Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Vintage Design Dilemma.

Hello Internet People on a Sunday,

"Big"-Gunnar (after my joke with the coffe-hat I have promised to call him this for a period, I do not know for how long this period is, and I sometimes wish he was just a little more senile so I could pretend everything happened long ago allready) where was I, oh, yes, he and Rolf "Rolls"  have finished the drawing of the rollator while I was in Denmark, I thought it looked really nice, but I wanted some headlights added, and we still argue a little regarding the wheels. "Big"-Gunnar wants, among some other things, wooden wheels. I agree that this would look pretty ancient and perhaps stylish, but do not agree with him that they should be all wood, or wood combined with metal, they should have rubber for comfort at least.

thoughts regarding wooden wheels:

So I argue that they can look old, but still be modern and functional,  sort of the same as him, I really think he both understood and appreciated this, but he still is a very stubborn man, as old men often are, and I therefor must let him have some time to agree on this, and then, sometime later, hopefully we can finish the drawings again, and for the last time, in the mean time I am thinking of calling "Big"-Gunnar for "Medium"-Gunnar, at least until he appreciates my arguments of pure logic and comfort.

Please keep yourselves occupied with whatever makes you happy of small, or big projects, and have a really nice Sunday!



  1. Hei Gilbert!

    Har akkurat funnet frem til bloggen din, og synes den er utrolig velskrevet- morsom, innsiktsfull og inspirerende! Gleder meg til å lese mer!

    Hilsen Tuva

  2. Hei Finn Willy! Vi ønsker å snakke med deg. Kan du ringe meg? Mvh Sissel Kvalvik, NRK Østlandssendingen, tlf: 97682286.

  3. Heisan Tuva,

    Det var veldig hyggelig sagt!

    Vennlig hilsen