Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Mars rollator"

Hi manufacturers,

(I write this to the manufacturers of rollators.)
I still have no working teeth, so I eat soup, soup takes longer time to eat, so I have time to sit and study things around me while I eat, and today I sat and looked at the rollators at the home.
And I have a question for you manufacturers:

When you have old people,
people who like this:

And this:

How do you come up with a design like this:

Who do you think you produce this for?

When you look a 100 years old, and feel 200 years old, you do not want to get behind and drive something that looks like it is going to warp, or transport you into the future, or maybe even into space.
I can draw something we old people would enjoy to use, and that would look much better at any retirement home, based on the two top pictures, if you need help?
If I have understood the Internet correct, almost all information is available to anyone, so I hope this reaches the manufacturers and I get an answer.



  1. Whilst this blog is available to the manufacturing company, there is almost zero chance they would somehow stumble upon it.

    Think of the internet as a giant library containing all written text in the world. It's all available to you, but it's impossible to read it all. If you know what you are looking for, however, you will find it.

    I suggest you find out the name of the manufacturing company, locate their website where you will find an e-mail address, and then send them an e-mail. I take it you are comfortable using e-mail since you have to have one to create a blog?

    Anyways, I enjoy reading your blog, keep it up!

  2. Hello Primax,

    Thank you for the information, I will do this, and write here on my blog if I get an answer from the manufacturer. Thank you for reading and writing me!

    Nice name you have,
    Best regards

  3. I think you have the most wonderful blog on the entire Interweb!
    Please keep writing - if you remember. or even if you don't.

    Love, Alan from Glasgow, now resident in Oslo

  4. Hi Alan,

    That was a fantastic compliment, thank you so very much, I had no thoughts about this when I started, but I hope I will at least get the opportunity to write a little here for some more months, it makes life for us bigger with Internet friends, not just watch reruns of Colombo, even if Colombo is great.

    Hope you enjoy Oslo,
    all the best to you,

  5. Hi Gilbert! My name is Brage, I am 33 years old, norwegian, and currently live in Spain. I absolutely LOVE what little I've read of your blog so far!!!!!!! Rocking chair on with yo bad (not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good) self!!!! PROPS!!!! And thanks!!!!!

  6. Hello Brage!

    Thank you for the kind words, I have been in Marbella several times, and Spain in general, it is a lovely country!

    Cane on my friend,