Saturday, June 4, 2011

The respected Font Backlash incident.

Hello computer experts,

I started to feel like almost an expert her, on both the Internet and on the computer, when they both showed me I am not. I do not know which of the two started this, or if maybe they both are in on it. I have respect for both of them, they are amazing. But my text, in the small boxes, changes their size as they find suitable by them self, and also their colors. I am without prejudices, so this does not bother me, but things go much slower for me when I write and simultaneously try to solve this. Gives me something to do on the positive side, and even if I forget what I find out, I still will claim that I am learning. I think maybe it is because I write my text in word, and then paste and glue it onto the box? I do this because I like the paste and glue function, it is incredible.

Anyway, I am learning,



  1. Hi FWG, I can't quite seem to figure out what little boxes you are talking about? I'd be happy to help you work out any kinks or problems you might have.

    Regards, "someone-who-knows-a-thing-or-two-about-computers"

    PS: Det jeg kan si dog, er at om du skriver teksten din i Word og formaterer den der(farger, størrelse og lignende) vil det mest sannsynlig forsvinne når du copy paster det inn på web. Grunnen til dette er at "the little boxes" ikke støtter formateringen du har gjort i Word. Håper det forklarer noe ;)

  2. Hello Øystein!

    Thanks for your assistance, it is the "legg til gadget" boxes. You really seem to know this!

    Takk igjen, jeg skal prøve meg litt frem her, og så får jeg besøk senere idag av barnebarn som jeg tror kan vise meg hva jeg gjør feil, om ikke så kanskje jeg kan få spørre deg igjen?

    Vennlig hilsen og takk for hjelpen,