Friday, June 17, 2011

The Hat Philosophy.

My grandchildren bought a hat for me, because I had forgot my summer hat, and I really appreciate a good hat, they found one I really like, and one day when we were sitting drinking coffe I thought about Gunnar and felt sorry he was not on vacation, so I wanted this picture taken, Gunnar on cafè, it almost felt as if he was there, I will show him the pictures later, of him having coffe with us, I think he will find this funny even if he will continue arguing that he is way taller, (which he really is not).

Gunnar on cafè:

 If this makes him happy, I will from now on always make sure to take pictures of Gunnar, and maybe make him a photo album for Christmas or something, I have asked my grandchildren to help, but they unfortunately do not wear hats, I wish more people would wear a hat, because when you find one you like, it really sort of  almost makes you feel more kindhearted and relaxed, you seldom see people with hats fighting or arguing, I can nevertheless agree that they should not drive cars.

Consider wearing a hat, or something that makes you feel kind,



  1. Hello Gilbert.
    I really love your blog, and I have suggested your blog to my boyfriend, to be the first blog he ever reads, because he really loves old people, and loves listening to their stories and experiences.
    And I have one question, What do you think of the youth's caps?
    - Karin

  2. For et fint bilde av Gunnar! Bloggen din er veldig fin og inspirerende lesing. Har nettopp funnet den, og gleder meg til å følge deg videre.


  3. Fint, for jeg ser meg om etter en hatt for tiden, men det er ikke bare bare, den må være akkurat som jeg vil ha den (for jeg skal jo bruke den alltid).

  4. Hei Kathleen,

    Ja, dette er utrolig viktig, om hatten er riktig så vil det påvirke deg hver gang du har den på, damer med hatt er veldig elegant, og så slipper de hele tiden tenke på hvordan håret ser ut.

    Lykke til med riktig hatt!

  5. Hello Karin!

    Sorry, I sort of find comments that I did not know of, and therefor answer sometimes a bit late, forgive me.
    Thank you for the kind words!
    Regarding a cap, I think they are faboulus for fishing and some sports, gardening which reminds me that I will see my newly painted hammock next weekend, anyway, it is a nice and very user friendly piece of clothing, but will never be able to compete with a really good hat, this is just my opinion, and can of course be wrong for others.

    Thanks for interesting question, and have the best of Sundays!

  6. Hei Andrea,

    Tusen takk for at du leser og er så hyggelig!

    Ha en den fineste søndagen,