what happened to, "among others", "the Titanic".

The Titanic.
The RMS Titanic struck an iceberg and sunk.

I have tried to say that to have ice in ones beverage on a really warm day really cannot be compared with anything related to what happened to the Titanic, but Big Gunnar then always asks "if any hot cups of coffee were involved in the incident?" Which they of course were not, or at least not as I know of, and if they were, they probably had nothing to do with the ship sinking.

A hot cup of coffee.
You can see the coffee being warm from the steam rising, it would probably be vise to let it cool just a little before you drank this cup, but maybe drink it before it reaches room temperature.

Anyway, Big Gunnar thinks that a cold drink passes through the system faster than a slightly warmer drink, also it causes shrinking of blood vessels and such, while the slightly warmer drink helps the system to be more fluid and so on. I am really not sure about this, but Big Gunnar made some coffee for us on Saturday, when it was really warm, and it tasted excellent and refreshing, so maybe he is correct after all.

Big Gunnar making coffee on a warm Saturday.
To make the coffee took a while, so I guess it had the perfect temperature, for any day really, when we drank it.

I am a bit confused about everything myself now, but I guess the advice is to drink something, cool or hot, when you feel thirsty.

Have the best of Wednesdays, and stay cool.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Mystery Of Fluctuating Prunus Avium.

Hello new Internet week!

On Saturday Big Gunnar and I visited my house, we where sitting in the garden eating cherries, and probably watching the big and small birds, I have these really old cherry threes which now has a lot of cherries on them, and we (mostly me of course, they grow on threes) had picked some of them to enjoy while we sat there.

Big Gunnar and me relaxing and eating self picked cherries, and probably watching big and small birds.

But then Big Gunnar noticed that even if my cherries are very tasteful, they are much smaller than the ones we can buy, and all things that differentiates in size interests Big Gunnar. I said I only thought this was because they were of different types of cherries, but Big Gunnar is much more concerned regarding information and explanations than me, so he stood up and talked about his concerns regarding the size dilemma to me, and that we really needed to find out about this.

Big Gunnar standing and discussing the complete cherry question with me.
I was just eating the cherries, but he really did not seem to be satisfied with my explanation, so I did what I always do when Big Gunnar gets an idea in his head, I supported his newly found interest in getting to the real cause of this matter.  After some talk he decided he would make some telephone calls and see (or rather hear) if someone had any explanation regarding the cherries and their fluctuations in how they present themselves.

Big Gunnar making some calls regarding the cherry situation.
He was on the telephone quite a while so I guess he made some important national calls regarding this.

My basket of small but very tasteful cherries.
As you hopefully can see they are not so big.

Bigger cherries, and probably just as tasteful.
(I really feel sorry for not having my cherries in a better basket or bowl when I see how nice they look on this picture, next time I will at least change and have the cherries on the plate, and the stones in the basket, not the other way around, Big Gunnar was my only guest, so I am sort of thankful he was so preoccupied with the size question, instead of my presentation of the cherries.) It is maybe difficult to see the size difference on the pictures, but it really was quite big.

When Big Gunnar returned he told me of what he had found out, and that was that the number of berries on the three, and of course the size of the three itself, had something to say regarding the size of the berries, and also of course what type of cherry it was, but what really got him going was that he had heard that some of the cherries might have been manipulated with.

Big Gunnar back together with me, explaining all what he had found out regarding the cherries and their size fluctuations.

This took of course most of our day, as normal is when Big Gunnar gets involved in something, and I just know that he will follow the cherry mystery further, because whenever he hears the word manipulated he goes into conspiracy mode, and most often there then is a government connection, and to be truthful I am a bit interested in this myself, I am not sure I am against or pro whatever is the main reason this time, if it helps without any negative long term effect it might be a good thing, but if the opposite is the fact, then...anyway, I know Big Gunnar is on this case, so I am bound to learn something new, or at least learn about cherry size fluctuations.

Have the best of weeks, and eat tasteful summer berries!
(But give them a proper washing first, just to be on the safe side.)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Feeling Tall When Helping Low,

(And Thoughts About Some Chains.)

Good Morning Friday Internet People, Polar bears, and friendly vegetables!

I do not mean to be philosophical or very thoughtful here on a friday, but I noticed the other day that one of our residents here at the home seemed a little down (sad), Big Gunnar immediately took action and sat down (or maybe stood up) with him, and shared a basket of strawberries, and suddenly his mood was high spirited again, so nothing to worry about there, but it got me thinking about how, sometimes everybody can feel a bit low, no matter what height they are, even Big Gunnar sometimes feels a bit low ( and he really sees himself as almost the tallest one most of the time). One day, not long ago during a visit at my place, Big Gunnar wanted to feed the birds, but he had one of his own rare low days.

Big Gunnar wants to feed the birds, but is having one of his rare low days.
You can really see the height challenge he had this day, and even if Big Gunnar is the type of guy who can achieve anything he normally sets his mind into (and that is a lot), he just this day needed a little help from a friend.

I am truly happy and lucky to be this friend!

Me being happy and lucky helping to feed the birds.
I am always happy the times I can help Big Gunnar, because very often to help him includes helping others again, in this situation it was the birds, almost like a chain of help.

It can be difficult to see when friends have their low days, and therefor maybe need a little help from someone feeling taller, but if you pay attention you might just be the lucky one who can add the little extra height that day, and then again maybe more small birds will get dinner? Or something equally "chainly" nice.

Maybe if all your friends feel tall and happy, and the birds are fed, then maybe one could adopt a polar bear?

A very adoptable Polar Bear.
And this one has its kid with it, I do not think you can have two for the prices of one, except maybe if the one you adopt is pregnant? Anyway, to adopt just one is a great thing to do, we are after all the top of the food chain (and that brings responsibility concerning the ones below us), even if rumors earlier this year said that suddenly cucumbers where killing people.

An earlier this year suspected cucumber.

(I do not think this cucumber was involved, it just looks too decent and friendly, also it turned out it was not the cucumbers at all I think. Anyway a vegetable, even if it did kill people..would maybe not challenge our place at the top of the food chain, or at least not adopt any Polar bear..or maybe it would?)

I really do not know, but maybe you can loan a little height to a friend who is feeling low? Or adopt a Polar bear? (I think WWF is the organisation to contact.) At least eat a cucumber, they are healthy, and maybe still below us in the food chain.

Be part of a good chain, and have a great weekend!

The Ingenious Mailbox System, And Then Some Time For Bird Watching.

Hello Patent Office!

No, this time I know I can not write to anybody else than the Internet People here, not the patent office, but I really want to share with you all, also Gunnar saw my ingenious design last time he visited and thought "we would make a fortune", "we will make a big fortune!"(as often, everything that involves Gunnar has the potential to get big), anyway what he had seen was my mailbox system. You see as you get old, many common everyday things becomes almost happenings (same as very tiny New Year Eves), and I look forward to them with great expectations, and one of them is the delivery of mail, this of course changed after the Internet, much less regular post comes, but still the news paper and such are delivered every day to the normal mailbox, and I used to sit in my kitchen window and wait for the mail man, but to just sit there and wait without being able to go anywhere was sometimes almost boring, (even old people can sometimes want to change the scenery in which they sit and think), and I could hear the birds in my front garden and then much rather want to sit there, with them, but if I left my guard post at the kitchen window I would maybe miss my mail being delivered, and to walk back and from the door to the mail box to check all the time was both confusing and almost stressful (do not laugh, I am a senior), so I came up with a solution, an invention ( almost in the spirit of Dr. NakaMats), this made me able to just look out my kitchen window and actually see if the mail man had been there!

Look at how the mail has not yet arrived.
The mailbox seems all normal, and there is no way of telling if the mail has been delivered, (notice the small attachment on the left side).

Then I could go to the front garden, and watch small birds eat.

Sometimes also bigger birds, a very beautiful pigeon here.

And sometimes when Big Gunnar visited he would also feed the birds.
(You can see how he has put two pieces of toast especially for the woodpecker with family, this actually is another invention of mine, the bird toast feeder, it is perfect for feeding woodpeckers.)

All the time while I just enjoyed sitting still, and watching them all go about their business.

And then, suddenly when I checked the mail box through my kitchen window again!
See the little red round thing (this is not a oblate spheroid by the way), and how when the mail man has been there it has sort of ended up on the outside of the mail box? This then allowed me to not have to go out and check if the mail had come (when it had not), and also not have to sit guard by the window waiting for any mail man, I just see if my little red marker have appeared, very easy and useful. 

Of course here at the home we learned, at least Gunnar learned that the Americans already have this sort of design on their mail boxes, that is why I also do not need to contact any patent office, but still I think my design and solution is very easy, and maybe others can use it also?

Sometimes I miss my mail box, but now I have the Internet with Internet People, and it is very much the same, just without any red marker.

So maybe you can use my little invention, or if somebody else came up with it before me, use their invention? Or maybe invent something of your own?
Have an inventious Thursday, and the sun is really shining!