Saturday, May 28, 2011

Toothless exitement.

Something both good and not so good happened today. As I have told earlier I am going home to my house for the weekend, in about two hours from now I think, was it 17.00?, I cannot remember exactly, but I do not want to be late for when my daughter and grandchildren pic me up, so I have been ready since approx 12 o`clock today. When, in the morning, I packed my things, the bad thing happened, I am really looking forward to this, going home, so I was sort of rushing things into my suitcase, and in the commotion my teeth fell out and I stepped on them, so they broke in two. They have broken before, so this normally is easy to fix, but it is Saturday and my daughter have called every dentist possible to help me repair them,( because they could not at the retirement home), and the one place that said they could, was out of glue to repair with when she arrived (I can make temporary repair with the glue myself),  she called me and told me. So now I have to eat soup until Monday, but it really does not matter,
because I am happy, it will also rain according to the news all weekend.
But I will be home! Sit in my garden, in the hammock, it has cover against rain, have soup and perhaps a little red wine, and look at the threes and flowers, my dog will be there, and complete silence, remembering my wife and all the years we had together. Life can be at the best, even when bad things happen.

So the best of weekend to us all,

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  1. "Life can be at the best, even when bad things happen" - Love your qoute! I understand that I have got a lot to learn from you. Thank you!