Thursday, September 1, 2011

Roman relaxing And The Indecent Wax.

Hello Monday and Internet people!
No, it is Thursday, already really.

Big Gunnar was relaxing roman style on the veranda at the apartment we had borrowed from our old Italian friend. When you are in Rome you walk a lot, there is so much to see and learn, you get the feeling you are inside history, at least Big Gunnar and me feel this way about Rome. It sometimes then is very important to relax your feet and mind maximum, so they are ready for more.

Big Gunnar relaxing.
We had promised our friend that we would water the flowers on his veranda while we stayed at the apartment, and Big Gunnar was (as he always does) planing how to do the task. "First we start with relaxing, since we are in rome." He said. "While we relax we can plan how much water each plant should receive."
( You always feel safe around Big Gunnar because of his planing, I was thinking of just watering the plants, but of course they did not need the same amount of water and such, so it would sure be nice to have it planned.) "They do of course not need the same amount of water and such." Big Gunnar said.

Different types of plants that demands different types of attention.
"Look at how dry they look, these sure need a lot of water." He said.

Another type of plant again.
He then said. "These ones are beautiful, they do not need so much water."

Yet a different type.
And then he continued. "The big one needs of course a lot of water. But wait a minute!"

"But wait a minute."

Then Big Gunnar said: " What? What is that? Why is that pot being so rude? What is in it? Have you offended it? That one is your responsibility. Whatever it is it sure looks thirsty."  

Big Gunnar had of course forgotten that our old friend had told us that he kept wax in one of the pots on his veranda, this so it got warm and he could make his special candles. I reminded Big Gunnar of this, but then he just answered me: "It is still very rude, and I only work with decent things, so it is your responsibility."

Anyway, have a decent Thursday and appreciate our water resources. (I will get back to this later.)

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